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like you're not in my sight by pen
The Pretender, Miss Parker at CNY in Penang, G

Yeah, like I'd write about anywhere else, especially at this time of year.

Thanks to Piecesof

Parker is from a country of people who can't drive, so this isn't the worst, but it's pretty fucking close. )
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every household filled with joy by pen
East West 101, Lim, gen

I don't own. Thanks to copracat for the betatasticness.


She's halfway out the door, oranges clasped in her hand, when the phone rings and her stomach drops.  )
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Chinese New Year is on the 14th of February this year! Hooray! Please remember the existence of [ profile] red_packet, for all your Chinese New Year fandom needs (PLEASE WRITE SOMETHING).

Please tell people that the comm exists! Please PUSH IT HARD. And then please contribute.

I am just about to watch the new Mulan movie, so MAYBE THERE'S THAT. <3
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Chinese New Year is in two days! Quickly, what can I write for [ profile] red_packet?

I have to go return a million things to people ooooh noooooooooooo.
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I have never created a community before, somebody hold my hand!

We're just short of the new year, and there are lots of party plans and new year resolutions and things. But in just over a month, another new year will be here, and inspired by [ profile] eid_fic and [ profile] bravecows, I would like to present to you [ profile] red_packet, a community for Chinese New Year fic and associated.

With only five weeks before Chinese New Year, there is not really time to run a ficswap style ficathon. As such, the community will be open to anyone, for the posting of fic, pictures, anything really. I was thinking of making a post of "ideas for stealing" but I don't know. It will be multi-fandom. The fic doesn't have to be about Chinese people, it just has to be about Chinese New Year. For some examples, if you're confused, you can see my series of things from this year now ending here.

Please pimp this out! I would like there to be a nice amount of fic, come Chinese New Year.
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hahaha OH

(translation: 38C = 100.4F)

I do not envy those of you with your fires and your snow and such. I love a late December where I step outside and my skin prickles from the heat. I await the pre-dawn coolness; the sweltering heat of the day; battling with the flies; backyard cricket; fresh grapes and watermelons and a mid afternoon swim.

Last week several people at work commented that they do not feel that Christmas can be so soon. I suggested that perhaps it was the coolness in the air: for me it is integral to this festival.


In news of other festivals:

[Poll #1110143]

Please answer! I would like to create such a community in the next few days, and open it just after people gorge themselves on yuletide fic.
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[ profile] bravecows has been making noises about how great a Chinese New Year challenge would be, in the hopes of someone volunteering to run one. And I was just talking about creating a community for Chinese New Year fic last week, prompted by eid_fic and the various end of year challenges coming up, and remembering how lonely it was last CNY, looking like the only person in fandom writing about it.

So consider this me sounding things out.

Such a community wouldn't have to be necessarily about ethnically Chinese people, just about Chinese New Year. You can see my fic from this last year to see examples of CNY with Chinese people and about others, for example Mina going home with Wei-Wei for the Reunion Dinner, Paul Wang forgetting with the 58, things like that.

[Poll #1071565]

If you wanted to mention this about the place, that would be cool. And any comments, that would also be cool.
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Some time ago, [ profile] hobviously issued the non-Anglo/Western/Mainstream holiday Challenge, though it (alas) didn't actually happen in the end.

This was both an answer to that challenge, and something that I did for myself: fifteen short pieces about Chinese New Year. They ranged from 100 to 600 words, and I link them all below.

I originally tried to do this in 2005; I failed along the way, because I was writing them on each day, which was why I wrote (most of) these ones in advance. Best to be prepared, I suppose. I reworked some of the themes from the 2005 drabbles into some of these ones, but I have disclaimed that as necessary in the notes of each fic. There weren't that many of them.

I would like to think that I managed to convey everything about New Year that I wanted to, but of course I didn't. I was limited by the characters that I picked, and the situations that they were in.

I'd like to thank [ profile] annavtree, [ profile] zeplum, [ profile] fox1013, and [ profile] cupiscent, for their assistance as required. All mistakes are my own; the characters are not.

