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I cannot believe that River Tam beat Miss Piggy in the Home Team votes. This is just astonishing.

To make up for it, please console yourselves with this Time article: Tickle Me Obama: Lessons from Sesame Street.

In other news, I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Due to a difference of opinion, JKR and I parted ways at about chapter two of this book, and as a result I have not read the final two! This may have been an issue for me in this movie if I hadn't had the internet keeping me informed in advance!

some spoilery thoughts mostly on Snape, and the noble and most ancient house of black, and then I babble about how awesome Emma Watson is )

In other other news, I miss writing about Narnia! Maybe since filming has started, and I've settled into living in this VERY COLD CITY I could think about writing something.

Or maybe watching some Pretender. Hmm.
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I am too busy for life's pleasures (fic, and lj), but last night I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and flist, I came out of it with the following impressions:
  • Luna Lovegood was perfect
  • I love every Weasley ever, except perhaps Percy
  • CHO I LOVE YOU (and your Scottish accent)
  • The trailer for The Golden Compass is amazing, I cannot wait to see it
  • I should maybe write more real person liessss about Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman, y/n?

And now I have to go out again, ugh. I would just like a weekend at home, is that too much to ask?
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Our Own Legends in the Silence by Pen
Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley, G.

100 words for the dragons.

When the moon is dark, Charlie steps out of his tent and finds the grounds full of people. He thinks at first that he's still asleep, for when he listens he hears nothing he can understand; he concentrates, realises the translation charm has faded.

He does not renew it; he floats on words he cannot understand, their meanings made clear via gestures and smiles.

Above the crowd, a dragon rears, roars; flame rises from its mouth and the firelight reflects off its cold scales. The crowd laughs; smiles fondly and exchanges blessings.

He wishes all could love the dragons so.
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[ profile] sinful_caeser has some Grace Park photos here and they are from an awesome photo shoot. I love them.

In addition, SC also has photos of a Jamie Bamber photo shoot here, and they're HYSTERICAL. I particularly love the one with the robotic dog.

Also from [ profile] sinful_caesar, the coolest Bones promos.

Shiri Appleby, fugged.

Finite Simple Group (of order two), an hilarious song about maths.

[ profile] bellanut has an ode to season three of Spooks. That ode is in pictures.

I don't even know from where I got this link, but A is for Albus, who choked on a sweet, through to Z is for Zabini, Blaise, the late. It's a bit contrived, but oh how I wish I could draw.
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I just stood beside an open window for two hours and didn't notice it was pissing down with rain, because I was so busy cooking. This freaking curry had better work, or I'll be really mad. New recipe for a pumpkin curry, and details when it's done, will be posted at [ profile] outofthekitchen. Even if it fails alksdjflaksdf. That journal is one that I share with the delightful(ly absent) Miss Clairza, for the purpose of kitchen-related anecdotes and recipes.

[ profile] scranton_times - a newsletter for all your The Office (US) needs.

[ profile] moviefanfiction - a community for fanfiction from any movie.

HP author wank: Cassie Claire and the Plagiarism Thing.

[ profile] minervacat is hosting a multifandom fic (and vid) bunny flea market.

Some beautiful Muppet icons by [ profile] sunlitdays over here.

I'm sure just about everyone's seen this already, but Orlando loves spinach (eat shit and die), an awesome Orlando Bloom interview.
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I updated [ profile] unproductive with 12 x Law and Order: SVU and 13 x BSG recs.

A picspam of Tina Majorino, brought to you by an unstoppable army of lizzens!

HP: Slytherins on a plane!

Here are some MirrorMask icons by Imry; also some cool stills (not by Imry).

[ profile] fox1013 made about on bazillion icons of The Muppet Movie.

The Office golf photoshoot.

Dilbert's ultimate house.
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Random DCU:
Top Thirty Facts
A Batman Begins vid

Random Important Things:
I am not American, but this situation here makes me feel ineffectual and frustrated, and it makes me fear for my own country.
Ten reasons why you should never accept a diamond ring from anyone, under any circumstances, even if they really want to give you one. My engagement ring is white gold with a black pearl, guys, and it's more awesome than the $2000 yellow gold and diamond thing my exhousemate is stuck with since he and his fiance broke up and the pawn shops wouldn't give him more than $200 for it.

