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every household filled with joy by pen
East West 101, Lim, gen

I don't own. Thanks to copracat for the betatasticness.


She's halfway out the door, oranges clasped in her hand, when the phone rings and her stomach drops.  )
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I wrote a fic about Lim from EW101 for CNY.

I require a beta. Would someone like to volunteer?

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Okay, so I finished watching season two of East West 101.

some spoilers under the cut )

Hey LJ sorry for posting to you so much today.
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I can't believe they did the 'I'm not racist but' and yet the dude pronounced 'Kuala Lumpur' correctly.

spoilers )
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I bought season two of East West 101 this week (thanks, SBS, for making it available for purchase whilst it's still airing on free-to-air, you're my favourite, even more than Aunty). And sure, I could be using this opportunity (on my own on a Sunday night, final assignment for semester handed in this afternoon) to catch up on the episodes I've missed.

Or I could be watching Children of Dune.

And maybe writing some fic. Or something.
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Copracat and I have made a comm for East West 101! It is at Dreamwidth: East West 101. We went for the simple title.

It's still in its early stages, and we're basically making up the rules as we go.

I made a dreamwidth account specially! I have invites if anyone needs them.

ETA: copracat has created some feeds for you to use if you need them: rss feed; atom feed.
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East West 101 is about some coppers. But these coppers are not just two dudes, they are a Muslim Iraqi-Australian and an Islander, both detectives. Reoccuring characters include their team leader, an arrogant old-school Caucasian guy; another detective, an Italian-Australian woman; a Chinese-Australian junior detective, and their boss, a (Caucasian) woman.

This is a cop show that is ACTUALLY about living in Australia, and being Australian, that actually reflects the Australia that we see around us, not the usual white-washed Australian television we get.

And it's set in Sydney.

And it's an Australian Copper Show, which is my very favourite television genre ever.

And it talks about racism, and privilege, and religion, and the ambiguity of being an Australian.



pictures + more (no spoilers) )

iamnaiad has a post detailing the awesomeness of East West 101. this link includes uploads for episodes one and two of season one. And if you go to their dw in general, there are the uploads for the other episodes of season one.

Or you could buy it! $29.95 from Dymocks (or online).

I really, really, really want to write this for yuletide.
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