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It was my birthday recently, and people gave me some things.

[ profile] anr wrote me And It's Been Here, which is Jarod's breadcrumbs and the way Miss Parker always knows where they're going to fall. It is perfect Miss Parker, a perfect rendition of this game they have been playing for ten years, and they are dangerous and hot brutal and aldkfjlajdff. <333

[ profile] mandysbitch wrote me Starved of Oxygen, Miss Parker and Jarod in Perth, this little town in which we two live. It's sort of a love letter to Perth, though CGB calls it a hate letter, and it's sort of Miss Parker and Jarod on a holiday, and it's great.

Oh how I still love Parker and Jarod, even after all these years.

[ profile] sloanesomething wrote me the greatest thing ever, by which I mean: she wrote me Children of Dune, Narnia-style. I don't even need to describe it, but here, have an excerpt: The reunion was joyous, and if they both cried a little as they embraced, well, no one on Arrakis thinks the worse of you for that. IT IS SO AWESOME.


Unrelated to my birthday, but also for me: an untitled comment fic by [ profile] medie about Hannibal King and Abigail Whistler, and it is perfect.


Also unrelated to my birthday, but still related to fic, [ profile] mandysbitch has been interviewing authors once a fortnight, and Sunday she posted an interview with me! You can read it here. I promise I am at least a little bit interesting as I navel gaze!


I have two pieces of fiction for ficathons waiting to be posted. I hate this bit, when you've finished writing them and you're just waiting.
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For [ profile] medie, for the 'Me' meme, I wrote Blade: Trinity, Abigail and her bow. I had just returned home from archery, that is my excuse:

Abigail sits on the floor, a screwdriver in one hand, her bow in the other. She pushes her hair away from her face; swears, and fiddles with the bow.

Hannibal leans against the doorframe. "Problem?" he asks. She ignores him, and he grins. When she leans over to pick something up from beside her feet, he pokes her in the arse. She jumps, glares at him. "Problem?" he asks again, inspecting his fingernails like he's got all the time in the world.

"My fucking sight's wobbling," she says. "And I don't want to ruin the thread by forcing these screws in."

"A screw, eh?" he says, and she rolls her eyes, turns back to her bow.

"If you can't help," she says, cuts the rest off.

He stays leaning against the wall, whistling. Doesn't help.

She can do it without his assistance. She's more than that.

Later, the sight is tight, and she's a smooth shot. She doesn't miss, and the vampire explodes, of course it does, and when she grins it's perfect.

She can always do it.
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answers, once again, to this meme:

name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudo-canon.

max evans )

isabel evans )

michael guerin )

maria deluca )

lucy pevensie )

jill pole )

gurney halleck )

jessica atreides )

st alia of the knife )

cooper hawkes )

devon adair )

john crichton )

hannibal king )

kitty pryde )

piotr rasputin )

chloe sullivan )

jarod )

from here, and here, if you're still wanting to request.
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Abigail and Hannibal are tracking this vampire clan, and they track them onto the luxury cruiser Cloud Nine. And they'd just stake them and get out, but there's lots of them all together, the entire clan, and the cruiser's about two hours from setting out so they buy tickets and settle in, figuring they'll wait until they're underway before they do the staking. So they're in the tiny little room they've rented for the trip, no idea where the cruiser's going, and they're just out of Caprica's orbit when the Cylons strike. They don't kill anyone whilst the cruiser is running that first jump, they're just waiting to see what happens (maybe they have some last minute sex because hey, what if they die?), but once they realise they're jumping every thirty three minutes, they start stalking vampires, and using the seconds at FTL speed to do the actual staking. So every thirty three minutes, another vampire bites the dust (OH COME ON), and the vampires start wondering what the connection is, between the stakings and the minutes and the Cylons. This goes on for sometime, until most of the vampires are dead. Some of them are still around, but they're the smart ones - always hiding, and Abigail and King have to search harder for them, so the gaps between stakings move to hours, then days, then eventually weeks, until they're living lives and pretending to be something else when they get counted amongst the fleet's assets. Abby says she's an archery teacher, and King says he's a house husband (he's good with a knife, he says), and they stay in their tiny little room. And Abby gets the talk about having babies for the good of the fleet, in a room filled with women all being told the same thing, and they've never even spoken of children before and they're sure as hell not talking about it now, so.

In the end, they're on New Caprica when the Cylons come, and they meet Leoben and realise that the Cylons are sometimes vampires, and King starts looking around for Danica and his grip tightens on Abby's shoulder.

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I just wanted to make a post using this icon, because people (Imry and an unstoppable army of lizzens) have been talking about Blade recently, and also because I have been really enjoying myself at archery training the last couple of days. I don't really like to talk about my archery so much, but yeah.

Shame she's a compounder.
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Interview with Ryan and Jessica

keywords: [blade] compounds are for losers
comments: compounds are for people who are too lazy to learn how to shoot recurve

and briefly, some fic.

title: second guesses
author: pen
fandom: blade
i do not own

The lights are dim, and the setting sun reflects red into the training room.  )
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ugh. omg. where the fuck is claira?

okay, don't want you to think i'm a whiner.

[ profile] liminalliz, meet [ profile] sangga. she just wrote the morning after/the night before, a blade: trinity fic.

gay penguins

today i'm really, actually happy. which is nice.

eta: i am going to re-label my icons. it takes far too long to find the one i want when i want it

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okay. i am going to talk about blade: trinity for just a minute. sorry for the multi-postage today.

i have been dying to see this movie since it came out last year. i was SO HAPPY. i love the blade movies. i know they're not so good, but they are just so much fun, and also they have kris kristofferson. i mean, where can you go wrong?

CLEARLY. OMG. this movie was a whole new level of bad, declared D when we finished watching it.

i have the following points to make (spoiler free):

1. hannibal and abigail were clearly sexing.
2. i'd say, asher and danica had an inappropriate relationship, except they were VAMPIRES and clearly no relationship is too inappropriate in such a situation
4. the title of the movie should have been blade trinity: when good actors end up in really crap movies. other movies in this franchise include star wars: attack of the clones, batman and robin, and charlie's angels: full throttle. did you notice how they're all sequels? although admitedly non-sequel movies can be part of this franchise.
5. the guy who played drake is dominic purcell. apparently he played someone named seamus in equilibrium. very important question: who the hell is seamus? i cannot remember a 'seamus' from this beloved yet tacky of movies. in fact, equilibrium could very well be a part of the aforementioned franchise.
7. was any decent blade fic written at any point? i've read silverlakes. i'm going to come straight out and say i'm not really interested in reading blade, i want all the rest of them please.

okay. that's it. bed time.
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