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East West 101 is about some coppers. But these coppers are not just two dudes, they are a Muslim Iraqi-Australian and an Islander, both detectives. Reoccuring characters include their team leader, an arrogant old-school Caucasian guy; another detective, an Italian-Australian woman; a Chinese-Australian junior detective, and their boss, a (Caucasian) woman.

This is a cop show that is ACTUALLY about living in Australia, and being Australian, that actually reflects the Australia that we see around us, not the usual white-washed Australian television we get.

And it's set in Sydney.

And it's an Australian Copper Show, which is my very favourite television genre ever.

And it talks about racism, and privilege, and religion, and the ambiguity of being an Australian.



pictures + more (no spoilers) )

iamnaiad has a post detailing the awesomeness of East West 101. this link includes uploads for episodes one and two of season one. And if you go to their dw in general, there are the uploads for the other episodes of season one.

Or you could buy it! $29.95 from Dymocks (or online).

I really, really, really want to write this for yuletide.
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Ima pimping this for my SJ:

Online Activism and civic engagement

With the advent of Web 2.0, online networking is on the rise. How can the new technologies be used for civic engagement and activism - and is online activism effective?

Panel members :
Karen Farquharson, Australian Centre for Emerging Technologies and Society
Anna Helme, EngageMedia
Andrew Asten, Schools4Schools, Oaktree Foundation
Scott Rippon, One Laptop Per Child

Date: Tuesday 12 August
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Experimedia, State Library of Victoria
328 Swanston Street
Bookings: 8664 7555 or
Book online!

This is a free event but bookings are required.
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  1. I was working on the assumption that, just via word of mouth, everyone who cares will have heard of this by now, but just in case not: Good News Week returns to Ch10 tomorrow night at 21:00. I remember my first encounter with Paul McDermott; I was thirteen, and at a sleepover, and when I woke in the middle of the night the tv was still playing, and it was an old ep of Daas Kapital, and they were playing with giant cards and Paul was descended from a cockroach. I still love DAAS, they remain one of my favourite bands but GNW was shit when it moved to Ch10, and I both and hope and fear for its return tomorrow.
  2. Relatedly, its return was apparently prompted by the WGA strike: it highlighted the Australian dependence on television from the US, and apparently made it clear that a few more Australian shows might be appropriate.
  3. Heath Ledger's funeral was yesterday, and after cremation in Freo his ashes were scattered in the ocean at Cottesloe beach, and his friends and family all went for an emotional swim and retired to the Tea Rooms for the wake. I love the idea of a wake at the beach, swimming in the ocean and watching the sun across the water (though now on Friday when I go for a swim I will think, ashes, huh; and Cotts is my favourite beach, and then, of course, there's this:
  4. Summer continues unabated, but for a summer storm last Thursday. 36C today, similar for tomorrow, and I love it.
  5. We're in the middle of new years, so aside from the difficulty of finding clothes that aren't black to wear to work, I'm also fretting that so few people are posting to [ profile] red_packet. I posted yesterday: 100 words about a rat (Muppets).
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Hello world! It's Boxing Day, and I'm at a friend's house, utilising the airconditioner (today's forecast is 43C (that's pretty warm)), drinking alcoholic beverages and watching the cricket. Mr Cricket, WTH?

I've checked out a couple of yuletide stories: I received Outliving the Universe, about dear Susan, after the end and returning to her siblings. Narnia <333

I wrote three pieces: my actual assignment, one full length pinch hit, and a stocking stuffer. If you can guess one, I'll write something for you. Except you can't guess the stocking stuffer, as I made a (locked) post about it the other day. As such, comments to this post are screened until I unscreen them. You get no clues.

Just in case you're an author and you've missed it, there are some problems with the commenting system and comments aren't always being emailed to authors.
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hahaha OH

(translation: 38C = 100.4F)

I do not envy those of you with your fires and your snow and such. I love a late December where I step outside and my skin prickles from the heat. I await the pre-dawn coolness; the sweltering heat of the day; battling with the flies; backyard cricket; fresh grapes and watermelons and a mid afternoon swim.

