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A by product of our Pretender marathon on Friday:

This Is Going To Get Weird, Isn't It by mah girl [ profile] piecesofalice. Pretender / 30 Rock, because we were sitting on the couch, and someone said, "Kenneth as a pretender," and it was clearly destined to be amazing.

It opens like this:
It's a Tuesday when Liz Lemon thinks she sees Kenneth smoking a cigarette and swearing at a cell phone in the alley behind 30 Rockefeller.

Yuletide ficrecs to come.
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the lights just in sight by pen
adam lambert rpf / the pretender, Adam Lambert, PG (language and stuff).

This is a birthday present for my darling [ profile] mandysbitch.

Thanks OR SOMETHING for the idea goes to Pieces of, who laughed but enables my most amazing crossovers. And SOMETHING to Sloane.

I'M NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS, OKAY. There is some time mushing to make everyone more of the same age-ish.


An adventure. Excellent. Adam loves this shit. )
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Dear Santa (and, incidentally, internets),

I love Yuletide! Thanks for signing up and WRITING FOR ME. This year I went for the comfortable familiar requests:

I used two nomination slots in order to request The Pretender! Because I love it the mostest. I requested Debbie + Broots on the run and out of the way - please note that this is NOT a request for incest! Although the incesty undertones (and overtones) are all over the place in the Centre, this is not the case with Debbie and her dad! They are just on the run. I also requested 'the politics of the Centre.' This request is A-OK for the incest-y undertones, particularly if we're talking the machinations of Mr Lyle and Miss Parker (they are THE BEST). And Jarod is, looming, or machinations, or something.

Machinations also appear in my request for Children of Dune. Pre-twin machinations are fine (Irulan and Alia fighting! Irulan and Chani fighting! Paul being all whatever! Korba!) but machinations involving the twins are also very acceptable! (I looove them)

Finally, I requested Space: Above and Beyond. At the end, everyone dies! Only, I wish that they didn't. I was non-specific with my prompt ('they're alive, and it hurts') because I don't mind who it is who is alive! And how much they hurt! I just want to know. Something. Anything. (Paul Wang is my favourite)

Thanks, Santa! I hope you have lots of fun! Thanks again for writing!


PS Any crossovers with any of my fandoms (listen in my profile) would also be very appreciated! I am a big fan of crossovers.
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And the AMAZING [ profile] mandysbitch has written me the most amazing fic EVER, Bad Girls Go Everywhere, a DEBS/Pretender crossover! Miss Parker as a DEB! GREATEST CROSSOVER EVER.

It's this great thing, timelines have been manipulated and Miss Parker is, you know, DEB age (and Jarod is a comparable age, so they're wee!geniuses) and here is a brief sample:

"Did you lock Janet in the bathroom last night?" Max asks her. They’re on their way to the daily breakfast meeting and Janet is in the back of the car, sulking.

Miss Parker lights her first cigarette of the day. "She's very annoying."


I'm so excited I have butterflies!
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a sunset on the road, reappearing by pen
Star Wars / Dune, Muad'Dib, PG

for multiverse5000, the prompt: leia organa/paul atreides. originally posted here.

with thanks to the amazing Sloanesomething, and an unstoppable army of lizzens

'They may be Empire-Wreckers, Irulan,' Muad'Dib says, 'But then, so are we.'  )
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Lived an Illusion, 200 words for Pieces, who wanted Jarod to meet the Angel of Death. This is not that, not really.

He leans back on the park bench; he watches kids taking turns on the slide, listens to shrieking children throwing sand, and wonders who he would have been, with Kyle, with Emily. He tilts his head back, the sun warm on his face, and when he closes his eyes imagines pushing a little girl on a swing, her brown hair bright in the sunlight, her grin wide.

There is a rustle beside him, and when he opens his eyes a woman looks back at him, her eyes dark but her smile open. He wonders that she isn't warm, her shoulders wrapped in black.

"I like it here," she says, turns back to the children.

Jarod leans forward, rests his elbows on his knees. "It's nice," he says, reluctant to speak.

"No fear now, Jarod," she says, and his heart races, and though her smile is warm she is here, and she knows him. He looks around, worried. "I'm not them," she says, and he believes her.

"I should go," he says, though, still unsure.

She shrugs, and he leaps up.

"Suit yourself," she says. Breaks a cookie, offers half to the pigeon swaying with hunger by her feet.

He runs.
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All the Flickering Lights, by Pen
The Pretender, Miss Parker, PG. Wing!fic.

