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The Way of All Dragons (the hungriest friends remix) by Pen
Smallville, Chloe and Lex, G.

A remix of Tris' really great looooootherville drabble, for PXMIX. How handy that I couldn't bring myself to cull this icon!

She shrugs, like maybe he should go to hell for suggesting her motivations include cowardice. )
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Each Wave Driven Ahead by Another
Smallville, Chloe and Lex, M.

This was something I wrote for Sloane a few weeks back, I can't remember why. Maybe because she's so awesome? It is Chloe and it is Lex, and it has a happy ending. I KNOW. It is also set during the high school years. I don't even know who I am any more.

It is raining right now, and this lj is looking a bit empty, I thought it could do with some further content.

She doesn't look back. )
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The Little Voices (three ways that Chloe and Lyle meet), by Pen.
Smallville/The Pretender, Chloe, PG.

I wrote this for [ profile] zeplum a couple of weeks ago, because she was feeling down. It's pretty indulgent, and is completely unbetaed.

three ways that chloe and lyle meet )
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Stolen from [ profile] schiarire

Comment below with a song request that you think I'd be able to provide, something like 'a song that reminds you of someplace you went on holiday when you were little' or 'a song that never fails to give you the shivers when you listen to it' or 'a song in a language you don't speak but would like to learn'.


I was doing that personal canon thing, and today I realised that one of Chloe Sullivan's slipped my mind, and it's this: in restaurants, in clothing stores, in life, Chloe makes her decisions fast, on the fly. She runs her finger down the menu, and is never torn by indecision: she makes her choice, and doesn't look back.

I've been idly reading Chloe/Lex fic the last couple of days, randomly OTPed as I was when I was doing the personal canon thing. I was struck by the fact that one author I was reading, I enjoyed some of her fic well enough, ill-written though it was, and couldn't finish others, and realised it was because I don't care to read high-school Chloe. I want to read about Chloe worldwise, weary; Chloe undercover in the seedy underbelly of Gotham (or Metropolis); Chloe at high class shindigs, pretending to shine on Lex's arm when what she's really doing is working it, doing her job and pushing him to the top.

Fic recs: here.

The relevant tag containing my fic and meta: here.

The fic I wrote last week: (not) the wrong girl.
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Letters She'll Never Send Home by Pen
Smallville, mostly Chloe but also some Lex, M (for slightly porny, and some language)

for [ profile] sloanesomething

She waves for a taxi that never even slows down. )
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New Bonhomie, by Pen
Smallville, Chloe, rated PG.

For [ profile] tab_a_slot_b. Prompt 018: Lex is a criminal mastermind and Chloe is his head of security. Lex isn't obsessed with Clark and Superman, it's the other way around, and Chloe knows it. Clark is a total asshole to her because he thinks she "betrayed" him. PORN.

She waits until they're out in the open; until cameras of a different sort are trained upon them, but none are close enough to hear her words.  )
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Fuck, I love Chloe and Lex so much it hurts. Mostly I love them as two awesome people who will take over the world, but I also love them separately, so.

I love Only Me by Becky, which is a Smallville/Batman crossover vid. It is actually a sequel to another vid, but I prefer this one, and believe it is understandable without having seen the first one.

My favourite fic about Chloe and Lex is The Autumn People by Jenn. I don't think it will ever not be my favourite. Chloe is always second best, and she is never enough, and Lex is silky and AWESOME.

My Chloe and Lex will take over the world tag (which is my favourite of all my tags) reveals to me that I have talked about Chloe and Lex on numerous occasions, as well as written fic about them often. This is a list of fic recs I made last year.

I am really enjoying Eidolon Helvum by Velvetglove. I've not finished reading it yet, and it's a fic about Clark (BLAH CLARK), but it has an awesome Bruce and a fabulous Lex and a brief cameo (so far) from an excellent Chloe, so I'm reading it for the fabulous characters, even if it's clear that Chloe and Lex won't take over the world, which is my only goal for them ever.

Man, I wish I had a better Chloe and Lex Taking Over The World icon than this one.
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Letters Full of Excuses, by bantha_fodder
DCU/Smallville, rated G.

i do not own these characters. with thanks to resmin.

for A Very Smallville Crisis. a bit of an experiment, actually.

She's just passing through. )
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i wrote this on the spot when sloane said she was sad and needed proning stat:

Chloe blows air across the surface of her latte. The steam rises and she glares: wishes it weren't so cold out; wishes her stupid drink wasn't so hot.

She blows again, and takes the final steps to her apartment building.

"Miz Sullivan," greets Max, the doorman. "Lovely evening out."

"Bit chilly," she agrees with a smile, and he closes the door behind her. The foyer is blessedly warm: this middle-upper class lifestyle agrees with her, occasionally.

The ride up in the elevator is brief. It stops on the third floor, and Lex steps in. "Lex," she says. "This is unlike you." She puts her coffee down on the floor.

"Well," he says. "Today I'm visiting old friends."

He reaches out a hand and presses the emergency stop button.

By the time she gets back to her coffee, it's cold.