Last week several people at work commented that they do not feel that Christmas can be so soon. I suggested that perhaps it was the coolness in the air: for me it is integral to this festival.


In news of other festivals:

[Poll #1110143]

Please answer! I would like to create such a community in the next few days, and open it just after people gorge themselves on yuletide fic.
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1 * 2 * 3 * 4

(I am on the wrong side of the country and I'm missing awesome parties but I LOVE MY SUNBURNT COUNTRY)

(More on its sunburnt qualities when I get home)
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Since the conception of [ profile] bedtimeforlj I have wanted to read this book for you, lj, but have felt inhibited, because I did not think that my words alone would do this book justice. My love for this book transcends its words: each picture is beautiful, intricate, full of a hundred different meanings. Shaun Tan is my favourite illustrator in the world, and I can only hope that one day I can hang one of his prints upon my wall.

This post was sort of prompted by this one by geeklite.

Here, for your reading and listening, is The Rabbits, a metaphor for colonisation and our past, words by John Marsden, illustrations by Shaun Tan, read for you this evening by me. Forgive the average photography, but I feel that awkward photographs are better than no illustrations at all, and far, far greater than flattening my book in order to scan it.

I would like to rerecord this, but I have been trying to make this post for quite literally months, so I'm going to make it now and run.

the rabbits )

You can purchase The Rabbits from Amazon here; Shaun Tan's website is here; John Marsden's is here, though he is not as awesome as Shaun Tan.
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Yuletide assignments are out. If you are my author, you can find my letter here, I wrote it last week.


There have been some yuletide icons floating around that people have made, and recently there has been a lot of discussion of assumed knowledge and of 'cultural norms,' some of it related to yuletide and some of it not. [ profile] chomji posted some icons here earlier in the month, and I recall there was some concern that some people might be upset over the Hanukah icon. The thing is, whilst the whole secret santa concept stems from the Christian/Christmas thing, everyone's yuletide experience is different. During the yuletide kerfuffle, someone commented that they always explicitly ask for no Christmas stories when requesting their stories. It had never occurred to me that people might ask for Christmas stories during yuletide.

My December 25th: I wake up and sulk that the stories don't come out until at least GMT -5, and since I'm at GMT +8 that's a long wait. Usually my partner and I meander out, blinking in the bright, early morning light. We sit under the patio at his parents' house, coughing as my partner's father burns stuff on the barbie and contemplating a morning swim. We go up to visit my parents, who love giving presents for a million reasons, and use Christmas as a reason to spend a ridiculous amount of money (second only to the amount of money they spend at Chinese New Year). We meander home. Sometimes we sms friends, see if anyone is up for a visit to the beach.

Then I get to read the yuletide stories.

The point of this is that when people post their yuletide icons, I'm kind of like, stars and snow, that's great, whatever. I've blogged previously about this dissonance, people talking of snow all the while I'm sweating like mad. So, like a dork, I rummaged through some of my photos from last year, and have made some yuletide icons that are far more relevant to me than those usually are. I would love it if anyone wanted to use these (if you do, please comment to let me know), but I understand if they're not really your thing.

Also, I don't want to encourage the stereotype of Australians and bright sunny days and beaches and things, but this is what I do December through January, I'm not going to lie, so.

I'm not cutting, because there's only eight of them.

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It is a beautiful, delightful spring day. I'm wearing a light summer dress, I'm slathered in sun screen and a bunch of us wandered about a km to breakfast, a breeze lightly blowing and in the cafe, the tv was on in the corner, with the sound off.

My friend G consulted his phone, browsing quickly to check: the PM had visited the GG, still no announcement. About half an hour later, the silent tv stopped televising Telethon, showed instead a podium, a flag on either side and a view into the darkness of an internal corridor. The PM appeared, talked and talked (still no sound) until finally, finally, the date of the election flashed up on the screen.

