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Hey I saw Inception! What is UP with the lack of ladies? And also the proliferation of white dudes? I mean, what does a girl have to do to get some variety on her screen?

Anyway, also: oh Inception fandom.

I want fic about Ariadne, or Saito, or Yusuf, or Arthur could also be interesting. I would definitely be partial to Ariadne/Arthur fic. I would accept Ariadne/Arthur/Eames fic. I would love lol crossovers. I would in fact love character analysis of any kind. Maybe not Cobb though.

I have made 24 x fic recs in the other journal. They are mostly Ariadne+Arthur, I am not going to lie. I love Ellen Page the most. THE MOST. Though I would also adore anyone who fulfilled this prompt,
Pre-movie Eames-Yusuf buddy fic. Drug-addled adventures in Kenya! Fear And Loathing In Mombasa
, because that would be the best. THE BEST.

Speaking of the other journal, you can also of recent find 5x Dr Who fic recs.

Please leave your fic recs in the comments.

oh p.s. [ profile] whatimages said 1) Joseph Gordon Levitt. JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT. Oh my god his face. His suits! His...everything. Why is there not Ellen Page/JGL lies in my life RIGHT THIS SECOND? and I have to agree RIGHT NOW.
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A by product of our Pretender marathon on Friday:

This Is Going To Get Weird, Isn't It by mah girl [ profile] piecesofalice. Pretender / 30 Rock, because we were sitting on the couch, and someone said, "Kenneth as a pretender," and it was clearly destined to be amazing.

It opens like this:
It's a Tuesday when Liz Lemon thinks she sees Kenneth smoking a cigarette and swearing at a cell phone in the alley behind 30 Rockefeller.

Yuletide ficrecs to come.
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two from femme_fic:

Everything's Green, by darling voleuse for meeee, about CJ, wonderful and amazing and FIERCE:

She called room service and requested the unhealthiest dinner she could. She switched her silent TV to Fox News and spent an enjoyable evening shouting out each logical fallacy as it came up.

and The Simple Joys of Maidenhood, about Morgana and Gwen, by an unstoppable army of lizzens:

The ship moves hard astern and the two women look at each other nervously. After a moment, Gwen says in an even tone, "I'm sorry, no man is worth this."


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Hey so, do you remember that time I had a recs journal? Yeah, that's what I thought.

I've updated unproductive with 11 x post-Prince Caspian recs (both movieverse and bookverse).
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I want to talk coherently about Prince Caspian (the movie, not the very attractive Princeling), but I'm still at that stage where I'm pretty much incoherent.

I know you're interested, just thought I'd let you know.

So instead, have some fic recs:

Many and Beautiful Things, by Imricita. Susan and her two boyfriends, and their lives diverging.

Acquainted With the Night, by [ profile] lassiterfics. Peter, Caspian and Susan, before the departure.

As If From a Dream by [ profile] rei_c, and it's adorable. When it's over, when Peter's seething and his tie is crooked, his shirt stained and torn beyond recognition, the four of them sit down and wait for the train.


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So Remix fics are out. myopia, and how the present takes hold (a remix from lightyears away) is a remix of taking cue (past holds on). The original was a Kara-centric, slightly KaraandBoomerish piece. The remix is set over the time period, but weaves Leoben into the story in this amazing way. At first I was surprised, I don't think I've ever used Leoben as a character, but as I read I was delighted with Leoben's characterisation, with the way he was written and the way the story unfurls. So I guess the summary is, I am delighted with the remix that has been written, and you should all go read it, even if you don't like Leoben. Seriously.

I did a very quick run through this morning, as I was trying to work up the motivation to write my essay. I wish I'd worked up the motivation earlier - I went to look for my notes I made from a text which is pivotal to my essay, and let's just say it's not anywhere to be found so now I have to go to the library. ANYWAY, here are some recs that I would like to make:

By Any Other Name (The Fool’s Paradise Remix) . This is a piece about Raven, picking up the pieces after, and waiting. Also, reading it makes me wants to write more fic based after X3, and I haven't had that feeling in an absolute age.

Unconscious, as some human lovers are (Sympathetic Resonance), primarily features Percy Shelley and Death being awesome, and of course Aziraphale and Crowley.

Normal (The Quintessential Question Remix), Violet Baudelaire. This piece is fairly explicitly incesty, so that's your warning, but the tone of the piece is very Lemony Snicket, and was quite a delight to read.

Functions, Forms (Keep The Customer Satisfied remix) is Tia Dalma and Will Turner, and it is Will's acknowledgment and Calypso, weaving as she is. And now I want to see more of this Will, after he has the knowledge of the sea within him.