Random Fandom:
[ profile] yuletide's NYR 2006 is open.
Lego Serenity
Weevil (from Veronica Mars) picspam
Multifandom girl picspam

Random Random Things:
A koala keeping cool
Australian comedy trio Tripod (they're awesome, and my sister loves them performing a song (video)

Random Fic:
Post Partum and its sequel (which is AWESOME), In Absentia, by [ profile] cupiscent. Constantine fic about Angela.
Also by Dee, and also Constantine, Cage. CAGE SEX. HOT AND AWESOME.
Also Constantine, Day Late, Dollar Short, by [ profile] sloanesomething. Gabriel learning to live.
The Absolutely, Positively True (Sort Of) Fictional Adventures of Hot Pilots in Love, parts one, two and three. BSG crackfic by [ profile] widget285. There are stories being written in the fleet.
Fifty Ways, parts one and two, by [ profile] crushw_eyeliner. HP. Cho and Cedric.

Hokay I must outtie for New Years' Eve dinner. I am all decked out in gold jewellery and red clothes, like a good Chinese girl. :op. 恭喜发财!
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I am very slowly working my way through Constantine things, but first you should all be entertained by this review of the movie.

These Anna and William icons (scroll down) reminds me that I found the crazy fireplace photoshoot in large. You need to register, but it is worth it OMG. [ profile] roz_mcclure and [ profile] twinkledru I AM LOOKING AT YOU.
Some nice textless movie icons
A whole set of promotional pictures

I don't know how I feel about this. A Cedric and Cho fanfiction page that has what seems to be a complete list of links to fics written about Cho and Cedric. And I suppose it's like me compiling my lists or whatever, but still, it throws me a little to see links to my fics there.
ALSO, on that note, why is that Out from Under is specifically listed as "Cho's POV"? Why does that need to be specified? It is a Cho and Cedric page! Why is primacy then given to Cedric's POV? HELLO HP FANDOM WE'RE STILL HAVING ISSUES HERE.

There are random Gaeta and Dee ficlets to be had. And they are HILARIOUS. AND CYLON FILLED.

Gotham Public Works: an AWESOME site of some Gotham City cosplayers.

Random Fandom:
A review of Memoirs of a Geisha by somseone from the hanamachi district.
An incest challenge - a lot of fic for many fandoms in the comments.

Random Things:
A whale in the Thames
Firefighter in Houston forced to take promotion exam hours after giving birth
[ profile] elke_tanzer talks about the nudge thing
A post of dresses and people at the Golden Globes
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Tumnus fanart by [ profile] bri_cheese

A rumour that work might have started on Prince Caspian.

Rawles talks about Pilots .

Starwars (original trilogy) icons.

what they look like now for the actors from The Pretender.

Random Firefly picspam.

A rumour about Futurama being picked up. Maybe.

Some awesome icons of HP and Narnia

Why you should use, by [ profile] minervacat

Music: These are two songs I am loving like woah at the moment. Dixie Wailing, a song by The Fraggles (as in, the tiny muppets who live in Fraggle Rock, and this song is AWESOME, PEOPLE), and Miss Halfway by Anya Marina.

I am writing frantically for the Female Gen ficathon, which completely flew under my radar, and was due yesterday. UGH.
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Some icons. And some more icons. Also more icons.
Some fic recs. I do not know this person, but they get a frowny face for not reccing Sloane. >:o( Aside from that the recs are cool.

Random Fandoms:
Make a bid on the clothes worn in the Dune mini series.
Matrix icons!
The Last Dalek. It's a game, kind of boring but kind of cute.
Tell Dee she needs to start the wizardingwicket community, for Wizards who play cricket. And then she needs to write some fic.
Very pretty icons for Veronica Mars, Dr Who, Serenity and Arrested Development.
[ profile] picfor1000 is gearing up for the next installment. I'd sign up, but I've now officially signed up for two, and not managed to complete either of them, so I'm totally not even going to bother this year. But you all should! Just because I'm lazy is no reason for the rest of you not to go for it.

This shirt is awesome.
Woman Weds Dolphin. I love how they don't talk about any of the pertinent facts, such as the legality or lack thereof.
Now, I know we've all seen the knitted Cthulu dildo covers and stuff, but this knitted hat and bag set is the scariest knitted thing I've seen.

I updated [ profile] unproductive with my Yuletide recs.