I'm so glad this farce is nearing its end. After weeks and weeks of speculation and this faux campaign, hemmoraging money on government advertising that was blatantly, clearly "support uuuus" advertising, finally we get six weeks of actual campaign and on a late spring day, a visit to the local primary school (with its PTA cake stall and student art on the walls) and then for better or for worse we'll be done.

As I've previously mentioned, with the change to the Act you now have to be enrolled by 20:00 or you're not enrolling and you're not voting. Not only do I think the alteration to the Act was rude, calling the election on a Sunday is also rude, because all those people who aren't enrolled now can't go to the AEC to enrol. Fortunately for you intarweb savvy people, you can download the form and submit it online, because the time of submission is "the time when the fax has completed printing from an AEC fax machine, or when the email arrives in the AEC's email inbox." ETA: That is, 20:00 on the day the writs are issued, which at this point looks to be Wednesday.

The blogs I've been following in the lead up to the campaign have been Possyms Pollytics and The Greens Blog, both of which have been very interesting so far. (this morning's greens post, in particular, illustrates why I love them...)

I know this post is srs bzns, and this lj is about fandom things, but this is SO IMPORTANT I want to make sure every Australian does what they have to.

Except for poor [ profile] koalathebear, who cannot.
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I specifically held off on making this post until [ profile] koalathebear returned, so that she wouldn't accidentally miss it.

I recently had the pleasure of consuming two texts that talk about Chineseness and Australianness in the same text.

The Home Song Stories

The Home Song Stories is about a beautiful Shanghai lady by way of Hong Kong, who marries an Australian sailor in order to move herself and her children to Australia in the late 1960s. Shortly after their arrival in Australia she leaves her husband, and the spend the next seven years shuffling from uncle to uncle, using her only coin - her beauty - to peddle them through a succession of men who support her.

The story is told through the eyes of her son, Tom, who at the time of the movie is eleven years old and has spent most of his life in Australia. Tom is serious and clever but unsure, and I love him, he is adorable. His sister May is fabulously acted, too, as are all the rest of the characters.

The Home Song Stories is about the events that shape us, about being Chinese in Australia and the Chinese diaspora, about family, and about mental illness, and I loved it, though I wept through a bit of it.

I love that the movie is in English and Cantonese and Mandarin, and I love that it's an Australian movie. I don't think I've ever seen an Australian movie in that combination of languages.

Though it is set in Melbourne, an older Chinese gentleman with whom I work tells me the events it is based on actually occurred in Perth, and it would have been filmed here except they couldn't get the funding.

I recommend it quite highly.

The Dark Heavens Trilogy

I have just finished books one and two of this trilogy, White Tiger and Red Phoenix respectively. The Dark Heavens Trilogy is set for the most part in Hong Kong. It's an interesting weaving of Chinese deities and modern day society, and overall I'm enjoying it, though it has its flaws.

The narrator is a Caucasian-Australian woman named Emma, and her escapades in Hong Kong and the way she is learning about Chinese culture form a significant element through the books. She's a bit too perfect for my liking, but I love the way she already knows about some things, and so the author rarely used the "outside Westerner" to explain the elements of Chinese culture that a Western reader might not necessarily know. I really loved that a lot of it was just assumed knowledge, that was really cool. And I liked that for once, being Chinese wasn't being other - in this instance, it was mostly the Western narrator who was the other.

The most significant problem for me was the fact that a non-Chinese narrator was required at all. I loved that this was a book set in Hong Kong, an interweaving of Chinese mythology, and I did love that she was Australian, that was cool too, but that she had to be Caucasian-Australian in order to allow readers someone to follow. I dislike this phenomenon, and I don't mean to detract from what I was hoping would be an enthusiastic pimping post, but it was a significant problem for me.