When reading for Remix, I like to read the remix first, and then read the original fic. It makes a nice comparison, to see what is reflection and what is more, and I think it enhances the experience.

And remember to leave feedback, hokay? I still don't have feedback on the fic I wrote, from anyone, and I'm all aaaaarghhhh was it terrible etc.

I wish someone had written a Dune remix, or a Pretender remix, for anyone, not just me. I've never seen a remix for either of those fandoms, and I think that would be delightful.
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So I've been reading through the yuletide archive, and it's funny how the descriptor: Roswell, Liz/Michael still brings out such a visceral, gut disgust in me without me even having to think about it.

Roulette, The Pretender. Debbie makes her own luck.

May I Feel Said He, A Poem by ee cummings. The Pretender. Jarod and Miss Parker out in the world and running from one another (and the Centre), and it's a great adventure. ALSO, I totally think I know who wrote this, based on a combination of who hasn't commented on the fic and the fic's title.

The Fearless Moral Inventory of Milhouse Van Houten Milhouse is ADORABLE. It has that bite that the Simpsons always gives, and it's Milhouse (and a great Bart).

The Ivory Horn - Will at Oxford, searching for the way with Mary and SUSAN QUEEN OF NARNIA.

A Fine Romance, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. This is a brilliant piece from Adam's point of view, the journey home. It's quite lovely.

The Journey West is American Gods, the tale of how Monkey comes to America and it is absolutely brilliant, it is perfect.

La Familia, a brilliant tale of Chrestomanci and his family.

Renaissance Portraits, 1602. An unsteady but interesting look at some of the other mutants in who don't appear in 1602.

The Kid from the Narrows, a really great Batman Begins fic about Jason.

Three Dead Men and the Women Who Did Not Mourn Them, Bourne.

You're the Tall Kingdom I surround, Bourne. Bourne and Nicky.

Cry for Yesterday, Narnia, adjusting in England.

Queen of Morning, Narnia. Susan, the Gentle.

Sea Legs, Narnia. A delightful tale of Eustance after returning from the Dawn Treader.

Sunlight Through Birch Trees, Sandman. It's a slow but lovely story of movement in the Dreaming.

Those Gates of Hell, Space: Above and Beyond. Nights on Deimos. I love Cooper <33

The Birthday of Eternity, Discworld. Brilliant Nanny Ogg characterisation as Death comes to visit.
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[ profile] crack_van is calling for submissions of interest from people who would like another Small Fandom Month. You may recall that last year for small fandom month I volunteered to rec The Pretender, and this year I would love to rec Children of Dune but for one HUGE PROBLEM.

All the Dune fic that I like (aside from alpha/omega by resmin and A Universe by Sloane, and Water for the Dead by Leda) was WRITTEN BY ME. DAMN YOU FANDOM.

A solution: someone else volunteers to rec? AND THEN LOVES ME.
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Darling [ profile] zeplum is looking for music for two transcontinental flights; if you'd like to offer her something new to listen to, you should visit her here. I find the term 'transcontinental' an interesting one. It's not a word one hears often in Australia; flying coast to coast is more "going east" or "going west." We do get to use the word 'antipodes,' though, which is nice.

For the aforementioned K, six songs I like to listen to in the car:
The Chariot - The Cat Empire
Beautiful to Me - Little Birdy
Let's Replace the Cityscapes - The Triangles
My Moon My Man - Feist
Bring Me Some Water - Melissa Etheridge
Greg! The Stop Sign! - TISM


Embarrassingly, with many mistakes (sorry, [ profile] penknife!), I updated [ profile] unproductive with 14 x PotC:AWE recs.

Relatedly, Rawles talks about THE CURSE here.


Speaking of embarrassing, today at work I shared my disgusting secret: my love of Jay Chou. So few of you understand how embarrassing my love for Jay Chou is, but my workmates understood my embarrassment! It was awesome (and also embarrassing) (but I love Jay Chou).


The dissonance of this is amazing: Petrelli's 11.


In case you haven't caught it yet, Don't Stop Now, the new Crowded House single. The new album (due out June 30) is okay, our usual channels having yielded it three weeks early. I don't suggest anyone pirate it, though, unless they also intend to buy it, as we do. >:o| I really like 'Silent House.'


This icon is the only pirate-icon that I have.
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The worst thing about being in fandom and living in the future is this: remix stories go live Sunday, today is Sunday, it's twenty past nine, but I know I won't get to read the stories until Monday because it's still Saturday in the US. The anticipation is so frustrating, just because you get to the day and you still can't get the goods.