I still love this genre, after all this time.

For [ profile] twicetoldfandom, using this picture as inspiration. You can read all the fic here.

She looks away first; worries for a heartbeat that she's the weak twin. )
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The Little Voices (three ways that Chloe and Lyle meet), by Pen.
Smallville/The Pretender, Chloe, PG.

I wrote this for [ profile] zeplum a couple of weeks ago, because she was feeling down. It's pretty indulgent, and is completely unbetaed.

three ways that chloe and lyle meet )


May. 1st, 2007 08:43 pm
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I know I'm going to regret it, but I just signed up for Multiverse 2007. YOU SHOULD TOO. The sign up post is here. How could I resist when the fandoms included Roswell, BSG and Dune? I COULD NOT RESIST.

Sign up right now, if you're going to. I believe sign ups close today.
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Three Pint Barman, by Pen.
The Pretender/Sports Night, Dan, G.

Commentfic for [ profile] mandysbitch, who always rocks my socks off.

He's not that sort of guy, but he knows a girly drink when he sees one. )
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Thankful You're In Pieces by Pen
The Pretender / Stick It, PG (for swearing)

Because Jon Gries played Brice Graham in Stick It, and I laugh every time. FOR PIECES <333

Her dad turns, and Miss Parker looms behind him, stilettos and a suit and her hair, long and blonde. )
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Earth is going to shit. Over populated, its resources tapped out, Earth's governments and big powers are experimenting and exploring in an attempt to save themselves. The Centre is a huge part of that, making millions of dollars every day with its experiments as it releases its research to those governments and organisations willing to pay. Desperate not only to make a lot of money, but to save themselves, they know they have to get Jarod back so he can complete the research that he started before he broke out.

Miss Parker continues to chase him; the pressure coming from the Tower is immense, but her fucker of a brother refuses to tell her anything, so she finds herself less and less compelled, especially with the developing friendship/whatever between Jarod and Miss Parker. This situation is exacerbated when Broots alerts her and Sydney to the problem that is being concealed - that is, the imminent destruction of the Earth due to its own mistakes. It is at this point that Jarod contacts her; he has been continuing the research on his own, and believes that he has a way to terraform other planets, but he needs to get into the Centre in order to complete his experiment. "What good will that do us if we can't get there?" she asks him. He tries to be kind, but the Centre has had excellent space travel for years.

She helps cover for him whilst he's in the Centre (this entire sequence is indicative of how their relationship has changed, these years he has been on the run), but overhears Lyle talking and knows she needs to tell Jarod immediately. Far below the surface, she finds him and he tells her that his research and his experiment were a success; she tells him what she heard, Lyle and his big project and the immediate launch. "Shit," he says, and when she turns it's Lyle and his boys and she's angry and afraid and she's so, so sorry.

She reaches for her gun and Jarod's hand is warm on her neck and


Earth-That-Was is gone, and all that remains is a dead planet and millions of humans rocketing through the galaxy, killing each other and terraforming planets. Unification comes, and Blue Sun is quite pleased with its success, little geniuses choosing to come to their schools, why didn't they think of this before? Blue Sun spans buildings and planets and solar systems, and deep below the surface of one of the central planets, there is a cryogenic centre filled with the minds and bodies they hope to restore, some of them five hundred years old.

River dreams of them, twenty-seven sub-levels down, and five years later when she's still chasing Reavers out in the black she continues to dream of them, their still faces and their active minds, their lives that they want to continue, even though they are so incredibly ready to give up the chase. When she closes her eyes she sees them, and when she opens her eyes the Centre is still chasing, its face masked by Blue Sun but still chasing all the same.


The Tleilaxu restore them, eyes and hands and bodies all the same, and after the success with Duncan Idaho they open the tanks and release them into the universe, and it's Jarod who totally freaks out, and it's Miss Parker with her hand soft and familiar on his skin, bringing him home.


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Timestamps for A Refrain of the Things Behind Us (brand new start):

SIX MONTHS, for fahye:

pilots )

and TWO YEARS, NINE DAYS for aj:

laura roslin )

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The flist is boring today. I guess heaps of people are still off giving thanks, or something. So I wrote fic.

A Refrain of the Things Behind Us (a brand new start) by Pen.
Battlestar Galactica / Children of Dune, Laura Roslin. Rated G.

With thanks to Claira. This is sort of for [ profile] familyarchives.