That Small Circle of Light in the Night Sky: a collection of fictions in regards Chinese New Year

  1. On Not Knowing the Way, Stick It. Mina Hoyt, at a New Year's Eve Reunion Dinner.

  2. Show Me The Way (to go home), Space: Above and Beyond. Paul Wang, frightening away the bad spirits.

  3. Just the Ticket to Ride, Kill Bill. O-Ren Ishii, scaring the bad spirits/honouring the dead.

  4. One Among the Hundreds, Harry Potter. Cho Chang, honouring the dead.

  5. So Close to Bedrock, Phryne Fisher Mysteries. Phryne, on not being Chinese.

  6. With the Lights Left On, The Pretender. Jarod and Miss Parker, strangers amongst the celebrations.

  7. A Garden, Disturbed by Echoes, Eating Chinese Food Naked. Ruby, brooms and that feeling you get when you realise you're not who you're supposed to be.

  8. A Glimpse in Mirrors, Law and Order: SVU. Huang going home with oranges.

  9. No Uncertain Clarity, Children of Dune. The twins and the Nian.

  10. Our Own Legends in the Silence, Harry Potter. Charlie, for the dragons.

  11. Sun-Drenched in a Winter Storm, The Joy Luck Club. June, on the Chinese diaspora, and the family we end up with due to the decisions our mums made.

  12. The Great Muppet Chinese New Year, The Muppets. Kermit, a summary of the events that have come before.

  13. On the Same Wave, X-Men. Jubilee, and the new years that we have left behind.

  14. Just Like a Hundred Times Before, Blade: Trinity. Hannibal King, hunting the bad spirits.

  15. Your Posture in the Celestial Realm, Firefly. Mal Reynolds and the lantern festival.

And that, my friends, is just about the end of the new year festivities. I'm just on my way out for one last family thing, so have a good one, and thank you for indulging me.
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On the Same Wave by Pen
The X-Men, Jubilee, G

100 words for the New Years that we have left behind.


"Hey, Jubes," Rogue drawls. "We're goin' into Chinatown to watch the fireworks. Want to come?"

Jubilee glances down; she presses her nails into her palms, and thinks about her parents; thinks about the dresses and the food and the reunions she'll never again have.

She looks up. Doesn’t quite meet Rogue’s eyes. "Nah," she says. "It's not really my thing."

Alone, she unfolds her hands and sparks fly from her fingers. They crackle and burst, and the air is hot and filled with colour.

She curls her hands, and looks away as the sparks die down.

Not really her thing.
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The Great Muppet Chinese New Year, by Pen.
The Muppets, Kermit, G.

Chinese New Year #12

the great muppet chinese new year )
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Sun-Drenched in a Winter Storm by Pen.
The Joy Luck Club, June, G.

100 words for the Chinese diaspora (and the family we end up with)


She starts to pack the day before: she's been to China twice now, and she knows what to expect, but her aunties flutter around her. Will you be warm enough? asks Ying-Ying. Don't forget the red packet, reminds An-Mei. Lindo checks for June's passport. This picture not so good, she says. Can you get another?

These aunts are not her aunts, she knows, and their daughters are not her cousins, but as they fuss about her, smoothing down her hair and checking that she has packed enough sweaters, she knows that they are her family, and that they are enough.
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Our Own Legends in the Silence by Pen
Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley, G.

100 words for the dragons.

When the moon is dark, Charlie steps out of his tent and finds the grounds full of people. He thinks at first that he's still asleep, for when he listens he hears nothing he can understand; he concentrates, realises the translation charm has faded.

He does not renew it; he floats on words he cannot understand, their meanings made clear via gestures and smiles.

Above the crowd, a dragon rears, roars; flame rises from its mouth and the firelight reflects off its cold scales. The crowd laughs; smiles fondly and exchanges blessings.

He wishes all could love the dragons so.
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No Uncertain Clarity by Pen.
Children of Dune, Ghanima, G.

This is totally self-indulgent. Chinese New Year #9.

She feels the thrumming beneath her skin )
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A Garden, Disturbed by Echoes, by Pen
Eating Chinese Food Naked, Ruby, G.

Chinese New Year, in another book none of you have ever read.

On her answering machine, the messages continued to play. )
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So Close to Bedrock by Pen
Phryne Fisher Mysteries, Phryne, G.

I know you've never heard of Phryne Fisher, but she's awesome.

Chinese New Year #5

Little Bourke Street was loud and unfamiliar. )


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