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I wrote a fic about Lim from EW101 for CNY.

I require a beta. Would someone like to volunteer?

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Chinese New Year is on the 14th of February this year! Hooray! Please remember the existence of [ profile] red_packet, for all your Chinese New Year fandom needs (PLEASE WRITE SOMETHING).

Please tell people that the comm exists! Please PUSH IT HARD. And then please contribute.

I am just about to watch the new Mulan movie, so MAYBE THERE'S THAT. <3
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A by product of our Pretender marathon on Friday:

This Is Going To Get Weird, Isn't It by mah girl [ profile] piecesofalice. Pretender / 30 Rock, because we were sitting on the couch, and someone said, "Kenneth as a pretender," and it was clearly destined to be amazing.

It opens like this:
It's a Tuesday when Liz Lemon thinks she sees Kenneth smoking a cigarette and swearing at a cell phone in the alley behind 30 Rockefeller.

Yuletide ficrecs to come.
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Okay, so I finished watching season two of East West 101.

some spoilers under the cut )

Hey LJ sorry for posting to you so much today.
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I can't believe they did the 'I'm not racist but' and yet the dude pronounced 'Kuala Lumpur' correctly.

spoilers )
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the lights just in sight by pen
adam lambert rpf / the pretender, Adam Lambert, PG (language and stuff).

This is a birthday present for my darling [ profile] mandysbitch.

Thanks OR SOMETHING for the idea goes to Pieces of, who laughed but enables my most amazing crossovers. And SOMETHING to Sloane.

I'M NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS, OKAY. There is some time mushing to make everyone more of the same age-ish.


An adventure. Excellent. Adam loves this shit. )
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and into the clear by pen
the Pretender, Miss P, G

this was written for yuletide madness 2009 for sabaceanbabe, originally published here

prompt: Miss P has to pick between Jarod or the Centre.

(but then, doesn't she always?)

Oh Miss Parker, I love you. Thanks to CGB for the beta.

This was a last minute thing (obviously, being for yuletide madness). I love any opportunity to write Miss Parker.

She's too old for this shit. )
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this path down to the river by pen
Dune, Duncan Idaho, St Alia, G

this was written for yuletide 2009 for ineffort, originally published here

prompt: something about Alia

thanks to sloanesomething

I love Alia, and I love Duncan, and this seemed like a great opportunity to write about how awesome they are, how conflicted and horrible and amazing. I love them. It's set immediately after Paul's disappearance.

He wonders how Alia knew he was coming.  )

who am i?

Jan. 2nd, 2010 12:38 am
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I spent a huge chunk of today watching the Pretender with pieces and suburbannoir; pieces and I basically made little heart shapes with our hands for eight hours straight every time Jarod and Parker appeared.

[ we love them ]

suburbannoir had not previously seen the Pretender (aside from random episodes on television), and has decided to upset us by shipping Broots with Parker (because she's contrary).

anyway, so that was pretty amazing. we've been inspired to write a lot (A LOT) of Pretender fic, watch this space closely for some more fic coming your way very soon



you will not believe what I'm writing, internets. It's technically already right now the birthday of my super amazing buddy [ profile] mandysbitch (well, technically here, not so much where she currently is), and I'm writing her


no really.
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Serious question: Why have the Muppets never done a version of the Three Musketeers? It would be the most amazing piece of cinematography!

Of course, now the dilemma: casting!

Athos: Fozzie Bear
Porthos: Rowlf the Dog
Aramis: Gonzo

Milady: well, Camilla, obviously



Dec. 26th, 2009 08:53 am
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Hey so I got two fics for Yuletide! THEY'RE AMAZING! AND THEY'RE BOTH ABOUT DEBBIE OMG.

Take The Photographs is about Debbie and Broots on the run, and it's SO GOOD (also, secret crossover). Debbie's voice as she's on the run is just perfect, and the little observations and notes are so good. And it's so hopeful! *squishes it* So good! I LOVE IT.

that which molds us from the clay is also about Debbie and Broots on the run, and its ALSO amazing, at the same time as being totally different - it's less hopeful, and it's more about the construction of the run rather than the shape of it, and Miss Parker is A++ (as always). I LOVE IT.




