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ugh, just rewatched The Dark Knight. Remember that time they made Gordon's son the focus of all his concerns, and Gordon's son the one who wants to know about Batman, and Gordon's son the one with all the lines, instead of, oh, I don't know, BARBARA?!?!

Nolan, for serious.
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Hibernacula (the Like We Were Yesterday remix), by Pen
Smallville/DCU. Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne. PG.

This is a remix of Hibernacula, by [ profile] velvetglove.

Lex doesn't care )
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Letters Full of Excuses, by bantha_fodder
DCU/Smallville, rated G.

i do not own these characters. with thanks to resmin.

for A Very Smallville Crisis. a bit of an experiment, actually.

She's just passing through. )
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The Abhorsen Trilogy:
In a conversation with [ profile] koalathebear here, where she briefly outlines why people should read the Abhorsen Trilogy, it occurred to me that I once wrote Abhorsen fic, and never mentioned it here. So I shall link it now: A Time For, about Sabriel and the bells and the time after Rogir. And it's not the best I've ever written (and was written about thirteen months ago), but there. I've linked it now.

The Abhorsen Trilogy is a trilogy of books set in The Old Kingdom, where there is magic and old spirits. Sabriel is sent to live across the wall in Anclestierre as a child, because away from the Old Kingdom magic does not work as well, and her father wanted her to learn and be safe. Anyway, that makes it sound lame, but the first book, Sabriel, was the seminal book of my high school years. I read it when I was thirteen, and I was obsessed from that point on with the science fiction (and fantasy) section of my local library. So. I just want to put that out there.

[ profile] koalathebear has a whole lot of caps and also some thoughts.

Random Fandom:
The SVU valentines
A whole lot of Serenity cast photos
Jason Behr, hot and in black and white and tied down. A photoshoot.

The One Where Ken Meets GI Joe, by [ profile] fryadvocate. I think the title tells you all you really need to know.
Almost Was Good Enough, by [ profile] maddeinin. Narnia. Susan, there and back again and it's so soft and sad. It's AWESOME.
Sidekick by [ profile] 3jane. A DCU/BSG crossover. Roy and Lee.
Secret Identities, by [ profile] resmin. DCU/Smallville. The thing about secret identities that the new Batgirl hasn't figured out yet is that they're supposed to be *secret*.

In conclusion, for serious guys, I want some Anna Nalick. I have Breathe, Consider This, In My Head and Catalyst. FURNISH ME, FLIST.
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Random DCU:
Top Thirty Facts
A Batman Begins vid

Random Important Things:
I am not American, but this situation here makes me feel ineffectual and frustrated, and it makes me fear for my own country.
Ten reasons why you should never accept a diamond ring from anyone, under any circumstances, even if they really want to give you one. My engagement ring is white gold with a black pearl, guys, and it's more awesome than the $2000 yellow gold and diamond thing my exhousemate is stuck with since he and his fiance broke up and the pawn shops wouldn't give him more than $200 for it.

Random Fandom:
[ profile] yuletide's NYR 2006 is open.
Lego Serenity
Weevil (from Veronica Mars) picspam
Multifandom girl picspam

Random Random Things:
A koala keeping cool
Australian comedy trio Tripod (they're awesome, and my sister loves them performing a song (video)

Random Fic:
Post Partum and its sequel (which is AWESOME), In Absentia, by [ profile] cupiscent. Constantine fic about Angela.
Also by Dee, and also Constantine, Cage. CAGE SEX. HOT AND AWESOME.
Also Constantine, Day Late, Dollar Short, by [ profile] sloanesomething. Gabriel learning to live.
The Absolutely, Positively True (Sort Of) Fictional Adventures of Hot Pilots in Love, parts one, two and three. BSG crackfic by [ profile] widget285. There are stories being written in the fleet.
Fifty Ways, parts one and two, by [ profile] crushw_eyeliner. HP. Cho and Cedric.

Hokay I must outtie for New Years' Eve dinner. I am all decked out in gold jewellery and red clothes, like a good Chinese girl. :op. 恭喜发财!
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I am very slowly working my way through Constantine things, but first you should all be entertained by this review of the movie.

These Anna and William icons (scroll down) reminds me that I found the crazy fireplace photoshoot in large. You need to register, but it is worth it OMG. [ profile] roz_mcclure and [ profile] twinkledru I AM LOOKING AT YOU.
Some nice textless movie icons
A whole set of promotional pictures

I don't know how I feel about this. A Cedric and Cho fanfiction page that has what seems to be a complete list of links to fics written about Cho and Cedric. And I suppose it's like me compiling my lists or whatever, but still, it throws me a little to see links to my fics there.
ALSO, on that note, why is that Out from Under is specifically listed as "Cho's POV"? Why does that need to be specified? It is a Cho and Cedric page! Why is primacy then given to Cedric's POV? HELLO HP FANDOM WE'RE STILL HAVING ISSUES HERE.

