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Signups for [ profile] rpfremix are open here. I would sort of like to sign up, but I don't have three 500 word fics in any rpf fandom. I've got two in a couple (in Narnia, and in BSG), but not three. So if anyone has any ideas for anything that I can write in the next couple of days, that would be great.

Speaking of, [ profile] hobviously talks briefly about why she loves RPF. <333

I wanted to say, thank you very much to everyone who said lovely things about me in the love meme. It made me feel all glowy inside. :o)

The Pretender 2001 and Island of the Haunted are available on DVD as of Tuesday. WOO.

I updated [ profile] unproductive with 12 x Firefly recs (including crossovers) and 6 x spy fandom recs (LFN, Spooks/MI5 and James Bond).


I wasn't going to do this, but then I found myself reading other people's responses and reading their fic, so I thought, why not? Let me know if you do follow my links, just for my own curiosity.

Post a list of your top five favorite fics you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

Cutting it down to just five was very difficult, and I know that five was probably just picked as an arbitrary number but nonetheless I did my very best to stick to it. I decided it would help if I only allowed myself one from each fandom, allowing crossovers to blur the lines.

The Wreck Keeps Running. Miss Parker and Jarod in the fleet, a BSG/Pretender crossover. I will never love another fandom the way I loved BSG, so bright and so fast, but there will always be a distant fondness, reminiscent of the way I feel about Roswell, perhaps. This fic, a combination of my oldest love with one of my newest loves, was self-indulgent but written with love, and the love/hate that Miss Parker and Jarod feel will continue until they're both dead.

A Restaurant with White Tablecloths, Smallville/DCU. This fic, about Chloe and her mission to find her place in the world, is kind of sordid and a little bit skanky and secretly my love letter to Gotham City. This took me months of constant picking and carving, and the end result makes me grin every time I think of it, and contains my favourite opening line (of my own fic) ever: Chloe's house phone rings, and she answers it before she realises she's never had it connected.

Out From Under (天高皇远), HP. Cho Chang, growing up and trying to fit into her own skin. There are no words that I can say to describe what this fic means to me, and every time I read another treatise on how Cho is crap, and every time I see Cho's significance and presence pushed aside like she's nothing, I hate fandom just that little bit more.

Divided, But with Half a Heart, Children of Dune. Because the years will be long, and Leto will miss his sister very much, and the twins are so beautiful and Frank Herbert was so crazy and I will admit it, I arbitrarily picked this one because I see all of my Dune fic as one long, never-ending story, even this one and this one, though they're crossovers.

Joining Hands as Nations, Narnia. Because Susan loves Narnia, no matter what, even though Aslan later keeps her away. I wish we had seen more of Susan, seen what plans Aslan had for her after her family had left the Shadowlands, because how could Aslan have loved her and cared for her and seen into her heart and then thrown her away?

BONUS: Slowly Creeping In, X-Men Movie. I love Kitty in all her incarnations, and though she was a bit too attracted to Bobby in X3 I feel that with this fic, I managed to reconcile who she was in the movie to who I see her as (ie, AWESOME).

That was very difficult.

I would not usually tag anyone, and please, if you want to do this meme, feel free! I certainly was not tagged. But I would like to see what [ profile] hobviously has to say, and what [ profile] voleuse has to say, and if she ever comes back to us, I would like to see what [ profile] stars_like_dust has to say.
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Earth is going to shit. Over populated, its resources tapped out, Earth's governments and big powers are experimenting and exploring in an attempt to save themselves. The Centre is a huge part of that, making millions of dollars every day with its experiments as it releases its research to those governments and organisations willing to pay. Desperate not only to make a lot of money, but to save themselves, they know they have to get Jarod back so he can complete the research that he started before he broke out.

Miss Parker continues to chase him; the pressure coming from the Tower is immense, but her fucker of a brother refuses to tell her anything, so she finds herself less and less compelled, especially with the developing friendship/whatever between Jarod and Miss Parker. This situation is exacerbated when Broots alerts her and Sydney to the problem that is being concealed - that is, the imminent destruction of the Earth due to its own mistakes. It is at this point that Jarod contacts her; he has been continuing the research on his own, and believes that he has a way to terraform other planets, but he needs to get into the Centre in order to complete his experiment. "What good will that do us if we can't get there?" she asks him. He tries to be kind, but the Centre has had excellent space travel for years.

