Jan. 2nd, 2010

who am i?

Jan. 2nd, 2010 12:38 am
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I spent a huge chunk of today watching the Pretender with pieces and suburbannoir; pieces and I basically made little heart shapes with our hands for eight hours straight every time Jarod and Parker appeared.

[ we love them ]

suburbannoir had not previously seen the Pretender (aside from random episodes on television), and has decided to upset us by shipping Broots with Parker (because she's contrary).

anyway, so that was pretty amazing. we've been inspired to write a lot (A LOT) of Pretender fic, watch this space closely for some more fic coming your way very soon



you will not believe what I'm writing, internets. It's technically already right now the birthday of my super amazing buddy [livejournal.com profile] mandysbitch (well, technically here, not so much where she currently is), and I'm writing her


no really.
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this path down to the river by pen
Dune, Duncan Idaho, St Alia, G

this was written for yuletide 2009 for ineffort, originally published here

prompt: something about Alia

thanks to sloanesomething

I love Alia, and I love Duncan, and this seemed like a great opportunity to write about how awesome they are, how conflicted and horrible and amazing. I love them. It's set immediately after Paul's disappearance.

He wonders how Alia knew he was coming.  )
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and into the clear by pen
the Pretender, Miss P, G

this was written for yuletide madness 2009 for sabaceanbabe, originally published here

prompt: Miss P has to pick between Jarod or the Centre.

(but then, doesn't she always?)

Oh Miss Parker, I love you. Thanks to CGB for the beta.

This was a last minute thing (obviously, being for yuletide madness). I love any opportunity to write Miss Parker.

She's too old for this shit. )
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the lights just in sight by pen
adam lambert rpf / the pretender, Adam Lambert, PG (language and stuff).

This is a birthday present for my darling [livejournal.com profile] mandysbitch.

Thanks OR SOMETHING for the idea goes to Pieces of, who laughed but enables my most amazing crossovers. And SOMETHING to Sloane.

I'M NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS, OKAY. There is some time mushing to make everyone more of the same age-ish.


An adventure. Excellent. Adam loves this shit. )
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I can't believe they did the 'I'm not racist but' and yet the dude pronounced 'Kuala Lumpur' correctly.

spoilers )
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Okay, so I finished watching season two of East West 101.

some spoilers under the cut )

Hey LJ sorry for posting to you so much today.
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