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Do you know, I forgot I had ever written a Kara/Helo fic until it was recced at Crack Van? That makes me feel so dumb.

Katie Heigl picspam: one, two and three (now available in a manageable thumbnail size format). Katie is beautiful, absolutely beautiful, and this picspam is great, but there is a significant lack of photos of her from her Roswell days, and that makes us all very sad.

I made a post of TISM at [ profile] audiography.

I just watched this BtVS vid, Untouchable by Holly Gilmore. It is an alternate universe vid, and it is very well put together, very awesome, but it manipulated the footage so well that I felt cheated - I felt like it was misrepresenting the truth which of course it was, it's AU, but still. I will love Angel/Buffy forever, it appears, even though I haven't been in BtVS/AtS fandom for years.

Jeffery Dean Morgan and Kate Walsh are dating.

This is a song to cheer you up: Let's Replace the Cityscapes, by The Triangles.

Via [ profile] roz_mcclure, the first sentence in the novelisation of Snakes on a Plane: Well over six feet tall, black and bald with a kind of infinite calm in his dark eyes, he looked like exactly the kind of person you wanted to show up when pissed off gangsters were busting down your front door at six o'clock in the morning.

In other news, I'd like to know why it is that I don't own Queen of the Damned on DVD.
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  1. [ profile] fox1013. I was whining about a poorly written Grey's Anatomy/Roswell fic yesterday, and about how nobody writes GA/Roswell. And Amy comforted me by telling me that I write GA/Roswell, but that was small comfort! So she wrote Breaking, which is SO MUCH BETTER than that Izzie is Isabel Evans thing I wrote. And OH MY GOD I HATE AMY. They liked her at the hospital. That was obvious. They liked the way she smiled and the way she handled patients and, at the mixer the week before her internship started, she could tell that at least two-thirds of the guys and a few of the girls liked her breasts. So that was good.

  2. [ profile] fahye. Out of nowhere, Fahye says, oh, I wrote BSG today. And so I meander to her journal, and she wrote PILOTS OF AWESOME, with no warning! OUTRAGEOUS. Almost Rhymes With Orange. And the fic uses titles from McSweeny's, which sounds dumb but is the best thing ever. And she wrote it in second person, which makes me fall over in joy, so. You look at her, at the curve of her collarbone and the impossible shadows around her eyes. You run your tongue over your lip; half a nervous twitch and half an attempt to wipe away the sentences wavering there – the unarticulated memories of Sharon Valerii. The way her laugh shook when she was drunk and her hands shook on the landing gears as she flashed her lights (flashed her eyes) and worried that Galen Tyrol would frown at her for leaving scratches across his polished surfaces.

  3. [ profile] stars_like_dust. I hate Claira every day, but especially after she wrote about Susan and her archery in Narnia. ALKDSJFAFLKSFF. Bound by What You Are. Susan does not store her bow and quiver in the armoury, like the other archers. Despite the protests of Peter and Lucy, she keeps them in her bedchamber, propped against her wardrobe.

I hate all of these people, because they are FAR TOO TALENTED. IT IS DISGUSTING AND I AM VERY ENVIOUS.

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This Terrible Mess, by Pen
Roswell/Grey's Anatomy, Isabel, rated PG.

Beta (and blame): [ profile] fox1013. I mean, Isabel Evans = Izzie Stevens? You know you love it.


It has been six years and he is safe, three thousand miles away from her, but she knows her brother lives. )
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Look, I'm not sure why I never noticed this before, I just didn't, okay? DON'T JUDGE ME.

ALEX/IZZIE = Grey's Anatomy.

ALEX/ISABEL = Roswell.

Fuck, Isabel Evans, we already knew you were hanging out at Seattle Grace, but you are doing a TERRIBLE job of hiding.

I'm glad you went back to being a blonde with long hair, though.

PS Alex Karev is nothing like Alex Whitman OH ALEX WHITMAN HOW I LOVED YOU.

Below, please find a picture of Katie and Jason OH KATIE. OH JASON. WHY DID I NEVER KNOW YOU WERE ENGAGED?

The cast of Roswell. More incestuous than you can imagine.

One of these days I'm going to make a post about Roswell, and it's going to go on and on because I loved it SO MUCH. SO MUCH.

ETA: omg I'm supposed to be getting ready to go out. And if I'm going to waste my time thinking about fandom I'm going to think about SVU OF JOY, okay? But NO. I'm thinking about how angry Max is going to be at Isabel when he finally tracks her down! OMG BACK DEMONS OF ROSWELL.
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As Beautiful As, by Pen.
Grey's Anatomy, rated R.

For Ash's birthday, part two: Addison. Sorry it's super short. SORRY ASH.

uh, Addison. )
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The Rumble in Her Eye, by Pen.
Grey's Anatomy. Bailey. Unbetaed.

A short piece about Bailey. For Tris' birthday (part two).

Bailey stared at her interns.  )
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There has been BSG Wankery. And lots of it. But the very best post of all was this one by the delightful Rawles, who, and quite rightly so, seeks to oppress us all.
This post by [ profile] bijoux is a reaction to it, but you can read it even if you know nothing, because it is hysterical.

Grey's Anatomy:
The producers and writers of Grey's have a blog.

[ profile] cupiscent finally saw it, and talks about Edmund, Susan, and the missing Aslan-and-Lucy line.
Prince Caspian is totally going to be made. YAY OMG.
Super pretty icons.
Hmm. I cannot vouch for quality: Narnian Lullabies. And [ profile] tumnuslucy_fans. For Tumnus/Lucy.
Doodle icons by [ profile] parsleh.

This was all I could talk about yesterday: Sydney mum didn't realise her kids were gone until she saw them on the tele.
Hungry ghosts keep tourists away. I'm not surprised, omfg.
Priest ordered to prove Christ existed.
[ profile] ethrosdemon on rape and non-con and being healed by the magical powers of cock.

Fic you should consider reading:
A brief ficlet of Narnia by [ profile] monkeycrackmary. Susan after The Last Battle.
you don't know [...], by [ profile] angelgazing. Law and Order: SVU, and I don't know what to think about it, honestly, I think there are tiny bits a little off but the whole is awesome. How could SVU fic exist that I hadn't read? I don't know.
Stowaway, by [ profile] mousapelli. Firefly fic ABOUT A PENGUIN. So funny. SO GOOD.

Apparently, via [ profile] sophrosyne331 and [ profile] pippinspeach, it is de-lurker week. This is a good plan. Guys, I don't immediately notice when people friend me, and then when I do notice I don't automatically friend back. So TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELVES.
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Dearest, most wonderful Flist. I need your assistance. I am mainlining Grey's Anatomy, and desire to be pointed in the way of awesome fanfiction. I am pretty much pairing free at the moment, so pimp whatever you like! Characters I am currently loving like OMG AWESOME: Izzie, George, Cristina.

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