The archive has been so slow, I've only just read these now (Boxing Day morning), and I don't think I'll get to the rest until later. Hope everyone's stories were awesomesauce, feel free to link and rec woo!
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Is anyone else reading this series? Court of the Air, The Kingdom Under the Waves, and Rise of the Iron Moon, by Stephen Hunt.

I kind of want to write some fic, but I am VERY VERY SUSPICIOUS that I am the only person I know (apart from my partner) reading these books!

30 rock

Nov. 15th, 2009 09:26 pm
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is there any fic about jonathon from 30 rock? i love him.
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Oh and whilst I am here: Flist, we must talk about The Cutting Edge!

As you may or may not recall, I watched the sequel to this movie and was horrified! But did you know that there were more sequels?! I did not!

I feel a need to rewatch the Cutting Edge, and then...not watch these sequels. Did anyone watch them? Were they terrible? (should I waaatch them?)

I love Kate and Douglas. They are the greatest.
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Dear Santa (and, incidentally, internets),

I love Yuletide! Thanks for signing up and WRITING FOR ME. This year I went for the comfortable familiar requests:

I used two nomination slots in order to request The Pretender! Because I love it the mostest. I requested Debbie + Broots on the run and out of the way - please note that this is NOT a request for incest! Although the incesty undertones (and overtones) are all over the place in the Centre, this is not the case with Debbie and her dad! They are just on the run. I also requested 'the politics of the Centre.' This request is A-OK for the incest-y undertones, particularly if we're talking the machinations of Mr Lyle and Miss Parker (they are THE BEST). And Jarod is, looming, or machinations, or something.

Machinations also appear in my request for Children of Dune. Pre-twin machinations are fine (Irulan and Alia fighting! Irulan and Chani fighting! Paul being all whatever! Korba!) but machinations involving the twins are also very acceptable! (I looove them)

Finally, I requested Space: Above and Beyond. At the end, everyone dies! Only, I wish that they didn't. I was non-specific with my prompt ('they're alive, and it hurts') because I don't mind who it is who is alive! And how much they hurt! I just want to know. Something. Anything. (Paul Wang is my favourite)

Thanks, Santa! I hope you have lots of fun! Thanks again for writing!


PS Any crossovers with any of my fandoms (listen in my profile) would also be very appreciated! I am a big fan of crossovers.
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i totally ship dan and dana from sports night. don't worry, i totally ship dan and casey too! but dan + dana are also adorable.

in other news, my word does sorkin reuse his material.
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I bought season two of East West 101 this week (thanks, SBS, for making it available for purchase whilst it's still airing on free-to-air, you're my favourite, even more than Aunty). And sure, I could be using this opportunity (on my own on a Sunday night, final assignment for semester handed in this afternoon) to catch up on the episodes I've missed.

Or I could be watching Children of Dune.

And maybe writing some fic. Or something.
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Copracat and I have made a comm for East West 101! It is at Dreamwidth: East West 101. We went for the simple title.

It's still in its early stages, and we're basically making up the rules as we go.

I made a dreamwidth account specially! I have invites if anyone needs them.

ETA: copracat has created some feeds for you to use if you need them: rss feed; atom feed.
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East West 101 is about some coppers. But these coppers are not just two dudes, they are a Muslim Iraqi-Australian and an Islander, both detectives. Reoccuring characters include their team leader, an arrogant old-school Caucasian guy; another detective, an Italian-Australian woman; a Chinese-Australian junior detective, and their boss, a (Caucasian) woman.

This is a cop show that is ACTUALLY about living in Australia, and being Australian, that actually reflects the Australia that we see around us, not the usual white-washed Australian television we get.

And it's set in Sydney.

And it's an Australian Copper Show, which is my very favourite television genre ever.

And it talks about racism, and privilege, and religion, and the ambiguity of being an Australian.



pictures + more (no spoilers) )

iamnaiad has a post detailing the awesomeness of East West 101. this link includes uploads for episodes one and two of season one. And if you go to their dw in general, there are the uploads for the other episodes of season one.

Or you could buy it! $29.95 from Dymocks (or online).

I really, really, really want to write this for yuletide.


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