Okay, the two books that I've read so far were fun. She's a bit too perfect, and spends a bit too long pining, but she talks about Australia (and there are actual chapters set in Australia!) and it's kind of about being Chinese and the Chinese mythology elements have been really cool, and it's a fairly accurate rendering of mostly-Chinese life, and that was so novel for me, I couldn't help but love it. The third is out, I'll probably pick it up from Dymocks on the weekend.

See this movie, read this trilogy. The end.
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This post is not about fandom at all! It is probably full of things that are only of interest to people who live in Australia/are Australian, and I am sorry, a little bit, but the first thing is hilarious and the rest of it is important, so you will have to indulge me.


The Sydney University Law Review created parodies of the lame 'piracy is wrong' ads we get in movies and on dvds. The parodies are hysterical, and I am embedding them in this post for ease of viewing:

Downloading Depreciates Copyright Somewhat:

You Wouldn't Invade Poland:

Piracy is Cool:

TWO: Kevin07:

Possyms Politics talks about current patterns in polling, and the difference between last year when Kimbo lost leadership and the months after Kevin succeeded him are astounding. Really interesting analysis.

THREE: Closing of the Rolls:

As you may recall, the closing of the electoral rolls now occurs at 20:00 on the day the election is called. This means you need to check your enrollment before the election is called, not use it as a reminder. Use this post as a reminder instead.

Also, Section 101 (7) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 says that once a person gives the AEC a completed enrollment form, that person cannot be prosecuted for not being enrolled, no matter how long they have been in breach of the law. Which is very interesting. Also not an excuse for not being enrolled, it's illegal and you can check your enrollment here
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Because Imry doesn't know who Powderfinger is:

An explanation: wikipedia;


Passenger ( you sink them all down / watch them float up / until the wheel has spun around )
The Day You Come ( vision is rejected, the people's choice is tested / so ignorance has won )
Don't Want to Be Left Out ( i creep around slowly and receive from the TV signals about my life / i've no dedication to my medication I'm otherwise occupied )
Whatever Makes You Happy ( however it happens i hope it's / whatever makes you happy )
Capoicity ( they'll never make us / ever open up / never break our trust / until we're coffin dust )
D.A.F. ( cascading down golden rays above / cascading down life from far beyond / may reveal the silence they deny )

Download. Listen. Love.
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it's anzac day, and i try to express my feelings but today, i seem to have run out of words.

it's not about glorifying war, okay? it's about the futility of war, and i wish people could understand that.
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My partner was ill today, took the day off work, so when I got home from work instead of doing anything useful we sat on the couch and mainlined season three of Frontline. It's probably funnier now than it was to me back then, because when I first watched it I was only twelve, but holy crap it's awesome.

Did I get her some flowers?
Yes. And a card. It was very nice of you.

I find myself in the bizarre position of wanting to write fic for this show, though noone would be interested in it but for me (and perhaps [ profile] mandysbitch). I have these pictures in my head, of Emma fighting with Prowsey and being awesome, and of Mike being a shit and I don't need to write fic for this show, that's really ridiculous and I could never do it justice.

I had forgotten, in the years since Good Guys, Bad Guys and The Castle, just how much I used to love Alison Whyte and Tiriel Mora.

We've just finished watching season three, and I want to go back to season one and start again.
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I just watched the movie again, and then watched this scene three times.

It's not that I'm obsessed, it's just that this movie, and THIS SCENE ADLKALKDFJADFKJ

this is so unbelievable, but next time I order from Amazon (hello, tP 2001/IOTH), I'm totally ordering the Cutting Edge soundtrack.

In other news, [ profile] mandysbitch wrote Born to Gaze into Night Skies, about Jim from The Office, and it's like a love letter to Australia and also, kind of awesome.
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Billy Thorpe, Australian rock legend, died this morning (that's in the future, for anyone in North or South America). I'm saddened that his wiki page has more about his death than it does about his life. The wiki page on the band Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs is moderately lengthier.