She helps cover for him whilst he's in the Centre (this entire sequence is indicative of how their relationship has changed, these years he has been on the run), but overhears Lyle talking and knows she needs to tell Jarod immediately. Far below the surface, she finds him and he tells her that his research and his experiment were a success; she tells him what she heard, Lyle and his big project and the immediate launch. "Shit," he says, and when she turns it's Lyle and his boys and she's angry and afraid and she's so, so sorry.

She reaches for her gun and Jarod's hand is warm on her neck and


Earth-That-Was is gone, and all that remains is a dead planet and millions of humans rocketing through the galaxy, killing each other and terraforming planets. Unification comes, and Blue Sun is quite pleased with its success, little geniuses choosing to come to their schools, why didn't they think of this before? Blue Sun spans buildings and planets and solar systems, and deep below the surface of one of the central planets, there is a cryogenic centre filled with the minds and bodies they hope to restore, some of them five hundred years old.

River dreams of them, twenty-seven sub-levels down, and five years later when she's still chasing Reavers out in the black she continues to dream of them, their still faces and their active minds, their lives that they want to continue, even though they are so incredibly ready to give up the chase. When she closes her eyes she sees them, and when she opens her eyes the Centre is still chasing, its face masked by Blue Sun but still chasing all the same.


The Tleilaxu restore them, eyes and hands and bodies all the same, and after the success with Duncan Idaho they open the tanks and release them into the universe, and it's Jarod who totally freaks out, and it's Miss Parker with her hand soft and familiar on his skin, bringing him home.


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I'm a little behind in answering comments. I'm not ignoring anyone, I promise! But I did want to say thanks to everyone who said nice things about me in that meme thingy in the journal of the Destroyer of Fandoms. In case I seemed ungrateful or something.

I bring you some links, then I'm going to bed.

December is small fandom month on [ profile] crack_van. You can still volunteer!

[ profile] koalathebear has a Miami Vice movie picspam, featuring Dee's bitch Chinese girlfriend, Gong Li.

This picspam has made me notice just how ugly Ian Thorpe really is! OH THORPIE.

Not only is Summer Glau very pretty, she is holding Nathan Fillion's hand. Uhm. !!!

My current favourite food blog is Fat Free Vegan. Seriously delicious and awesome, I swear.
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I'm poking around my unfinished file, to see if there's anything interesting to work on. What I found, this at least, I'm never going to finish, so I'll post it here instead. It was going to be part of a (slightly) larger work, the title of which was No Metaphors for Living, which is nice, as far as titles go, and simple, as far as my titles are concerned. I haven't edited this at all, and I can see some colour tags in this, so I'm just going to post and see what it looks like.

I love Delirium's last line, though.


Simon sighs, "妹妹" and shuts the door.

Barriers between them, and River can hear Simon laugh.

River knows. River knows her feet, and Serenity, and quantum mechanics. River knows stairs and hats and bells and why leprechaun gold is a myth. River knows running water and muddy puddles and that sinking feeling.

River knows fishies. Fishies in her hair and fishies on the catwalk, falling through the gaps and floating on the winds to gently land on the deck below. Not that there are winds in the cargo bay. River knows this.

"HeLlo," says a little girl. "i LOsT mY doGgiE. 有时侯他走狗,也有侯他走走, BuT he RefuSes A leaSH. He is a StubbORn DoGGie."

"He would have broken it anyway," replies River.

"perHaPS," sings Delirium. "BUt hE MiGHT haVe WoRN it fOr me. aftERAll, iT's onLY a SyMbol."


You know, I totally used to have Endless icons.
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Hey, [ profile] maddeinin, have you seen this site? It is food related!

Sorkin does SGA
Top Five Teyla moments
SGA dinosaur comics. This is SO GOOD. Dialogue from dinosaur comics, pictures from SGA.

Other Stuff:
A huge Peta Wilson picture post
Various fandoms of Ballad of Serenity icons
I have been reading actual, genuine Victorian porn, and I honestly don't know what to think about it, mostly because it's filled with paedophilia and pseudo incest. It is REALLY BIZARRE (I found this because I have a friend who is a librarian. LIBRARIANS ARE ALSO WEIRD).

I heard Justin on the radio singing you told me you love me, why did you leave me all alone and of course I thought of Britney.

I am bored of compiling links, and hilarious fic writing (and dinner) calls to me.
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OMG I feel sick and I don't want to go to work.

This post has lots of different things in it, because I'm trying to stop spamming. I posted FOUR TIMES on friday. This is unacceptable.

