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Some anonymouse has remixed lean to the side (lee adama: colonial pin up)!

You can read it here: You Sexy Thing (Not-the-Angel Is a Centerfold Remix), complete with graphical rendering of the magazine article Captain Apollo: All God or All Man?

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So Remix fics are out. myopia, and how the present takes hold (a remix from lightyears away) is a remix of taking cue (past holds on). The original was a Kara-centric, slightly KaraandBoomerish piece. The remix is set over the time period, but weaves Leoben into the story in this amazing way. At first I was surprised, I don't think I've ever used Leoben as a character, but as I read I was delighted with Leoben's characterisation, with the way he was written and the way the story unfurls. So I guess the summary is, I am delighted with the remix that has been written, and you should all go read it, even if you don't like Leoben. Seriously.

I did a very quick run through this morning, as I was trying to work up the motivation to write my essay. I wish I'd worked up the motivation earlier - I went to look for my notes I made from a text which is pivotal to my essay, and let's just say it's not anywhere to be found so now I have to go to the library. ANYWAY, here are some recs that I would like to make:

By Any Other Name (The Fool’s Paradise Remix) . This is a piece about Raven, picking up the pieces after, and waiting. Also, reading it makes me wants to write more fic based after X3, and I haven't had that feeling in an absolute age.

Unconscious, as some human lovers are (Sympathetic Resonance), primarily features Percy Shelley and Death being awesome, and of course Aziraphale and Crowley.

Normal (The Quintessential Question Remix), Violet Baudelaire. This piece is fairly explicitly incesty, so that's your warning, but the tone of the piece is very Lemony Snicket, and was quite a delight to read.

Functions, Forms (Keep The Customer Satisfied remix) is Tia Dalma and Will Turner, and it is Will's acknowledgment and Calypso, weaving as she is. And now I want to see more of this Will, after he has the knowledge of the sea within him.

When reading for Remix, I like to read the remix first, and then read the original fic. It makes a nice comparison, to see what is reflection and what is more, and I think it enhances the experience.

And remember to leave feedback, hokay? I still don't have feedback on the fic I wrote, from anyone, and I'm all aaaaarghhhh was it terrible etc.

I wish someone had written a Dune remix, or a Pretender remix, for anyone, not just me. I've never seen a remix for either of those fandoms, and I think that would be delightful.
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Footprints on the Other Side by Pen
BSG, PG. Lee

Yeah, I don't know. Prompted by that promo picture.

Thanks to [ profile] annavtree and [ profile] stars_like_dust, and to pxl.

He snaps the collar into place; smiles. )
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Look, HYPOTHETICALLY, let's say there was a certain person who was thinking about maybe getting back into PILOTS, and she had been trawling around looking for fic and was SHOCKED and HORRIFIED at the standard of fic posted in the last eighteen months, what fic would she maybe read?

Similarly, what vids would she watch?
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I am close to rediscovering my love for the Oppression OTP, but find that I am not yet quite there.

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answers to this meme:

Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudo-canon.

edmund pevensie )

duncan atreides )

miss piggy )

sydney )

miss parker )

the princess irulan )

ghanima atreides )

billy keikeya )

elliot stabler )

seymour birkoff )

still accepting, if you want them, either in this post or in the original
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The worst thing about being in fandom and living in the future is this: remix stories go live Sunday, today is Sunday, it's twenty past nine, but I know I won't get to read the stories until Monday because it's still Saturday in the US. The anticipation is so frustrating, just because you get to the day and you still can't get the goods.

[ profile] the_grynne discusses and links to some very interesting discussions about 2006's Miami Vice. Very interesting.

From the Devon/Danziger Ficathon, I would like to rec AJ's Just a White Disorder Everywhere and Ness' Patterns in the Snow

[ profile] skywardprodigal made a post with pictures of the ever lovely Michelle Yeoh here.

It's been a couple of days so probably everyone who cares has seen these by now, but Jamie and Tricia photoshoot from Statement Casablancas Magazine. This is an awesome photoshoot. Tricia Helfer always looks so stunning.

I am in love with My Moon, My Man by Feist. It's a great song, and an adorable video clip.

via [ profile] hjsnapepm, The Pretender season one is apparently available on iTunes.