There are random Gaeta and Dee ficlets to be had. And they are HILARIOUS. AND CYLON FILLED.

Gotham Public Works: an AWESOME site of some Gotham City cosplayers.

Random Fandom:
A review of Memoirs of a Geisha by somseone from the hanamachi district.
An incest challenge - a lot of fic for many fandoms in the comments.

Random Things:
A whale in the Thames
Firefighter in Houston forced to take promotion exam hours after giving birth
[ profile] elke_tanzer talks about the nudge thing
A post of dresses and people at the Golden Globes
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Now that I have seen the Narnia movie, why is it that NO ONE mentioned James McAvoy was basically playing Leto Atreides again, except as a faun instead of a Dune Worm?


This post by [ profile] ladyjaida is AWESOME, with some fabulous points and flailing re: the movie. Also, she made some William Moseley icons. And here she talks about how creepy it is that they've been adults and now they're kids again (I HAVE TOTALLY WRITTEN FIC ABOUT THAT, BITCHES)
An article on why Aslan is a Mary-Sue
Scroll for Narniaaaaa icons by [ profile] dawn_icons
And Tris made some icons here, and she promised more yet did not deliver. That's her problem. No followthrough.
[ profile] thehush: Tumnus and Lucy icons
In fact, Roz very obligingly memoried about a bazillion Narnia icon posts, so go scroll through that and cover LJ with Narnia love.
National Geographic talks about Narnia
Reaction posts: lovely one here
RPF-ery here
Is LWW allegory at all?
A poem about Susan by [ profile] papersky.
What order should I read the Narnia books in (and does it matter)?

[ profile] teaspoon14 has written some delightful HP and Narnia (not crossovers) drabbles. Scroll for the Narnia ones, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Pain and Magic, a House/HP crossover by [ profile] violet_quill.
I forget how awesome Leda is, because she disappears for ages at a time, but Jigsaw is this AWESOME BSG gen fic that you should all read.

icons from Muppet Christmas Carol.

A Very Small(ville) Crisis: a DCU in the Smallville verse challenge, hosted by Kassie. I am already plotting mine, and YOU SHOULD BE TOO, BECAUSE OMG AWESOME.

StarWars in thirty seconds, reenacted by bunnies.

A, Miscellany:
The delightful [ profile] shleemeri would like you to rec her some friends
Promo pictures for X3. This is me officially telling you all that I ship Pyro/Rogue and Colossus/Shadowkat.
ZOMG. The Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes thing is totally doom.
Huge Serenity spam.

AND I want you to talk about Christmas. I am not Christian (if pressed, I'm unlikely to actually talk about my religion at all), but I celebrate Christmas as a time to eat non-stop, get presents, and give presents, and not go to work. I watch A Muppet Christmas Carol at my parents' house with my sister, and The Nightmare before Christmas at my own house. I have lots of picnics and lunches with friends, and become obsessed with making something or other. This year's obsession is making things out of felt (there will be pictures in a bit). On Boxing Day I go to see a movie, and this year there will be more seeing of family and having lunches on that day, too. So, waffle about yours for a moment.

In conclusion, I wrote Narnia fic last night, and I am writing another one now, and you can't have any of it because Claira is at work, and therefore cannot beta it yet. The end.
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Fic rec, I suppose: Not Your Every Day Infatuation. NC-17, the most wacked pairing ever. Seriously. Read it.
And Eighteen, a Katie/Robert fic. Dee fails for not bringing this to my attention.
Uh, more fic: a thing about Blaise that Kassie wrote, containing the awesome paragraph of “I was being reflexively negative. I’m sure that if you’ve all kept yourselves alive, then you will probably continue to. But if Potter leads the attack on Lucius, I’m hiding behind you.” The reflex to brighten Longbottom’s mood strikes Blaise as a fundamental shift in his personality. He’s going native. As well as this: You’re becoming very direct and obnoxious. Are there Hufflepuffs in your little cabal? which sums up Hufflepuffs perfectly (I love Hufflepuffs to distraction, at the moment).

Artwork of Jadis, before she became the White Witch. Absolutely stunning artwork.

Chloe/Lex vids OF JOY. Seriously. I love every single one. And there are two (TWO OMG) Chloe/Bruce and Chloe/Lex vids. OMG AWESOME. (direct links to the Chloe/Bruce Chloe/Lex OMG JOY here and here. The second one especially is awesome)
The Joker is a Meany

Dr Who:
Uh, Dalek porn

A, Miscellany:
Cats in Sinks
The longlisted passages for the Bad Sex in Fiction Award
You can use Gizmo to phone post, but I am tired and can't work out how it works, so a phone post from me shall have to wait until tomorrow.