HP: via [ profile] beizy: GOF premiere arrivals. Robert looks like he just shagged a whole lot of people (I hope Katie was one of them).

also HP, this Time article contains the following: Radcliffe's best friend at Leavesden is, of all people--well, let him explain it: "Will Steggle, who's my--I hate to use the word, because I'll sound like a precocious child star--but he's credited as being my personal dresser. He is in actuality my best friend in the world. And he's 39. Which is upsetting, because he is so much older, and it means he's gonna die probably before me."

Smallville: [ profile] ethrosdemon wrote this thing, and it's ten parts of Chloe and Lex taking over the world JOY. part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, part nine, and part ten.

Firefly: Jules from Pulp Fiction as the inspiration for Shepherd Book

Does anyone have any fic they want to rec me? You can rec your own, or someone else's. I'm currently looking for S:AAB (any), The West Wing, DCU, and maybe, maybe maybe, HP. I KNOW, OMG. Crossovers especially wanted. I'm not looking for BSG because I'm pretty sure I've read it all, but if I haven't then I suppose you should feel free to hook me up.

ALSO, does anyone know how to print directly onto fabric?
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i can't find it now, but yesterday, at the top of a list of veronica mars fic recs, was a rec for kovsky's law and order/veronica mars crossover. and i can't remember the exact words, but the rec was like, "for an author who doesn't like veronica mars, they have a great logan voice" and, "i don't know who this alex person is" and i wish i could find the rec list because OMG i laughed and laughed. you got recced, kovsky!

in other reccing news, i got recced as an aside in the leelaurabsg (whatever it's called) comm. because it's a kara/lee fic with lee/roslin undertones. now, before you go acting all shocked, i put those undertones in intentionally. because as much as lee/roslin freaks me out, the fact of the matter, lee thinks roslin is fabulous. i don't believe he's in love with her, and there will not be any lee + roslin sexing, but he respects her, he admires her, and if he had a couple of years, he could probably (platonically) love her. i think she'll die before he has a chance to (platonically) love her, but still.

before i end this section, i'd like to remind everyone about the hot hot (one true) pilot sexing that is kara and lee.

He pushes her against the wall. "We can't," she gasps as he trails a hand down her side and under her tanks.

"That's funny," he snarls, and bites at her neck, "I didn't think you were the type to say 'no,' Kara."

She scratches him until he bleeds, and fraks him hard until he hurts, until all he can feel is the pain caused by Kara.

It's not enough. It will never be enough.

He touches her again.

(okay, wow, that was totally not what i was aiming to write at all but WHATEVER THEY ARE STILL HOT)


okay. it's the twenty sixth century. everyone's in space, and the main languages are english and chinese.

chinese: simplified or traditional?

with the move towards the use of simplified characters in various locations (for example, when learning chinese as a second language in australia one learns simplified but is expected to know traditional), there are arguments to be made that chinese will be written simplified in five hundred years. however, i can't remember if, on the mainland, it is simplifed or traditional being taught. i always get that mixed up. i think it's simplified in china and traditional in taiwan. anyway, my brief argument is that if simplified is being used in china, then surely that's what will get exported as the world departs from earth.

this question inspired by this post: they're pretty enough but let's face it, are people really going to waste time writing traditional when they don't have to? (also, omg, some of them don't make sense! but that's another story for another time. and ignore my icon in which i use the wrong 'or' and haven't had a chance to make a new one)


i haven't seen the firefly movie yet, and it feels like everyone else in the whole world has. i am very jealous.


One day I'll finish this story:

Lois kisses her cheek. "Are you sure we can't drop you home?"

"No," says Chloe, and grins. "I like walking. Keeps me young."

Lois laughs, and squeezes her hand. "Okay," she says.

"Chloe," says Clark in farewell, and it is the first time he has said her name all night.

Clark knows.

As Clark and Lois round the corner in the distance looking for their car - Clark and Lois are young, fresh, impetuous, and don't frequent establishments with valets - a limo pulls up beside her. The door opens before it comes to a complete stop, and Chloe does not have to look once to know who it is.

"Have fun?" Lex asks, and over his shoulder through the back windscreen she meets Clark's eyes.

Lex turns. "Ah," he says mildly, and waves.

He turns back and moves so she can no longer see Clark.

"Have fun?" he repeats.

"Yeah," she spits. "It was great."


i baked a chocolate cake last night, using a new recipe because i didn't have very much butter. it was a very nice cake.
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