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Hey, [ profile] maddeinin, have you seen this site? It is food related!

Sorkin does SGA
Top Five Teyla moments
SGA dinosaur comics. This is SO GOOD. Dialogue from dinosaur comics, pictures from SGA.

Other Stuff:
A huge Peta Wilson picture post
Various fandoms of Ballad of Serenity icons
I have been reading actual, genuine Victorian porn, and I honestly don't know what to think about it, mostly because it's filled with paedophilia and pseudo incest. It is REALLY BIZARRE (I found this because I have a friend who is a librarian. LIBRARIANS ARE ALSO WEIRD).

I heard Justin on the radio singing you told me you love me, why did you leave me all alone and of course I thought of Britney.

I am bored of compiling links, and hilarious fic writing (and dinner) calls to me.
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I wrote this really quickly yesterday, in [ profile] meyerlemon's anonymous guilty fic desires meme. I know it's supposed to be anonymous, but I personally believe this kink is not the sort that one needs to be ashamed of.

What the anonymous person wanted was "Operations and Madeline in that weird sexual harassment kind of relationship," referring to the relationship they pretended to have in Three-Eyed Turtle, but they wanted it for real. And OMG, the idea of Operations and Madeline having some sort of weird, semi-consensual sexual relationship as they rule Section ALKEFJLAKDSJFLAKJSDF.

This is not very good, but LFN HELLO.

A Momentary Distraction, by Pen.
LFN, Operations and Madeline.

He calls her from the Tower. )

old loves

Jun. 26th, 2006 06:40 pm
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I am watching an episode of La Femme Nikita (the season one episode 'Love') and let me tell you I am SUPER EXCITED. