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Unbent by Mirrors, Covering Your Eyes Against the Morning by Pen
Narnia, Edmund + Lucy, PG.

Set during the Golden Age, and informed by the awesomeness of Edmund during Prince Caspian.

With thanks to An Unstoppable Army of Lizzens.

Narnia is solid beneath his feet )
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answers, once again, to this meme:

name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudo-canon.

max evans )

isabel evans )

michael guerin )

maria deluca )

lucy pevensie )

jill pole )

gurney halleck )

jessica atreides )

st alia of the knife )

cooper hawkes )

devon adair )

john crichton )

hannibal king )

kitty pryde )

piotr rasputin )

chloe sullivan )

jarod )

from here, and here, if you're still wanting to request.
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Page Forty:

Lucy crosses her arms. "Must we go now?”

"I thought you wanted to go," says Susan.

"I do. But surely the ambassador can wait an hour. We're reached a very exciting spot in the book!”

"I don't want to go at all," says Edmund. "Last time, the Calormenes were five days late, and this visit they're two days early. It is not to be tolerated."

"We must be kind to our neighbours, Edmund," says Susan.

"We must be nothing of the sort. We Narnians could take those Calormenes in a fight any day."

"There shall be no fighting,” said Susan.

If Susan, Edmund and Lucy get distracted, turn to page seven.
If they return to Cair Paravel, turn to page twelve.
If Something Untoward happens, turn to page forty-nine.
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Page Twelve:

As they approach the walls of Cair Paravel, the flags fly high and the trumpets sound. Through the gates they are surrounded by the colour and fanfare of a parade.

Lucy laughs. "I didn't know we were having a party today!"

Susan shakes her head. A little mouse waves so hard Susan thinks he might fall over, and when she smiles he blushes until all his fur is pink. "We're not."

Tumnus is offered a handful of sweets from the crowd, and sucks on one delicately. "Too juicy to be Narnian," he says. "I think we're greeting our Calormene guests."

If they get distracted by gifts, turn to page thirteen.
If they go to meet Peter, turn to page twenty-three.
If there is an assassination attempt, turn to page thirty-nine.
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(from page sixteen)

Page Six:

Peter sits forward on his throne, palm open on the arm. He listens to supplicants and requests, and makes decisions as he can. He kills time waiting for his siblings by ruling Narnia. The Calormenes wait impatiently half a castle over, and he thinks about abdicating his throne.

"Your Majesty," says a Dryad, "The desert encroaches on our plains, and we cannot breathe."

They hope for a miracle, but he is Peter, not Aslan, and he shakes his head.

After the last of them, he waits for his siblings in Susan's rooms, and tries not to fiddle with her things.

If there is A Party, turn to page twelve.
If Susan, Lucy and Edmund arrive, turn to page twenty-three.
If there is A Commotion, turn to page thirty-six.
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(from page one)

Page Five:

Susan holds at full draw. Her hold is not quite right, and she lets down, arrow still in the bow. A rustle to her left, but before she can turn, there is a hand on her shoulder. "Your shoulder is too high," says Peter, and squeezes the muscle under his hand.

Susan closes her eyes. Breathes out.

"I know," she says.

Peter leans closer. "You must be perfect, Sister.”

She opens her eyes again. “I know.” She lifts her bow and draws back, and does not look at her brother, though his hand his warm.

A squeal breaks the silence.

If Lucy is in danger, turn to page ten.
If Edmund is being a bit of a prig, turn to page twenty-one.
If Lucy is pleased about something, turn to page two.
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(from page one)

Page Thirty Two:

Susan holds at full draw. Her hold is not quite right, and she lets down, arrow still in the bow. She strokes the bow once, twice, and gently places it on the ground.

She tires of this game, and follows the path the water creates, Lucy's giggles fading behind her.

Away from her siblings, the air is cool and silent, and she can hear nothing but the water lapping at her feet. Susan sits, her skirts arranged around her, and watches as the water creeps steadily forward.

In the distance, she hears the roar of a tiger, and she shivers.

If the tiger Becomes A Problem, turn to page fifty-one.
If we see what Lucy and Edmund are doing, turn to page forty-two.
If Susan gets to meet merpeople, turn to page eight.
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(From page one)

Page Sixteen:

The sounds of hoofbeats, and Tumnus crests the rise.

Edmund laughs. "Tumnus, reduced to messenger?" and Lucy worries he will strain himself.

"I am not so elderly yet," Tumnus says, outraged.

"Mister Tumnus." Susan smiles.

"King Peter requests your presence."

"He cannot have her," says Edmund. "We are having a picnic."

"He requires you all. The envoy from Calormen is here."

Edmund scoffs. "Days early! They can wait."

Lucy protests. "They always bring the most exciting gifts."

Susan rests a hand on Tumnus' arm. "Tell my brother we shall return soon. Have him meet us in my rooms."

Tumnus nods.

If Lucy and Edmund sulk about leaving, turn to page forty.
If we see what Peter is doing, turn to page six.
If there is a party going on, turn to page twelve.
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Omg I wrote pages and pages of notes for fic today, and I cannot decide what to write first!

Nobody gets a vote but me, today, though. Instead, an experiment (anyone and everyone can play this game):

Don't Want to See the End

Susan reaches for her bow. Slender and smooth in her hand, she draws back: holds her breath and releases. The clapping startles her. "Oh, jolly good shot!" Susan looks up at Lucy standing in the shade of the Weeping Willow, parting branches like curtains. At Lucy's feet, Edmund turns a page.

"Do stop blocking the light," he says. Lucy shakes her hair, still damp swimming in the lake, and the water drops onto the paper. "Lu!" Edmund grabs for her ankle. As Lucy shrieks and falls, Susan turns away.

She draws her bow again, and releases.

Her aim is perfect.

If Peter intrudes on this idylic scene, turn to page five.
If Susan wanders off, turn to page thirty-two.
If there is A Sudden Announcement, turn to page sixteen.
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The Second Christmas

briefly betaed by Liz. this fic has a g rating, much like the books.

this piece of fiction was written by bantha_fodder, on the occasion of it being almost Christmas. i do not own any of these characters, and i make no profit from the writing of this story, and i only do it out of love so please don't sue me. this extended disclaimer is because the estate likes coming after fic writers with an axe.

As the days grew dark earlier and the wind blew colder from the North, Edmund grew short and irritable with his siblings. )

This is the end of my post. Have a good one, LJ, I'll be around, maybe, but maybe not. Remember to read Yuletide tomorrow!
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title: joining hands as nations
author: pen
fandom: the chronicles of narnia
disclaimer: these characters are owned by the estate of cs lewis. they like coming after people who write narnia, so shh.

this was originally for sloane. it's still for sloane, but it's been rewritten.


The Pevensies had been Kings and Queens of Narnia for only three summers before Queen Susan received the first marriage proposal.  )


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