[ profile] the_grynne discusses and links to some very interesting discussions about 2006's Miami Vice. Very interesting.

From the Devon/Danziger Ficathon, I would like to rec AJ's Just a White Disorder Everywhere and Ness' Patterns in the Snow

[ profile] skywardprodigal made a post with pictures of the ever lovely Michelle Yeoh here.

It's been a couple of days so probably everyone who cares has seen these by now, but Jamie and Tricia photoshoot from Statement Casablancas Magazine. This is an awesome photoshoot. Tricia Helfer always looks so stunning.

I am in love with My Moon, My Man by Feist. It's a great song, and an adorable video clip.

via [ profile] hjsnapepm, The Pretender season one is apparently available on iTunes.

We're mainlining Scrubs right now. It's pretty awesome.

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I just watched the movie again, and then watched this scene three times.

It's not that I'm obsessed, it's just that this movie, and THIS SCENE ADLKALKDFJADFKJ

this is so unbelievable, but next time I order from Amazon (hello, tP 2001/IOTH), I'm totally ordering the Cutting Edge soundtrack.

In other news, [ profile] mandysbitch wrote Born to Gaze into Night Skies, about Jim from The Office, and it's like a love letter to Australia and also, kind of awesome.
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I wrote two ficlets for Medie's Kissing challenge:

These Circles Of, prompt: Miss Parker; she speaks in tongues

She hums pleasantly. )


Walking on the Lines, prompt: Eva Greene/Daniel Craig; goodbye

Ahead, he sees a familiar figure, and he speeds up. )

ALSO, some complete nobody who shall remain Piecesof wrote Promenade, about our favourite geek BROOTSIE
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A post of linkage!

[ profile] fox1013 wants to know, what are the ALL-TIME WORST BLIND DATES that you can set up by crossing over fandoms?

[ profile] medie is collecting prompts for the Kissin' a Fool drabble-athon, which will happen this weekend.

If you don't have crack_van subscribed, you need to wander over and read the Narnia fics that [ profile] sareads has been posting. Some of them are new to me, and all of them are awesome!

Thanks to [ profile] sinful_caesar, hi-res "What's Your Crime?" at Sundance photos. I think my favourites are probably Paul Rudd, Ellen Page and Ryan Reynolds, and I already loved them before this photo shoot so HEY.

A Fic Rec: No Flying in the House, by [ profile] tangleofthorns. Will Bailey meets Nathan Petrelli. A West Wing/Heroes crossover.

A Meme:

第一 go to the list of my fics and pick out a line or three from one of my stories (full lines, no fragments, unless that was how I wrote it).
第二 I will respond with which story of mine I think it's from.
第三 I'm supposed to offer a fic snip if I don't get it, and I will, but I am so stupidly, stupidly busy right now, caveat is that it might take a while. I still owe people crossovers, and I owe Vel a fic about Kara, from Stealth.

You can find my fic here.

Oh man, so busy. At least I've finished first draft of my fic for [ profile] remixredux!
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Signups for [ profile] rpfremix are open here. I would sort of like to sign up, but I don't have three 500 word fics in any rpf fandom. I've got two in a couple (in Narnia, and in BSG), but not three. So if anyone has any ideas for anything that I can write in the next couple of days, that would be great.

Speaking of, [ profile] hobviously talks briefly about why she loves RPF. <333

I wanted to say, thank you very much to everyone who said lovely things about me in the love meme. It made me feel all glowy inside. :o)

The Pretender 2001 and Island of the Haunted are available on DVD as of Tuesday. WOO.

I updated [ profile] unproductive with 12 x Firefly recs (including crossovers) and 6 x spy fandom recs (LFN, Spooks/MI5 and James Bond).


I wasn't going to do this, but then I found myself reading other people's responses and reading their fic, so I thought, why not? Let me know if you do follow my links, just for my own curiosity.

Post a list of your top five favorite fics you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

Cutting it down to just five was very difficult, and I know that five was probably just picked as an arbitrary number but nonetheless I did my very best to stick to it. I decided it would help if I only allowed myself one from each fandom, allowing crossovers to blur the lines.

The Wreck Keeps Running. Miss Parker and Jarod in the fleet, a BSG/Pretender crossover. I will never love another fandom the way I loved BSG, so bright and so fast, but there will always be a distant fondness, reminiscent of the way I feel about Roswell, perhaps. This fic, a combination of my oldest love with one of my newest loves, was self-indulgent but written with love, and the love/hate that Miss Parker and Jarod feel will continue until they're both dead.