That's not a surprise.
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that city down below by pen
veronica mars/smallville

this is just an excuse for a whole lot of fucking.
spoilers for s1 vmars, but it's au after that

this sort of follows on from a restaurant with white tablecloths, but only sort of. and this one is much pornier. and with less point.

most of this was written several months ago, and i found it this afternoon and decided to finish it off and kick it out the door.

Before the car can even start, before the door is even fully closed, Lex is on his knees. )
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I'm going to talk about Chloe/Lex, and what I've written about them, because there was some discussion of it over here, and people asked, so.

Stuff I have written:

The first piece of Chloe and Lex I wrote was Banking on the (good)Will of Others, for someone random's wishlist. It is not Chloe/Lex, but it shows quite clearly the beginnings of their relationship, and how clearly it is that Lex holds the power but Chloe is not powerless.

Not Consolation but Distraction was a tiny little thing, another piece of speculation about how Lex convinces Chloe to even talk to him, let alone work for him.

I'm obsessed with crossovers, and Almost Free to Come and Go is Chloe and Lex in the Colonies after the Cylons come.

A Firm Grip on Reality was something I wrote because Sloane wanted to know what happened after the S4 finale.

And the thing that I am most proud of writing ever, A Restaurant with White Tablecloths, a Gotham City/Metropolis crossover. I finally finished this just last month, and I love it so much. I am so proud of it. Stupidly proud of it.

This is a list of my very favourite Lex and Chloe fics written by people who are not me.
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title: a restaurant with white tablecloths
fandom: gotham city / metropolis
disclaimer: i do not own
please do not archive

extended author's notes at the end.

ETA: you know what? i love this fic. i have never been so proud of something i've written ever. this took me months, and i love it SO MUCH. SO MUCH.

Chloe's house phone rings, and she answers it before she realises she's never had it connected. )
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title: a firm grip on reality
author: bantha_fodder
fandom: smallville
rating: there is some mild sexing
spoilers: for the season four (cracktastic!) finale

disclaimer: not only do i not own smallville, but i rarely watch it anymore. so, you know, if there are any discrepancies with canon, well. i think chloe and lex are shagging, so you can see what i think of canon.

this was not betaed.

for sloane. with thanks to rawles.

The sky is still raining meteors, and it is almost the stupidest thing she has ever done to run around outside during a meteor shower, but Lex leaves her little choice. )
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This is a post about Chloe and Lex.

Lex is going to take over the world. He's going to be president, and it's going to be great. And he's going to drag Chloe along for the ride. I love the theory that maybe Mercy is Chloe (I've seen it a few places), but even if she isn't, I love Chloe as some secret of Lex's. OMG I have random Chloe/Lex as president fic around here somewhere that I never posted. I should try and find it.

[ profile] zeplum wrote Ever Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight? whilst I was sleeping, and it uses Bat-quotes whilst talking about Chloe and Lex.

It reminded me how much I love Lex and Chloe, so I am about to reread The Lines We Amend, which has been a fairly large influence on the Chloe/Lex (plus added Batman) fic I'm working on currently.

An excerpt from White Tablecloths (how do I come up with these names? I know not):


Chloe flies first class.

She keeps the receipts. She'll bill Lex for it later.


Two suits, hanging lonely in the closet. Dingy motel room, cockroaches on the floor and heating that doesn't work. Coffee for breakfast. Chats with hot dog sellers, establishing contacts and patterns.

This is familiar, she thinks, bitterly.


The Wayne Building casts a shadow over the Gotham Plaza as she strides through it. She stares up at the building, raises a hand to block the sun glaring behind it. It's more attractive than the LexCorp Building; more care has obviously been taken with the architecture, and it shows. The classic style, compared to LexCorp's more post-modern approach to design, demonstrates the difference in organisational technique.

She tries the words out in her head, tastes them on her tongue and imagines them on the page.

She shakes her head. She'll never be a lifestyle reporter, but maybe she can pass for one long enough to escape Batman's notice.

The Bat Man doesn't need to know that Lex is casing Gotham.
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title: almost free to come and go
author: pen
fandom(s): BSG/Smallville
spoilers: vaguely for KLG, none for smallville
disclaimer: i don't own

an unbeta-ed Smallville/BSG crossover for sloane. seriously, if you're not into chloe and lex, this fic will hold no interest for you. plus i'm slightly embarrassed about this one, so.


There are thirteen other reporters after the end of the world, and all of them refuse to talk to Chloe. )
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title: not consolation but distraction
fandom: smallville
i do not own

this is a gift for sloane, who is currently asleep, but had a bad day. there shall be much of this spam until i go to bed.

She skims past the words but only sees the LexCorp logo. )

for those of you not sloane, this fic follows from this and this, although you do not need to read them to understand this. i put the links in simply so you can read the rest of my chloe/lex.
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title: banking on the (good)will of others
author: bantha_fodder
fandom: smallville
disclaimer: i do not own

this is unbetaed.

for [ profile] ruedifference, for her wishlist. she wanted a drabble of chloe/lex, a discussion at clark's wedding. but it's a lot longer than 100 words.


Chloe fans herself with her bouquet, and hopes that no-one notices. )


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