We're mainlining Scrubs right now. It's pretty awesome.

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Timestamps for A Refrain of the Things Behind Us (brand new start):

SIX MONTHS, for fahye:

pilots )

and TWO YEARS, NINE DAYS for aj:

laura roslin )

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I love this song. <333

AJ is holding The Billy Keikeya Ficathon. Signups are through until 21/01.

Tahlia wrote me a short and hilarious Miss Parker and Jarod thingy.


Thanks to a link at Dinosaur Comics, I've started reading Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and it's weird but awesome.

I just watched Ultraviolet, the movie with Milla Jovovitch, and WOW was it a shocker. SERIOUSLY.
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An awesome Shiri Appleby photoshoot here.
Fahye wrote a Stealth/TWW crossover: untitled.
Sloane wrote some James Bond fic, post Casino Royale: Non Sufficit. I love Sloane (and her fic) <33.
Imry wrote Narnia: Lay Down Your Jewelled Head (Lucy and Edmund, for meeee); Lights That Were Golden (Susan, returned from Narnia). Imry is so awesome.
Grace Park does the robot (and also there is some other BSG stuff at SC's journal).

A Meme:

There's a meme going on at [ profile] ack_attack's lj, where you post your username and Let your friends tell you what reminds them of YOU! It can be a picture, a song, an icon, a video, an inside joke, a celebrity they think you look like - whatevah!

And I am fascinated. I would love to know what reminds people of me, but I am not actually a fan of these huge, multipage memes. All those names I've never seen before kind of intimidate me (amongst other things). So this is twofold: please tell me what reminds you of me! And, if you want me to, I am happy to reciprocate (here, or elsewhere). Although a caveat: if nothing reminds me of you, I will let you know.
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The flist is boring today. I guess heaps of people are still off giving thanks, or something. So I wrote fic.

A Refrain of the Things Behind Us (a brand new start) by Pen.
Battlestar Galactica / Children of Dune, Laura Roslin. Rated G.

With thanks to Claira. This is sort of for [ profile] familyarchives.

I don't have any icons of Laura Roslin.

They walk through the halls in silence; the light is golden, and the halls are a strange combination of desert and opulence, and Laura wonders. )


Nov. 10th, 2006 09:22 am
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I don't know if anyone cares, but there's a BSG friending meme going on.

One day I'll love BSG again. I might even have time to watch it!
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This features Paul Campbell; as such, this post was clearly tailor-made for [ profile] familyarchives.

Awesome video via [ profile] sinful_caesar
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So, those of you who have zero interest in The Pretender, I hope you've noticed how I am strictly restraining myself - I only post once a day about the Pretender, no matter how much I have to say or how excited I am!

Today, I would like to talk about Jarod and Miss Parker (yes, I know you're surprised).

I was just watching this vid by StuckHereWithNoTV over on youtube. It's a Miss Parker vid to Alanis Morissette's 'Everything,' and as it started I thought, what a terrible song choice, so slow and sappy and it's Alanis. I was so wrong - this vid is surprisingly perfect, and I was amazed at how much I enjoyed it.

I think the funny thing about Jarod and Miss Parker's relationship is that it isn't the sort of thing you can see; there are no hugs or kisses on the forehead, and there are no light touches or anything like that. Through everything, even though Miss Parker is driven to recapture Jarod; even though he hates the people that she works for and even though she's really mean, he still loves her, in his way. And their love is in the silence on the phone when she answers late at night, in the distance between them when they meet, in the things he leaves behind when he runs and the way he always comes back.

Sometimes I consider that their relationship is unequal. Jarod is always the one feeding her information; he's the one with the power to infiltrate the Centre and the one who could disappear at any moment. However, she has exactly the same power, she just chooses not to use it. She loves her father too much, and she fears what the Centre will do to her if she leaves, whereas Jarod fears what the Centre will do to him if he stays.

In my head, sometimes they meet where the Centre can't see them; footsteps echoing through a dark alley; nonsensical messages left on voicemail; hotels on the other side of the world. And of course, as the director told us, Jarod clearly had a key to the back door of her house. In my head there are scratches on his back and bite marks on her shoulder; he handcuffs her to the bed and she never, ever calls in sick. And one day he'll disappear and there'll be nothing left of him but a thousand stories with happy endings and her, bitchy and bitter and fighting with her brother, and it's then that she'll show them what she can do, because she'll disappear, too, and it'll be for her, and not for him.

