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ps, Jarod is a crazy pants. HE IS A PSYCHO.

In other news, I uploaded my yuletide story! And I think it is okay. So that's cool.


This is an offer for fic. Work has been slow, of late, and now that yuletide is in I'm coool. So, if you would like me to write something: character or pairing, fandom, prompt. No guarantees.
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This episode is SO BAD, but OH GOTH JAROD I LOVE YOU. <3333

Less flailingly (perhaps more flailingly), I want to draw parallels to Miss P simply through use of the angel motif.

( ps: "it's like he vanished into a black hole" "a little like your personal life" )
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this rollercoaster, fic + soundtrack, words by pen, artwork by pieces
The Pretender, rated PG.
5 x 200 words of the ways it never ends between Parker and Jarod

OH SHOW <333

she doesn't look back )
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Lived an Illusion, 200 words for Pieces, who wanted Jarod to meet the Angel of Death. This is not that, not really.

He leans back on the park bench; he watches kids taking turns on the slide, listens to shrieking children throwing sand, and wonders who he would have been, with Kyle, with Emily. He tilts his head back, the sun warm on his face, and when he closes his eyes imagines pushing a little girl on a swing, her brown hair bright in the sunlight, her grin wide.

There is a rustle beside him, and when he opens his eyes a woman looks back at him, her eyes dark but her smile open. He wonders that she isn't warm, her shoulders wrapped in black.

"I like it here," she says, turns back to the children.

Jarod leans forward, rests his elbows on his knees. "It's nice," he says, reluctant to speak.

"No fear now, Jarod," she says, and his heart races, and though her smile is warm she is here, and she knows him. He looks around, worried. "I'm not them," she says, and he believes her.

"I should go," he says, though, still unsure.

She shrugs, and he leaps up.

"Suit yourself," she says. Breaks a cookie, offers half to the pigeon swaying with hunger by her feet.

He runs.
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answers, once again, to this meme:

name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudo-canon.

max evans )

isabel evans )

michael guerin )

maria deluca )

lucy pevensie )

jill pole )

gurney halleck )

jessica atreides )

st alia of the knife )

cooper hawkes )

devon adair )

john crichton )

hannibal king )

kitty pryde )

piotr rasputin )

chloe sullivan )

jarod )

from here, and here, if you're still wanting to request.
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The Rhythm of These Words
The Pretender, Miss P, Jarod, Angelo, G.

I wrote this for Pieces last week. I'd just got out of Chinese class, so was indulging my languages kink.

Jarod is eight when he learns Chinese.  )
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I call this icon set, my brother is a psycho (who probably killed my boyfriend), and my best friend removed some guy's kidney in a dingy motel (and thinks that's okay).

Some of them are not very good! But they are all for sharing.

there are pretenders among us (and they're all crazy) )
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So, those of you who have zero interest in The Pretender, I hope you've noticed how I am strictly restraining myself - I only post once a day about the Pretender, no matter how much I have to say or how excited I am!

Today, I would like to talk about Jarod and Miss Parker (yes, I know you're surprised).

I was just watching this vid by StuckHereWithNoTV over on youtube. It's a Miss Parker vid to Alanis Morissette's 'Everything,' and as it started I thought, what a terrible song choice, so slow and sappy and it's Alanis. I was so wrong - this vid is surprisingly perfect, and I was amazed at how much I enjoyed it.

I think the funny thing about Jarod and Miss Parker's relationship is that it isn't the sort of thing you can see; there are no hugs or kisses on the forehead, and there are no light touches or anything like that. Through everything, even though Miss Parker is driven to recapture Jarod; even though he hates the people that she works for and even though she's really mean, he still loves her, in his way. And their love is in the silence on the phone when she answers late at night, in the distance between them when they meet, in the things he leaves behind when he runs and the way he always comes back.

Sometimes I consider that their relationship is unequal. Jarod is always the one feeding her information; he's the one with the power to infiltrate the Centre and the one who could disappear at any moment. However, she has exactly the same power, she just chooses not to use it. She loves her father too much, and she fears what the Centre will do to her if she leaves, whereas Jarod fears what the Centre will do to him if he stays.