A Note:
There's one of those memes going around, one of those, if you're reading this, if your eyes are passing over this, even if we never speak memes, and every time I see them, I always think that it's so delightfully worded that the intention is to guilt me.


It's not yet December (hour and a half away), but the promise I made to myself was that I could post my wishlist when I finished it, so long as I was thoughtful about every wish. I've been composing this list for three weeks now, so I think that's pretty damn thoughtful. Also I'm sad, and I think posting it will cheer me up.

If you've never heard of the Fandom Wishlist, I can't be bothered looking for the link but it was started by [ profile] tartanshell, and basically, you post your list, and then surf around lj and look at other people's lists, and fill as many wishes as you can/want to.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE fic or icons of the following:

1. Katie Leung/Robert Pattinson (HP)RPF. OMG SHUT IT.
2. Zoey/Charlie (from the West Wing). A happy ending.
3. CJ and Toby (also TWW, but DUH) have been friends for years and years, through all sorts of shit, and not seeing eachother, and all the rest. My heart got broken a couple of weeks ago by this pairing, and I want someone to fix it for me, because CJ and Toby are my OTP to end all OTPs. It cannot end this way.
4. Chloe and Lex (Smallville) taking over the world.
5. Michael and Nikita (from LFN) in the Colonial Fleet. Any LFN fic at all, actually.
6. Miss Parker and Jarod, and the battles they fight that they will never, ever win (OMG The Pretender I LOVE YOU).
7. Karl/Miranda (LotRPF). Fun and light and so fucking easy going. There will never be a list of requests, written by me, that will not feature this pairing. I find it hard to believe I don't have an icon of Miranda, but there you go.
8. Music.
9. Anything about Cho Chang. Or the Hufflepuffs. Or Ravenclaw.
10. Penguins

The end. Go to bed. Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars.
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Today I hit 200 friends of. I'd like to do something special, like offer to write fic for everyone, but a) i do that every day anyway, and b) to make a big deal of it seems kind of wanky. This particular journal has been in existence for just over a year, but I've been on LJ for about four years now. I was a big fat dork then, and I'm a big fat dork now, so whatever.

I owe several people comments, and I owe one person a beta. I am actually, really sorry that I suck at any sort of meaningful correspondence, but I've been so busy this weekend, that it was a struggle to post today's [ profile] galacticanews. Of course, busy as I was, that didn't stop me from reading Wisteria's Arrested Development/BSG crossover, or ranting at people, so I guess it's just a matter of prioritising. I tend to do the low thought necessary work first, and then the stuff that requires more thinking later. Hence betaing and replying to comments gets left behind. But I will get to it. All of it. Tomorrow, hopefully.

OMG Yuletide. I should start that, so I'll probably be trying not to write anything else until that's done.

I have a bunch of links I'd like to share, but before I do, I'd like to make a special mention of [ profile] koalathebear, who is a delight to read, and makes me feel guilty about Being Chinese and Not Speaking Mandarin Very Well. Tomorrow, in an effort to actively make myself a better person, instead of reading HP+HBP at work, I will be reading HP+PS in Chinese. (PS KoalaTheMarsupial: icons from Muppet Christmas Carol. Text is a bit crap, but the bases are lovely, and I thought of you)

Okay. So.

There is no possible way for Katie Leung to get any cuter.
AWESOME miscellaneous icons

on het; and on women (and on what makes the strong and obvious and such)
The Crossover Ficathon

A Black and White World: The Joker and Batman, drawn by Simon Bisley and written by Neil Gaiman. And it IS AWESOME.

Miscellaneous Things:
Police Hunt Oxy Morons. This is possibly the best news headline ever.
'Abuse video' outrages Malaysia. ALSO ME. I just. The rant I have, about being Chinese in Malaysia, is perhaps for another time.
Jareth the Goblin King: the toy, comes with three of his magical crystal balls, a riding crop for disciplining disobedient goblins, and his magnificently intricate necklace.
This article is stupid, but While it’s become conventional wisdom they’re all trooping off to Hillsong, the fastest-­growing religion in Australia isn’t pentecostal Christianity but Buddhism. HAHA WE WILL HAVE YOUR CHILDREN.

PS [ profile] shleemeri is not allowed to go on fandom hiatus.

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I'd like to recommend One Taste of the Apple by Brynn. I hate her because she is so fucking talented. Awesome pre-series Apollo and Starbuck fic.
You know BSG has been renewed for third season, right? Of course you know, because you all watch [ profile] galacticanews.