I wanted to post one of my favourite songs here, but then I got home and discovered that I don't have a copy of it. So if anyone has a copy of Most People I Know (Think That I'm Crazy), I'd appreciate you hooking me up.
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Apparently [ profile] lasergirl69 has been pimping D.A.A.S. lately, and I thought would get in on the action.

The Doug Anthony All Stars were an Australian comedy trio in the late eighties through mid-nineties whose repertoire was filled with dirty, offensive jokes, exuberant showmanship and awesome songs (both covers and originals). I was thirteen when I first encountered D.A.A.S on their show, D.A.A.S Kapital. I fell asleep, and woke up to Richard and Tim playing with cards larger than their heads, and Paul turning into a cockroach. It was hysterical and offensive and completely inappropriate for a thirteen year old, but I have loved them ever since.

I was hoping there would be more on youtube, but all I could find worth the watching was:

Heard it Through the Grapevine on the Big Gig. There's a song before it, the name of which I can't recall, and I don't know how well it translates (a hint: root = fuck).

Throw Your Arms Around Me - live in 2003. I had absolutely no idea that they got back together (briefly) for this tribute concert, and I'm all aflail. Apparently, immediately after they sang this they launched into 'I Fuck Dogs,' which would have been awesome to see. Tim looks like he's got a carrot up his arse though.

Their obsession with Australian singing legend Barry Crocker led to Stairway to Heaven.

And some mp3s:

From The Last Concert:
- My favourite version of Heard it Through the Grapevine;
- a song that makes me think of [ profile] cupiscent: Commies for Christ (my god ain't risen / cause he's sleeping in today);
- A hysterical version of Billy Don't Be a Hero;

From Icon:
- Krishna (but they are not as handsome / as the godhead whose skin is shining blue);
- Jack, a moody kind of thing;

From Dead and Alive:
- Sailors Arms (she strolled up to the toilets / she strolled into the gents / i asked her why she did it / why she'd gone to pay the rent).

Please let me know if you download, and what you think. Ten years later, I still love DAAS quite a lot.

Image from Tangawarra DAAS Protection Society
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it's so warm that the butter i was dicing started to melt as i put it in the bowl.

i can see lightning in the distance, but there's no chance of rain. it's hot, and it's sticky, and at 20:00 it was still 38C. that's 100F for those of you who don't speak celcius. it hasn't cooled down at all, and it's disgusting.

the forecast for tomorrow is 41; very hot; windy. we've got a long shoot tomorrow at archery in the hottest part of the day, and i fear that i, like my butter, will melt even in the shade.

it's australia day today. it's ostensibly about the colonisation of australia: declaring it terra nullus and claiming it for hrh. there are fireworks and bbqs and the hottest 100, and a newly developed culture of the flag, and everyone ignores the history as it actually occured, when i wish we would acknowledge it and move through. i love being australian, but if i have to celebrate being australian i'll do it in my own way.


something's on fire, Z said; my heart leaped into my mouth and i felt sick in my stomach. it's not in our house, it's outside, but it's so dry right now, i can't bear to think what might happen.
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HULLO. I have returned from the wilds of deepest darkest Sydney! I feel so out of touch, a week without the internets and I'm reading the news, the first time in a week, only to discover a furor about the flag and a reshuffling of the federal parliament!

As you can see, I'm well out of date and want to know what I've missed, but there's no way I'm tackling my flist. So I'm going to wander about my house, pulling things out of my suitcase and sorting through my mail, and I'd appreciate it if people would share their haps with me! Links and the like.

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ten minutes ago:

Walking through the open air shopping complex, wearing shorts and a singlet top and bathers underneath, with thongs on feet (that's flip flops to Americans). Eating an icy pole, it's a 38C (100F) day, too hot to cook dinner, and the PA sings, in the lane snow is glistening.


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