A Restaurant with White Tablecloths, Smallville/DCU. This fic, about Chloe and her mission to find her place in the world, is kind of sordid and a little bit skanky and secretly my love letter to Gotham City. This took me months of constant picking and carving, and the end result makes me grin every time I think of it, and contains my favourite opening line (of my own fic) ever: Chloe's house phone rings, and she answers it before she realises she's never had it connected.

Out From Under (天高皇远), HP. Cho Chang, growing up and trying to fit into her own skin. There are no words that I can say to describe what this fic means to me, and every time I read another treatise on how Cho is crap, and every time I see Cho's significance and presence pushed aside like she's nothing, I hate fandom just that little bit more.

Divided, But with Half a Heart, Children of Dune. Because the years will be long, and Leto will miss his sister very much, and the twins are so beautiful and Frank Herbert was so crazy and I will admit it, I arbitrarily picked this one because I see all of my Dune fic as one long, never-ending story, even this one and this one, though they're crossovers.

Joining Hands as Nations, Narnia. Because Susan loves Narnia, no matter what, even though Aslan later keeps her away. I wish we had seen more of Susan, seen what plans Aslan had for her after her family had left the Shadowlands, because how could Aslan have loved her and cared for her and seen into her heart and then thrown her away?

BONUS: Slowly Creeping In, X-Men Movie. I love Kitty in all her incarnations, and though she was a bit too attracted to Bobby in X3 I feel that with this fic, I managed to reconcile who she was in the movie to who I see her as (ie, AWESOME).

That was very difficult.

I would not usually tag anyone, and please, if you want to do this meme, feel free! I certainly was not tagged. But I would like to see what [ profile] hobviously has to say, and what [ profile] voleuse has to say, and if she ever comes back to us, I would like to see what [ profile] stars_like_dust has to say.


Dec. 26th, 2006 04:18 pm
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The best thing about the yuletide archive going live when it does is that, rather that waking up and having to go an entire day, knowing those fics are there but being unable to read them, I come home after a day of food and presents, and the archive has only been live for a few hours. As a result, I'm done. I've been through the entire list, and I've read all I want to.

I received three fics, all of which I am very grateful for: Not a Creature Was Stirring, Pretender an adorable fic about Jarod's trouble finding Miss Parker's Christmas present; Beyond the Edge, a look at the Wildcards, after; With the Dead, another S:AAB fic: Nathan, going awesomely crazy.

I have made 15 x yuletide recs.

The great thing about yuletide is the great variety of fics that you get to read afterwards. Those surprising fandoms of which you never thought.
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This is a listing of fics for the (mini) Pretender ficathon! There are a few missing, but I guess they'll sort of trickle in, so be sure to check back to see if the list has been updated!

[ profile] anr wrote for [ profile] permissionslip: Child's Play. Prompt: porn, sunrise, and red pumps.

[ profile] bantha_fodder wrote for [ profile] mandysbitch: Palindrome. Prompt: Miss Parker/ Jarod - with an appearance by Mr Lyle, some kind of intervention from him. Twincest is awesome if you feel like going down that road...*g* and no happy endings.

[ profile] blademistress wrote for [ profile] daygloparker: Some Disassembly Required. Prompt: Miss Parker/Jarod, clicking, opposites, no torture, no post-IotH, no mushy

[ profile] familyarchives wrote for [ profile] juliefortune: Waffles in Idaho. Prompt: Jarod saves Ms. P from a fate worse than...

[ profile] juliefortune wrote for [ profile] familyarchives: Rain Runs Cold. Prompt not specified.

[ profile] mandysbitch wrote for [ profile] blademistress: The Home Fires Are Burning

[ profile] daygloparker wrote for [ profile] anr: If Strangers Meet. Prompt not specified.

[ profile] zeplum didn't write for anyone, but she DID write all the same: The Lonliest Valentine, a post ep for Gigolo Jarod.

In other Pretender related news, you should all know that [ profile] medie has made some FABULOUS icons that you can find here.

In other Pretender fic news, you should all read five things: cinq mots que mlle parker a appris dans sa lycée, which is five words Miss Parker remembers from high school French, by [ profile] quasiradiant, and it is awesome! Tahlia especially will appreciate this one.
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  1. [ profile] fox1013. I was whining about a poorly written Grey's Anatomy/Roswell fic yesterday, and about how nobody writes GA/Roswell. And Amy comforted me by telling me that I write GA/Roswell, but that was small comfort! So she wrote Breaking, which is SO MUCH BETTER than that Izzie is Isabel Evans thing I wrote. And OH MY GOD I HATE AMY. They liked her at the hospital. That was obvious. They liked the way she smiled and the way she handled patients and, at the mixer the week before her internship started, she could tell that at least two-thirds of the guys and a few of the girls liked her breasts. So that was good.

