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I'm feeling a bit five-things-ish, it's a rainy night and I feel like writing, so I'm currently taking prompts for five things.

fandoms i might write in: muppets, pretender, la femme nikita, the west wing, sandman, dune, narnia, chloe and lex taking over the world, space: above and beyond, the cutting edge, maybe some x-men. maybe even some LIES. you're welcome to ask for something else, especially crossovers.
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[ profile] fox1013 requested the five actors piggy put on her list of freebies after marrying kermit. this is mostly that. sort of.

that adorable tom hanks has an adorable son. )
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The five things meme is going around again, and reminded me that I never finished them all last time. You can ask, if you feel so inclined, over here.

five times edmund saves lucy. for lizzen.

edmund lies, and the lie is sweet upon his lips. )
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it has been almost two months since i last used my dune tag! this is unacceptable!

so, for [ profile] resmin, five other names for ghanima.

she slides her hands, palm to palm, in the greeting of the bene gesserit. )

you know, it's so telling that i don't have any icons of her on her own. she really is a spoil of war.
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omg. STOP.

I have OTPed myself into oblivion.

If you are online right now, feel free to use this post to talk about INFIDELICIOUS PILOTS.

I shall start. I love the idea of infidelicious pilots so much that I have a handy tag, though it appears that I don't have very much tagged with that one. No matter!

Nobody asked me for this, but I have decided to write five times kara and lee were infidelicious )
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I would like to do that "Five times [fic prompt]" thingy! I am willing to accept any fandom in my user pics. An example! Five times Miss Parker nearly killed Jarod. Or five times Lucy made Edmund very angry. Or five times Rogue nearly defected to the Brotherhood in the movieverse (adlfkjalkdsjflaksdjf)

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Over here, people have been asking me for fannish top fives. And usually when I do memes like that, I don't do "follow up" posts or anything, but this one has been so fannishly pleasing that I am going to!

[ profile] esso asked: top five pairings. any fandom. ever. )

an unstoppable army of lizzens asked: Top five ways Lucy saved Edmund )

[ profile] annavtree asked: top five ways that CJ and Toby end up together )

[ profile] daygloparker THAT ENABLER asked: top five things that never happened to Parker and Jarod )

Outrageously, [ profile] mandysbitch asked: Top five people (any fandom) Miss Parker should be paired with if she can't be paired with Jarod )

[ profile] kirbyfest asked: Top five Parker moments. Real or imagined )

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