In my head, sometimes they meet where the Centre can't see them; footsteps echoing through a dark alley; nonsensical messages left on voicemail; hotels on the other side of the world. And of course, as the director told us, Jarod clearly had a key to the back door of her house. In my head there are scratches on his back and bite marks on her shoulder; he handcuffs her to the bed and she never, ever calls in sick. And one day he'll disappear and there'll be nothing left of him but a thousand stories with happy endings and her, bitchy and bitter and fighting with her brother, and it's then that she'll show them what she can do, because she'll disappear, too, and it'll be for her, and not for him.

And then she'll find him and they'll have wild monkey sex.

On a related topic, I think that Gar (the albino Sweeper) totally suspects that Miss P and Jarod are conspiring together.

Finally, remember that awesome BSG vid Breathe Me? I love it so much when I can watch vids using the same song in different fandoms, and this morning I watched this vid, also by StuckHere, using 'Breathe Me' for the Pretender and it's cool. Not as awesome as some of her other vids, but still good.

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Palindrome by Pen
The Pretender, rated M. Miss Parker, Jarod, and Lyle.

this was written for [ profile] mandysbitch, who requested Miss Parker/ Jarod - with an appearance by Mr Lyle, some kind of intervention from him. Twincest is awesome if you feel like going down that road...*g* and no happy endings.

With thanks to [ profile] anr, [ profile] zeplum and [ profile] daygloparker. Sucks to be CGB, though, because she likes plot and I'm terrible at that sort of thing.

This may possibly not make sense. I'm just saying.

She's not sentimental, anyway, so he's not sure why he thinks she'd care to keep a memento. )
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So, the Month of Pretender is almost over! This is sort of boo, but I'm sure many of you will be glad, since you don't care about the show at all.

This post is an attempt to interest you in the show, complete with visual aids and an explanation of the show's premise.

There are brief spoilers for the series in this pimp, but they are for the most part limited to relationships (and I'm not talking about the romantic kind).

There are pretenders among us. Geniuses with the ability to be become anyone they want to be. In 1963 a corporation known as the Centre isolated a young pretender named Jarod and exploited his genius for their research.

And then one day their Pretender ran away )

If you've never seen the Pretender before, I recommend the following vids (two of which are embedded in this post):

These four by StuckHereWithNoTV make a really nice set to start with. Follow You Into the Dark is about Miss Parker and Jarod's bizarre, destructive relationship, and the way they care about one another even when they're not supposed to. Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) is a different spin on the same thing: it's Jarod and Miss Parker's relationship, but a more positive spin on the way they relate to one another. I Hate Everything About You showcases more of the insanities of the Centre.

I recommend all of this vidder's vids, if you've the time and inclination. They have a fantastic grasp on all the characters, and manage to convey the sick complexities of the Centre in tiny moments.

The final of StuckHereWithNoTV's vids that I recommend is Everything Burns, a brilliant look at Miss Parker and her awesomeness. This is out here so it can be coupled with Back in Black by Leochick, a fantastic Mr Lyle vid. It showcases his insanity and his awesomeness perfectly. And it's a brilliant song choice.

Zsa-zsa makes some fantastic vids. Her vid page is here. My favourite is Uninvited (scroll to the bottom to find), a slow, depressing look at Parker and Jarod, with some beautiful Miss Parker cuts.

Darling Ness handily picspammed the first three seasons (by season): one, two and three.

This is my Pretender tag in my journal; these are the fic recs I've made. K has a lovely set of Pretender links here (including some vid recs), and Tahlia's list of links for the Month of Pretender can be found here.

ETA: Genius! Ness has uploaded the credits here. They are the second and third vids.

There was that time in the Everglades I tied you to a pole. Or was that last Saturday?

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double drabbles for [ profile] zeplum's birthday. written right now because I FORGOT OMG SORRY I STILL LOVE YOU.

Chloe and Lex against the world )

Miss Parker and Jarod )

There might be more drabbles later, but for now I have to go to bed. Much love to that Kathe person.
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