MP3 search: I would like anything by the Sugababes, please.
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this super short piece of fiction was written for [ profile] koalathebear, on the occasion of her being a delight. it was meant to be longer and more shippy, but bloody hell is it time for bed.

title: A Brief Respite (from the war)
author: bantha_fodder
fandom: hp
rating: g
i do not own

this is for a certain koala )
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Now that I have seen the Narnia movie, why is it that NO ONE mentioned James McAvoy was basically playing Leto Atreides again, except as a faun instead of a Dune Worm?


This post by [ profile] ladyjaida is AWESOME, with some fabulous points and flailing re: the movie. Also, she made some William Moseley icons. And here she talks about how creepy it is that they've been adults and now they're kids again (I HAVE TOTALLY WRITTEN FIC ABOUT THAT, BITCHES)
An article on why Aslan is a Mary-Sue
Scroll for Narniaaaaa icons by [ profile] dawn_icons
And Tris made some icons here, and she promised more yet did not deliver. That's her problem. No followthrough.
[ profile] thehush: Tumnus and Lucy icons
In fact, Roz very obligingly memoried about a bazillion Narnia icon posts, so go scroll through that and cover LJ with Narnia love.
National Geographic talks about Narnia
Reaction posts: lovely one here
RPF-ery here
Is LWW allegory at all?
A poem about Susan by [ profile] papersky.
What order should I read the Narnia books in (and does it matter)?

[ profile] teaspoon14 has written some delightful HP and Narnia (not crossovers) drabbles. Scroll for the Narnia ones, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Pain and Magic, a House/HP crossover by [ profile] violet_quill.
I forget how awesome Leda is, because she disappears for ages at a time, but Jigsaw is this AWESOME BSG gen fic that you should all read.

icons from Muppet Christmas Carol.

A Very Small(ville) Crisis: a DCU in the Smallville verse challenge, hosted by Kassie. I am already plotting mine, and YOU SHOULD BE TOO, BECAUSE OMG AWESOME.

StarWars in thirty seconds, reenacted by bunnies.

A, Miscellany:
The delightful [ profile] shleemeri would like you to rec her some friends
Promo pictures for X3. This is me officially telling you all that I ship Pyro/Rogue and Colossus/Shadowkat.
ZOMG. The Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes thing is totally doom.
Huge Serenity spam.

AND I want you to talk about Christmas. I am not Christian (if pressed, I'm unlikely to actually talk about my religion at all), but I celebrate Christmas as a time to eat non-stop, get presents, and give presents, and not go to work. I watch A Muppet Christmas Carol at my parents' house with my sister, and The Nightmare before Christmas at my own house. I have lots of picnics and lunches with friends, and become obsessed with making something or other. This year's obsession is making things out of felt (there will be pictures in a bit). On Boxing Day I go to see a movie, and this year there will be more seeing of family and having lunches on that day, too. So, waffle about yours for a moment.

In conclusion, I wrote Narnia fic last night, and I am writing another one now, and you can't have any of it because Claira is at work, and therefore cannot beta it yet. The end.
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A Rec: That bitch Dee has written Reprehensible, thus throwing into stark light my inability to write as brilliantly as her ever. The big ho. The fic I have recced is Cedric/Pansy (I KID YOU NOT AND IT IS ALL MY FAULT), Cedric/Cho. And it is awesome. UGH.

Some Icons: From the Tokyo GoF premiere.

A Trailer: The trailer for X3 looks awful, and I fear for my beloved franchise, but at the same time I a - cannot wait to see it, and b - can feel my love of Pyro/Rogue rushing back to me post haste.

A Rumour: That Bob Hoskins will play the Penguin, and Lachy Hulme will play the Joker, in the next Batman. That casting would be AWESOME.

An Article: More on Narnia and religion.

A Thing: I want to do the photo meme. So, three things you want me to take photos of. I reserve the right to not take photos of some things, though, on the grounds that I'm contrary. Also, Ash would really, really, really like you to request photos in her lj.

And now I suppose I should finish this fic before everyone goes to bed.
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[ profile] quiet_charm: a Cho/Cedric community.
Harry Potter Is: The Family Guy
Cedric fic recs (because we love him)

at The Guardian
OMG interview with James McAvoy The second time it was, "Shouldn't we ought to or oughtn't we?" and both were utterly sinister. "Yes," he says blithely, "he's 150 years old and he's taking a little girl back to his house with promises of sweets and stories, and he's planning to send her to her death." ZOMG *plots*

Everyone in the whole world has been linking to this scan of Jamie and Katee, but that is because it is awesome.

A, Miscellany:
We are currently reccing Live Journals to Ash.
Miss Piggy is a feminist
[ profile] musesfool: On crossovers. And here's the thing - when I write a cracktastic crossover, I'm depending on people who read it to do that. If you hate crossovers, or you have no interest in either fandom, then a crossover is not going to work for you.
Japanese Community groups protest casting of Non Japanese in film and calls for boycott of film. So. Japanese people are protesting the use of Chinese and Malay actors to portray Japanese people? GOOD. I want to see this movie, I really do, but I hate hate hate the concept of an "Asian" conglomerate - I am all for forwarding the Chinese (and yes, the Malay) agenda, but DUDE. DUDES. Honestly.

Huh. Okay, I was going to write fic now, but I suspect there will be A Rant shortly.
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this post contains no spoilers.

i just saw the movie, and OMG. OMGOMGOMG. Everything I want to say, my buddy Ash has already said (her post contains spoilers). I agree with everything. ESPECIALLY THE THING ABOUT THE MUSICAL.

My evening went like this: Arrive home from work, 20:20. Help partner finish cooking dinner. Just as we're serving it, at 20:40, we decide to go see the 21:30 showing of HP4.

SO, the only thing I've read on my flist (because I got about three posts in before I had to put it down and run for the car) is Ash's post. I haven't actually read my flist for THIRTEEN LONG HOURS. And now I am going to bed.

Now I am going to bed, when what I really want to do is write more fic about Cho and about Cedric, because they are so AWESOME. And also the twins.


All I want to do is write fic (I have SO MANY IDEAS. This includes for Narnia as well as HP), but what I am going to do is go to bed.

I want to wake up to flailing and discussion and fic ideas in the comments, bitches.

The end.

pee ess I assume that there will be spoilers in the comments to this post.
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Fic rec, I suppose: Not Your Every Day Infatuation. NC-17, the most wacked pairing ever. Seriously. Read it.
And Eighteen, a Katie/Robert fic. Dee fails for not bringing this to my attention.
Uh, more fic: a thing about Blaise that Kassie wrote, containing the awesome paragraph of “I was being reflexively negative. I’m sure that if you’ve all kept yourselves alive, then you will probably continue to. But if Potter leads the attack on Lucius, I’m hiding behind you.” The reflex to brighten Longbottom’s mood strikes Blaise as a fundamental shift in his personality. He’s going native. As well as this: You’re becoming very direct and obnoxious. Are there Hufflepuffs in your little cabal? which sums up Hufflepuffs perfectly (I love Hufflepuffs to distraction, at the moment).

Artwork of Jadis, before she became the White Witch. Absolutely stunning artwork.

Chloe/Lex vids OF JOY. Seriously. I love every single one. And there are two (TWO OMG) Chloe/Bruce and Chloe/Lex vids. OMG AWESOME. (direct links to the Chloe/Bruce Chloe/Lex OMG JOY here and here. The second one especially is awesome)
The Joker is a Meany

Dr Who:
Uh, Dalek porn

A, Miscellany:
Cats in Sinks
The longlisted passages for the Bad Sex in Fiction Award
You can use Gizmo to phone post, but I am tired and can't work out how it works, so a phone post from me shall have to wait until tomorrow.

A Note:
There's one of those memes going around, one of those, if you're reading this, if your eyes are passing over this, even if we never speak memes, and every time I see them, I always think that it's so delightfully worded that the intention is to guilt me.


It's not yet December (hour and a half away), but the promise I made to myself was that I could post my wishlist when I finished it, so long as I was thoughtful about every wish. I've been composing this list for three weeks now, so I think that's pretty damn thoughtful. Also I'm sad, and I think posting it will cheer me up.

