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so i woke up this morning, and in my dream i had seen a movie and discovered a new pairing, and i'd come home and opened many tabs containing fic for this awesome new pairing (she was a super hero, a very awesome woman, and he was an evil dude, and they fought a lot and she was strong, both physically and mentally, and she was awesome), and then



and didn't get to read all this awesome new fic I'd been hoping to read.

So if anyone can introduce me to a strong woman and a morally ambiguous dude (Xena and Ares?!) then please, feel free to hook me up.

What the hell, for serious.

Also, I have not been reading any fic at all lately. Does anyone have anything to recommend? Please feel free!

Also also I would be very amenable to reading about Death + Dream right now. In fact, perhaps I will go read some Sandman.
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