  2. [ profile] fahye. Out of nowhere, Fahye says, oh, I wrote BSG today. And so I meander to her journal, and she wrote PILOTS OF AWESOME, with no warning! OUTRAGEOUS. Almost Rhymes With Orange. And the fic uses titles from McSweeny's, which sounds dumb but is the best thing ever. And she wrote it in second person, which makes me fall over in joy, so. You look at her, at the curve of her collarbone and the impossible shadows around her eyes. You run your tongue over your lip; half a nervous twitch and half an attempt to wipe away the sentences wavering there – the unarticulated memories of Sharon Valerii. The way her laugh shook when she was drunk and her hands shook on the landing gears as she flashed her lights (flashed her eyes) and worried that Galen Tyrol would frown at her for leaving scratches across his polished surfaces.

  3. [ profile] stars_like_dust. I hate Claira every day, but especially after she wrote about Susan and her archery in Narnia. ALKDSJFAFLKSFF. Bound by What You Are. Susan does not store her bow and quiver in the armoury, like the other archers. Despite the protests of Peter and Lucy, she keeps them in her bedchamber, propped against her wardrobe.

I hate all of these people, because they are FAR TOO TALENTED. IT IS DISGUSTING AND I AM VERY ENVIOUS.

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This covers one of the things on the wishlist that I wrote after seeing the movie. It's like a combination of desires four AND five, and it is MORE THAN AWESOME. I've read it twice today, and I've only been awake half an hour!

Spark, by Mary. Marie finds John holed up in a large house in a small suburb, the kind where everyone's too polite to pay attention to anyone else's business.

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This post contains things for specific people.

For [ profile] ingrid_m, A REC: Vampire Routine, by CGB. BSG, Adama/Tigh. Bill’s a rare one, and he hangs out with Saul, which makes him rarer still.

For [ profile] koalathebear, A REC: Daughters of Jerusalem (Canticle for These Women), by Victoria P. Firefly, Mal/River. I recommend the original, too.

For [ profile] zeplum: A Music Video: The November Rain video clip. Guns and Roses, hilarity and awesomeness, you all remember it.

For [ profile] fox1013, though she's probably already seen it, A Music Video: Furry Happy Monsters. It's like an REM/Sesame Street crossover.
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I have a guilty love! That love is for CRACKFIC AUS. And this is a list of five crack AU fics that I read and reread all the time because they're AWESOME. Please note the distinction - these are all AUs, not just crackfic. That's a whole other list.

five crack fic AUs I love like woah

The SVU AU Game, as played by several people. Law and Order: SVU, obviously. My favourite is probably Eleison, by Kovsky.

Remembering Monsters, which is only MOSTLY AU, by [ profile] daegaer. A Good Omens fluffy Japanese schoolboy AU but THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER. eta: okay, okay, I'm rereading this right now, and I just. YOU HAVE TO READ IT. IT'S SO GOOD. MY FAVOURITE OMG. I'm not kidding about THE AWESOME. Please. I can't tell you anything because it'll ruin it but ooommmmmggggg.

The Caprica High series by Tris and Rawles. As Friends, Sociability, and Nature. Battlestar Galactica characters as American teenagers.

These Desert Places, by Ingrid. Battlestar Galactica "In some faraway desert land, a nomadic people are on the run, fighting for their lives against a terrible enemy. A "Battlestar Galactica" AU Regency Romance fic." I also include, because I love them and want to save more room, Desert Wind, by Tris; Desert Mysteries by Lizzen. Oh, okay, also, some other people wrote some, but I cannot find the links! So if someone has them, they should tell me.

To Serve a Queen by [ profile] tielan, a Stargate: Atlantis AU, based on the 'Black Jewels' series by Anne Bishop. Just from the way this fic was written, I am guessing that the series it is based on is hilarious and crazypants and I cannot wait to read it even though it sounds exactly like the sort of speculative fiction that I hate, but this fic was OF AWESOME. Although not written as tightly as it could have been, and although it contained some gaps in narration that I suspect would have been obvious to one more familiar with the series, I thoroughly enjoyed this.

AND NOW: please share any crack AU fics that you may have! You can rec someone else's, or you can pimp your own. I don't mind! Any fandom.


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