I don't have any icons of Laura Roslin.

They walk through the halls in silence; the light is golden, and the halls are a strange combination of desert and opulence, and Laura wonders. )
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Silence in the Revelation by Pen
The Pretender/Children of Dune, rated G. Miss Parker.
I own none of these characters.

This is for [ profile] zeplum. See what happens when you make a suggestion, and I'm bored and feeling down?

When Paul Atreides declares himself Emperor, her father is furious. )
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This is a list of fics from the BSG/crossover ficathon! The list is very small, and as you may or may not recall it was a recipient-less ficathon, which I think impacted on participation and pike-rate. But if you still want to write something, it is not too late! Because BSG is the most awesome show to crossover.

I will be updating this list as people link me to their fics.

By [ profile] ana_grrl, Cylon Detection Made Charming and Easy (Doctor Who)
By [ profile] bantha_fodder, Acknowledge No Frontier (Stealth)
By [ profile] nyuszi, Intersect (ST: DS9)
By [ profile] thesocialnorm, A Ray of Light, (ST: Voyager)
By [ profile] zeplum, The Purcell Dialectic (Stealth)
Also by [ profile] zeplum, Chained to Fate (Highlander)


By [ profile] ladyjanus, Flying Colours (ST: Voyager) (a WIP)
By [ profile] sheepfairy, The Descent of Man (X-Men)
By [ profile] little_murmurs, Fate Creeps In (Alias)
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Acknowledge No Frontier, by Pen.
BSG/Stealth, rated PG.

I do not own any of these characters.

This was written for the BSG crossover ficathon. With thanks to [ profile] zeplum.

The funny thing about this is the way I was waiting for it to come back from beta when Fahye wrote the other thing.

In her handbag, her pager buzzes. )

Okay and now to work.
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Abigail and Hannibal are tracking this vampire clan, and they track them onto the luxury cruiser Cloud Nine. And they'd just stake them and get out, but there's lots of them all together, the entire clan, and the cruiser's about two hours from setting out so they buy tickets and settle in, figuring they'll wait until they're underway before they do the staking. So they're in the tiny little room they've rented for the trip, no idea where the cruiser's going, and they're just out of Caprica's orbit when the Cylons strike. They don't kill anyone whilst the cruiser is running that first jump, they're just waiting to see what happens (maybe they have some last minute sex because hey, what if they die?), but once they realise they're jumping every thirty three minutes, they start stalking vampires, and using the seconds at FTL speed to do the actual staking. So every thirty three minutes, another vampire bites the dust (OH COME ON), and the vampires start wondering what the connection is, between the stakings and the minutes and the Cylons. This goes on for sometime, until most of the vampires are dead. Some of them are still around, but they're the smart ones - always hiding, and Abigail and King have to search harder for them, so the gaps between stakings move to hours, then days, then eventually weeks, until they're living lives and pretending to be something else when they get counted amongst the fleet's assets. Abby says she's an archery teacher, and King says he's a house husband (he's good with a knife, he says), and they stay in their tiny little room. And Abby gets the talk about having babies for the good of the fleet, in a room filled with women all being told the same thing, and they've never even spoken of children before and they're sure as hell not talking about it now, so.

In the end, they're on New Caprica when the Cylons come, and they meet Leoben and realise that the Cylons are sometimes vampires, and King starts looking around for Danica and his grip tightens on Abby's shoulder.

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Getting Lost Is Easier Than Losing Your Mind by Pen [PG]
A Mirrormask crossover with Constantine and Sandman, featuring Helena and Valentine and an assorted cast of characters

This is something self-indulgent that I have have written as a present to myself on my birthday. Which is today.

Valentine curses the Lord Shaper; stares at his ceiling until he can hear the birds greeting the dawn. )
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oh oops!

The BSG/crossover ficathon is now open for signups! To sign up, read the list below, select the prompt you would like to write, and then post a comment in the following format:


That's it! Stories are due August 24th. No word count minimum.

Because you're not writing for a specific person, once you've claimed a prompt, feel free to modify it slightly if you need to. You know. This is a pretty laid back ficathon. OR, if you really want to write a crossover, but none of the ones here take your fancy, write a crossover anyway not based on these prompts and I'll include it in the masterlist at the end of it all anyway. Because the point of all this is to get more crossovers written in BSG, not to write gifts for other participants (unlike many ficathons, is what I mean) (not that I'm bagging those sorts of ficathons! They're great, too!).

the list of prompts )


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