If you've never heard of the Fandom Wishlist, I can't be bothered looking for the link but it was started by [ profile] tartanshell, and basically, you post your list, and then surf around lj and look at other people's lists, and fill as many wishes as you can/want to.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE fic or icons of the following:

1. Katie Leung/Robert Pattinson (HP)RPF. OMG SHUT IT.
2. Zoey/Charlie (from the West Wing). A happy ending.
3. CJ and Toby (also TWW, but DUH) have been friends for years and years, through all sorts of shit, and not seeing eachother, and all the rest. My heart got broken a couple of weeks ago by this pairing, and I want someone to fix it for me, because CJ and Toby are my OTP to end all OTPs. It cannot end this way.
4. Chloe and Lex (Smallville) taking over the world.
5. Michael and Nikita (from LFN) in the Colonial Fleet. Any LFN fic at all, actually.
6. Miss Parker and Jarod, and the battles they fight that they will never, ever win (OMG The Pretender I LOVE YOU).
7. Karl/Miranda (LotRPF). Fun and light and so fucking easy going. There will never be a list of requests, written by me, that will not feature this pairing. I find it hard to believe I don't have an icon of Miranda, but there you go.
8. Music.
9. Anything about Cho Chang. Or the Hufflepuffs. Or Ravenclaw.
10. Penguins

The end. Go to bed. Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars.
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Today I hit 200 friends of. I'd like to do something special, like offer to write fic for everyone, but a) i do that every day anyway, and b) to make a big deal of it seems kind of wanky. This particular journal has been in existence for just over a year, but I've been on LJ for about four years now. I was a big fat dork then, and I'm a big fat dork now, so whatever.

I owe several people comments, and I owe one person a beta. I am actually, really sorry that I suck at any sort of meaningful correspondence, but I've been so busy this weekend, that it was a struggle to post today's [ profile] galacticanews. Of course, busy as I was, that didn't stop me from reading Wisteria's Arrested Development/BSG crossover, or ranting at people, so I guess it's just a matter of prioritising. I tend to do the low thought necessary work first, and then the stuff that requires more thinking later. Hence betaing and replying to comments gets left behind. But I will get to it. All of it. Tomorrow, hopefully.

OMG Yuletide. I should start that, so I'll probably be trying not to write anything else until that's done.

I have a bunch of links I'd like to share, but before I do, I'd like to make a special mention of [ profile] koalathebear, who is a delight to read, and makes me feel guilty about Being Chinese and Not Speaking Mandarin Very Well. Tomorrow, in an effort to actively make myself a better person, instead of reading HP+HBP at work, I will be reading HP+PS in Chinese. (PS KoalaTheMarsupial: icons from Muppet Christmas Carol. Text is a bit crap, but the bases are lovely, and I thought of you)

Okay. So.

There is no possible way for Katie Leung to get any cuter.
AWESOME miscellaneous icons

on het; and on women (and on what makes the strong and obvious and such)
The Crossover Ficathon

A Black and White World: The Joker and Batman, drawn by Simon Bisley and written by Neil Gaiman. And it IS AWESOME.

Miscellaneous Things:
Police Hunt Oxy Morons. This is possibly the best news headline ever.
'Abuse video' outrages Malaysia. ALSO ME. I just. The rant I have, about being Chinese in Malaysia, is perhaps for another time.
Jareth the Goblin King: the toy, comes with three of his magical crystal balls, a riding crop for disciplining disobedient goblins, and his magnificently intricate necklace.
This article is stupid, but While it’s become conventional wisdom they’re all trooping off to Hillsong, the fastest-­growing religion in Australia isn’t pentecostal Christianity but Buddhism. HAHA WE WILL HAVE YOUR CHILDREN.

PS [ profile] shleemeri is not allowed to go on fandom hiatus.

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The Korean GOF posters are AWESOME.
Get Cedric Laid. entries accepted until 30/11/05.
[ profile] claw_and_tales for fic about Ravenclaws

some pretty awesome meta
The actors talk about the movie

New videoblog featuring David Eick and Ron Moore. Ron doesn't speak, though, so it's okay.

A, Miscellany:
Wizz Fizz: a poll
Trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 2! here, click on 'the movie.'
Second Wives in China. ZOMG this is the other thing I would have loved to write my thesis on, if I didn't get my dream topic (WHICH I DID, THANK YOU, AND IT WAS AWESOME).

Fic Rec: And the Air is Colder, by [ profile] kyrafic. Law and Order: SVU gen about Olivia. AWESOME.

I want to read pilotfic. There has been a suspicious lack of late, to which I have clearly contributed, so I should make up for that RIGHT NOW. Except I have to go training, so, you know. WHATEVER.
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I'm still taking prompts here, if you want to request something. Terms and conditions are in that post.

title: what you can
fandom: harry potter
rated for sexing
i do not own these characters, and these events did not happen

beta by the ever delightful liz.

link: Get Cedric Laid.

for [ profile] roz_mcclure:

These are the things that Cedric cannot do )


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