I can't even describe how awesome this is, but if you're into DCU you should check it out.
I accidentally wrote a treatise on Gotham City and Smallville over here in Kassie's journal, which I reproduce in its entirety for you now:

I made an entire post filled with recs of fic and links to my fic some weeks back ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, so I feel my contribution to this post should consist of nothing but me rambling on about how I love Chloe and Lex and Bruce, and how Clark/Lex is just doom.

And Thus:

Chloe was made for Gotham City. She loves everything about it, from the freaky architecture to the way its villains get in amongst the mess and wear masks and are actually snobs who all have sex with oneanother. Batman is the worst of the lot, being all vigilante and holier than thou when he is CLEARLY fucking Catwoman. Years and years ago, Bruce Wayne had something (something like fucking) (in college) with Lex, but then Bruce disappeared and Lex went to Smallville, and by the time Bruce got back their interests had clearly diverged. They both wanted power, sure, but Lex was far more willing to admit it than Bruce was. Bruce started expending all his energy on cleaning up Gotham, and Lex started nobly: he wanted to clean up the world.

I got distracted. Chloe loves Gotham. She loves being a journalist there, because it's just like Smallville only it's dirtier, has no Lois and Clark, and she gets to have sex with a lot of people.

Have you read medie's post about Chloe that she made yesterday?

In conclusion, Chloe is her own woman, but one day she'll have a lot of sex with Bruce Wayne, discover his secret, and help Lex take over the world. The End.

And for those of you who are not Kassie, and so may not have been paying attention, the post I refer to above of recs and fic is here.

I hate everyone for seeing GoF before me, but it doesn't open for another two weeks here, so.
Tokyo Press Conference (also here). A whole lot of Katie and Robert and Emma. My favourites are this one and this one. Also this one and this one, because seriously. Katie is still the most beautiful person in the whole world, and I'm glad to see Katie and Robert are OTP again. Also, when LJ goes down at some point this morning, those delightful girls [ profile] indilime and [ profile] voodoo_in_tx will be posting updates here.
As you all noticed, yesterday I wrote some HP premiere!fic (linked for those who missed it). Where is all the rest of it? I want to read about Dan in the back of the bus, and Rupert in the toilets and Emma and just. HP FANDOM YOU ARE LETTING ME DOWN.
Also for those who missed it, my new lj layout features the Yule Ball scene from GoF, because it is AWESOME.

There is an anthology coming out about geek life. You can still submit if you'd like.
The Female Gen ficathon. Multi-fandom. Go forth and write about women.
The Simpsons/Neverwhere crossover. No, seriously.
One of the mascots for the 2008 Olympic Games. Yesterday I watched The Cutting Edge instead of going training, because I was sick, and seriously, I need to stop watching movies where they go to the Olympics, otherwise I will make myself sick over the fact I will never get that far in my sport. Anyway, I digress, but I need an icon of this image.
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[ profile] ethrosdemon introduced me to the work of [ profile] fryadvocate and both of them are FABULOUS TO ME.

i need you all to go read endings she called beginnings, this batman thing that almost made me sob. and then you all need to read five ways that selina kyle never met lex luthor because, uh, HELLO, selina kyle and lex luthor? pretty damn fabulous.

please pause for disclaimer: bruce and selina is still the otp. okay, please continue.

and THEN, you all need to read and all of them happy, and it's about lana lang but i PROMISE if you have any interest in the smallville/superman mythos you will at least be interested by this tale.


bantha_fodder: ([smallville] chloe and lex)
title: a restaurant with white tablecloths
fandom: gotham city / metropolis
disclaimer: i do not own
please do not archive

extended author's notes at the end.

ETA: you know what? i love this fic. i have never been so proud of something i've written ever. this took me months, and i love it SO MUCH. SO MUCH.

Chloe's house phone rings, and she answers it before she realises she's never had it connected. )
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You know what I am doing? I am watching SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND. IT IS THE BEST EVER. I LOVE THIS SHOW.

Coop and Shane. YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT.

Nathan is such a wanker. I hate this poem/verse he writes Kylen. UGH.

Some links:

Hindsight, by [ profile] sloanesomething. VMars. ALL ABOUT LOGAN, which is as it should be.
A Dark and Gotham Night by [ profile] daegaer. Batman/Good Omens. You need to read it. You need to read it now.
[ profile] svilleficrecs has started the ten couples who need to fuck right now meme, which [ profile] meyerlemon has modified to be ten couples who need to hold hands briefly and never mention it again meme.

And now, to get me some Prison Break episodes.
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title: in the works (lift the lid and take the thing apart)
fandom: batman (can i really say that the fandom is 'batman'? surely i should say 'dc' or something)
disclaimer: not mine

Catwoman. FOR SLOANE.

She flips him the finger and nips out the side exit. )


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