And then she'll find him and they'll have wild monkey sex.

On a related topic, I think that Gar (the albino Sweeper) totally suspects that Miss P and Jarod are conspiring together.

Finally, remember that awesome BSG vid Breathe Me? I love it so much when I can watch vids using the same song in different fandoms, and this morning I watched this vid, also by StuckHere, using 'Breathe Me' for the Pretender and it's cool. Not as awesome as some of her other vids, but still good.

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[ profile] sinful_caeser has some Grace Park photos here and they are from an awesome photo shoot. I love them.

In addition, SC also has photos of a Jamie Bamber photo shoot here, and they're HYSTERICAL. I particularly love the one with the robotic dog.

Also from [ profile] sinful_caesar, the coolest Bones promos.

Shiri Appleby, fugged.

Finite Simple Group (of order two), an hilarious song about maths.

[ profile] bellanut has an ode to season three of Spooks. That ode is in pictures.

I don't even know from where I got this link, but A is for Albus, who choked on a sweet, through to Z is for Zabini, Blaise, the late. It's a bit contrived, but oh how I wish I could draw.
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omg. STOP.

I have OTPed myself into oblivion.

If you are online right now, feel free to use this post to talk about INFIDELICIOUS PILOTS.

I shall start. I love the idea of infidelicious pilots so much that I have a handy tag, though it appears that I don't have very much tagged with that one. No matter!

Nobody asked me for this, but I have decided to write five times kara and lee were infidelicious )
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This is a list of fics from the BSG/crossover ficathon! The list is very small, and as you may or may not recall it was a recipient-less ficathon, which I think impacted on participation and pike-rate. But if you still want to write something, it is not too late! Because BSG is the most awesome show to crossover.

I will be updating this list as people link me to their fics.

By [ profile] ana_grrl, Cylon Detection Made Charming and Easy (Doctor Who)
By [ profile] bantha_fodder, Acknowledge No Frontier (Stealth)
By [ profile] nyuszi, Intersect (ST: DS9)
By [ profile] thesocialnorm, A Ray of Light, (ST: Voyager)
By [ profile] zeplum, The Purcell Dialectic (Stealth)
Also by [ profile] zeplum, Chained to Fate (Highlander)


By [ profile] ladyjanus, Flying Colours (ST: Voyager) (a WIP)
By [ profile] sheepfairy, The Descent of Man (X-Men)
By [ profile] little_murmurs, Fate Creeps In (Alias)
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Abigail and Hannibal are tracking this vampire clan, and they track them onto the luxury cruiser Cloud Nine. And they'd just stake them and get out, but there's lots of them all together, the entire clan, and the cruiser's about two hours from setting out so they buy tickets and settle in, figuring they'll wait until they're underway before they do the staking. So they're in the tiny little room they've rented for the trip, no idea where the cruiser's going, and they're just out of Caprica's orbit when the Cylons strike. They don't kill anyone whilst the cruiser is running that first jump, they're just waiting to see what happens (maybe they have some last minute sex because hey, what if they die?), but once they realise they're jumping every thirty three minutes, they start stalking vampires, and using the seconds at FTL speed to do the actual staking. So every thirty three minutes, another vampire bites the dust (OH COME ON), and the vampires start wondering what the connection is, between the stakings and the minutes and the Cylons. This goes on for sometime, until most of the vampires are dead. Some of them are still around, but they're the smart ones - always hiding, and Abigail and King have to search harder for them, so the gaps between stakings move to hours, then days, then eventually weeks, until they're living lives and pretending to be something else when they get counted amongst the fleet's assets. Abby says she's an archery teacher, and King says he's a house husband (he's good with a knife, he says), and they stay in their tiny little room. And Abby gets the talk about having babies for the good of the fleet, in a room filled with women all being told the same thing, and they've never even spoken of children before and they're sure as hell not talking about it now, so.

In the end, they're on New Caprica when the Cylons come, and they meet Leoben and realise that the Cylons are sometimes vampires, and King starts looking around for Danica and his grip tightens on Abby's shoulder.



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