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Left it to Fend on its Own by Pen
Narniaaaa, G, Edmund.

After the last time. I don't own, etc.

My word do I love Edmund.

For Lizzencakes.

He doesn't spend any time looking for loop holes. )
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naked bathtub goldfish by pen
SyFy Alice / The Pretender, PG with swearing (uh, hello, Miss Parker's in it)

Thanks to Sloane.

This is a thing I wrote for some girl I met on the internets, you might know her as PIECESOFALICE. <3

She follows Jarod through the mirror. Why wouldn't she? )
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like you're not in my sight by pen
The Pretender, Miss Parker at CNY in Penang, G

Yeah, like I'd write about anywhere else, especially at this time of year.

Thanks to Piecesof

Parker is from a country of people who can't drive, so this isn't the worst, but it's pretty fucking close. )
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every household filled with joy by pen
East West 101, Lim, gen

I don't own. Thanks to copracat for the betatasticness.


She's halfway out the door, oranges clasped in her hand, when the phone rings and her stomach drops.  )
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steer your own ship by pen
Children of Dune, Ghanima, G

This is for [ profile] picfor1000, with a prompt of this photo.

Don't own, I could not have created these, HERBERT.

Thanks to Sloaneface, as always.

Ghanima is FIERCE

She wears the black, and carries her Crysknife, as is their way.  )
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the lights just in sight by pen
adam lambert rpf / the pretender, Adam Lambert, PG (language and stuff).

This is a birthday present for my darling [ profile] mandysbitch.

Thanks OR SOMETHING for the idea goes to Pieces of, who laughed but enables my most amazing crossovers. And SOMETHING to Sloane.

I'M NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS, OKAY. There is some time mushing to make everyone more of the same age-ish.


An adventure. Excellent. Adam loves this shit. )
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and into the clear by pen
the Pretender, Miss P, G

this was written for yuletide madness 2009 for sabaceanbabe, originally published here

prompt: Miss P has to pick between Jarod or the Centre.

(but then, doesn't she always?)

Oh Miss Parker, I love you. Thanks to CGB for the beta.

This was a last minute thing (obviously, being for yuletide madness). I love any opportunity to write Miss Parker.

She's too old for this shit. )
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this path down to the river by pen
Dune, Duncan Idaho, St Alia, G

this was written for yuletide 2009 for ineffort, originally published here

prompt: something about Alia

thanks to sloanesomething

I love Alia, and I love Duncan, and this seemed like a great opportunity to write about how awesome they are, how conflicted and horrible and amazing. I love them. It's set immediately after Paul's disappearance.

He wonders how Alia knew he was coming.  )
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The fact that I have written Star Wars twice this year is ASTONISHING.

This is a sort of a five things piece about the parts which comprise Obi-Wan. The original fic was (I think) an AU of sorts, stretching on forever into Skywalkers (including Anakin), and this is sort of that, the way Obi-Wan stretches through into the Skywalkers and back out the other side.

Stretch on Forever (the no regrets remix) by Pen
Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi, PG

This is a remix of 20 Random Facts About Jedi by Tartanshell. Originally posted at the Remix community here. With thanks to Sloanesomething.

He sets his feet on the ground, and goes about his business. )
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a sunset on the road, reappearing by pen
Star Wars / Dune, Muad'Dib, PG

for multiverse5000, the prompt: leia organa/paul atreides. originally posted here.

with thanks to the amazing Sloanesomething, and an unstoppable army of lizzens

'They may be Empire-Wreckers, Irulan,' Muad'Dib says, 'But then, so are we.'  )
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that the rainbow comes by bantha fodder
the pretender, emily, pg

written for medie for [ profile] femme_fic
prompt: emily and jarod / little sister gets in the game

thanks to mah pieces.

originally posted here at the femme fic community

Emily closes her eyes; listens for the gunshots )
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This Harbour We Have Never Known by Pen
Dune, G, Chani (with Alia and Irulan)

Written as a part of [ profile] yuletide for [ profile] allburning, archived here. The request was Chani rules in Paul's absence (maybe he's dead, I dunno) with Alia's help. They are awesome. Do Not Want: Crazy Alia, Alia controlled/influenced by the Baron within her., which was such a challenge you have no idea. A great challenge, but a challenge none-the-less.

Pre-Baron Alia is still pretty much a nutter, let's be clear here.

Thanks to Sloane for the WOO THAT'S GREAT etc

They find no footsteps in the sand, no scent of Muad'dib in the sky, and Chani watches. )
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A Harbour We Have Seen Before by Pen
Narnia, Susan [and Edmund], PG
adventuring across the seas in the Golden Age

for the Narnia Ficexchange [ profile] zempasuchil, originally posted here
big kissies to an unstoppable army of lizzens

Susan stands at the parapets in the early dawn light; calculates the shortest path between their rooms and the Lion's Pride )
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The Way of All Dragons (the hungriest friends remix) by Pen
Smallville, Chloe and Lex, G.

A remix of Tris' really great looooootherville drabble, for PXMIX. How handy that I couldn't bring myself to cull this icon!

She shrugs, like maybe he should go to hell for suggesting her motivations include cowardice. )
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So Sloane said to me, hey Pen, do you want to watch a show where they sort of hate each other, have sex in limos and engage in power play? And I said, WOW DO I EVER.

A Sphere in Space, Without Markers by Pen
Gossip Girl, Blair and Chuck, M for sex in limos.

Set during and after the one with the burlesque club.

The leather is cold against her knees. )
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A Fragment of Cascade Stars by Pen
Narnia, PG, Caspian at the revelries after Beruna
I do not own
warning for: some hints of pevencest

With thanks to [ profile] lassiterfics and [ profile] liminalliz

Peter interrupts, bumping his sister. "The Queen is naught but a wine thief with her laces loosened before the celebrations have properly progressed, a crime she knows is unpunishable at revelries."

a fragment of cascade stars )
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Unbent by Mirrors, Covering Your Eyes Against the Morning by Pen
Narnia, Edmund + Lucy, PG.

Set during the Golden Age, and informed by the awesomeness of Edmund during Prince Caspian.

With thanks to An Unstoppable Army of Lizzens.

Narnia is solid beneath his feet )
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This Distance, The Words Which Pierce Her Skin by pen
Carnivale, Justin and Iris, M.

This is a remix of Damnation by [ profile] smercy / [ profile] arenotvalid. It was originally posted here. Meta to follow later today (at least after breakfast).

This Distance, The Words Which Pierce Her Skin )
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Footprints on the Other Side by Pen
BSG, PG. Lee

Yeah, I don't know. Prompted by that promo picture.

Thanks to [ profile] annavtree and [ profile] stars_like_dust, and to pxl.

He snaps the collar into place; smiles. )


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