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Hey I saw Inception! What is UP with the lack of ladies? And also the proliferation of white dudes? I mean, what does a girl have to do to get some variety on her screen?

Anyway, also: oh Inception fandom.

I want fic about Ariadne, or Saito, or Yusuf, or Arthur could also be interesting. I would definitely be partial to Ariadne/Arthur fic. I would accept Ariadne/Arthur/Eames fic. I would love lol crossovers. I would in fact love character analysis of any kind. Maybe not Cobb though.

I have made 24 x fic recs in the other journal. They are mostly Ariadne+Arthur, I am not going to lie. I love Ellen Page the most. THE MOST. Though I would also adore anyone who fulfilled this prompt,
Pre-movie Eames-Yusuf buddy fic. Drug-addled adventures in Kenya! Fear And Loathing In Mombasa
, because that would be the best. THE BEST.

Speaking of the other journal, you can also of recent find 5x Dr Who fic recs.

Please leave your fic recs in the comments.

oh p.s. [ profile] whatimages said 1) Joseph Gordon Levitt. JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT. Oh my god his face. His suits! His...everything. Why is there not Ellen Page/JGL lies in my life RIGHT THIS SECOND? and I have to agree RIGHT NOW.
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