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Footprints on the Other Side by Pen
BSG, PG. Lee

Yeah, I don't know. Prompted by that promo picture.

Thanks to [ profile] annavtree and [ profile] stars_like_dust, and to pxl.

He snaps the collar into place; smiles. )
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Timestamps for A Refrain of the Things Behind Us (brand new start):

SIX MONTHS, for fahye:

pilots )

and TWO YEARS, NINE DAYS for aj:

laura roslin )

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The flist is boring today. I guess heaps of people are still off giving thanks, or something. So I wrote fic.

A Refrain of the Things Behind Us (a brand new start) by Pen.
Battlestar Galactica / Children of Dune, Laura Roslin. Rated G.

With thanks to Claira. This is sort of for [ profile] familyarchives.

I don't have any icons of Laura Roslin.

They walk through the halls in silence; the light is golden, and the halls are a strange combination of desert and opulence, and Laura wonders. )
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Blood Like Holy Wine (constant in the darkness), by Pen
BSG, Lee/Dualla, Lee/Kara, and a host of other pairings, rated M.
Vague spoilers for a lot of season two, set post Resurrection Ship, and having not seen past there but having heard rumours.
I do not own these characters.
With thanks to Claira, and to Kathe, and with love to Plastix.

She thinks - she knows - the pilots are giving her the runaround, and she wonders what they're hiding. )
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title: taking cue (past holds on)
author: bantha_fodder
fandom: BSG
characters: Caprica!Boomer and Starbuck

For [ profile] florahart for the Female Gen Ficathon.

with thanks to [ profile] leda13 and [ profile] annavtree.

It sits in the middle of its cell, eyes calm and body still but for the pattern it beats out on its knee. )
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title: leave it all behind
author: pen
fandom: bsg
there are no spoilers
rated h, for some hot pilot sexing

this piece of fiction was a lot of fun to write, because it is road trip fic. with thanks to claira.

the song Lee and Kara sing is The Way by Fastball.


This story ends with a road trip, in a way. )
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Please see attached.
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ficlet: feeling so bright
fandom: bsg
author: pen

a short story, for [ profile] baggers. unbetaed and written quite quickly whilst participating in the second best discussion in my journal ever. which reminds me: for all those new to bsg fandom, you need to read this, the best discussion in my journal ever, otherwise known as Captain Adama wears no (under)pants.

do i post too much fic?

Up so early feel so bright
Didn't get much sleep last night
Freight train rattled through my head
Whistle blowing love is dead
Wish You Well, Bernard Fanning (please comment if you take, just so I know)

pilots in the bunkroom )
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title: see you walk away (again)
author: bantha_fodder
fandom: bsg
please do not archive
i do not own
no spoilers

UGH. Unbetaed and nonsensical. For Claira.

This is news to Lee, but Helo never lies, so. )
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title: past is present is (patterns drawn in ink)
fandom: bsg
author: bantha_fodder
rating: eh. m15, i think.
spoilers: flight of the phoenix

oppression number four: flight of the phoenix. also, there is accidentally a moment of non-oppression, but, liek, deal with it, because all the rest is ALL OPPRESSION.

this is the last official oppression, but worry not, i shall continue to oppress you in more subtle ways.

previous oppressions:
oppression number one: final cut
oppression number two: home part one
oppression number three: home part two

She leans against the wall, caressing the gun they used to break the glass.  )
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title: there but for
fandom: bsg
author: bantha_fodder
rating: not sex. ALAS
spoilers: home part two

oppression number three: by the campfire in home part two. there was supposed to be sex, but i got bored of writing sex. I KNOW OMG. but still, consider yourselves oppressed. also, unbetaed, plus i just wrote this after finishing work about two hours ago, so, uh, it's not up to usual standards. BUT STILL, OPPRESSION. i can't let you go too many days without being oppressed, you'll begin to (mistakenly) think that the world does not revolve around kara and lee. TRAVESTY. omg this author's note is too long. i've turned into one of those rambles who writes authors notes half as long again as the fic itself.

previous oppressions:
oppression number one: final cut
oppression number two: home part one

He pauses and sticks his tongue out, and she watches him taste the water before he continues on. )
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title: stand tall (move through)
author: bantha_fodder
fandom: bsg
rating: sex
spoilers: home part one

oppression number two: on board the astral queen in home part one. make up sex. you're alive sex. we might die tomorrow sex.

previous oppressions:
oppression number one: final cut


Kara looks up as Lee rests a hand on the door frame.  )
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title: Canon Reverso
authors: [ profile] sloanesomething, [ profile] stars_like_dust and [ profile] bantha_fodder
rating: slightly naughty
fandom: BSG
disclaimer: we do not own these characters
spoilers: vague for season two
summary: Sometimes the only way to end a story is to go back to the beginning.

this is a gift for [ profile] leda13 in the event of her birthday.

Canon Reverso )
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title: i came home (five ways kara and lee don't meet again)
fandom: bsg
disclaimer: i do not own
spoilers: vague to 2.04
please do not archive
titles are taken from the lyrics to hunters and collectors' songs. shut up.

with thanks to, but also for, claira, who is ill. written super quickly this arvo to amuse her whilst she waits for kara and lee to meet again.

just the other night i came home )
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title: believe in what you see
disclaimer: i do not own
spoilers: none
timeframe: pre-mini
please do not archive

written for [ profile] chicachicahoney for the bsg ficathon. she requested pre-mini Boomer/Helo. Rookie Boomer getting picked on, a drunken card game, jealous Tyrol getting into a fight with helo. this is sort of that.

with thanks, as always, to [ profile] stars_like_dust.

Sharon's never been to Picon before. )
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title: in the shadows of quiet lanes
fandom: bsg
spoilers for KLG

again, this is unbetaed. but it is for SLOANE, so you must forgive me.

After Starbuck finishes freaking out, she shoots Sharon in the other shoulder )
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title: make it your best lie
authors: [ profile] stars_like_dust and [ profile] bantha_fodder
fandom: bsg
we don't own any of these characters
includes spoilers for KLG


He’s so far past caring it almost scares him )
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Look, to those of you who are still spoiler free, the subject line of this post is not a spoiler. I'm sure, by now, you've seen her wearing a dress in someone's icon. However, the rest of this spec may get spoilery, so please proceed to under the cut.

Wherein we discuss Kara in a dress, and why this gets a frowning face (spoilers for 1x11 in the post, and 1x13 in the comments) )

PS party in [ profile] meyerlemon's journal.


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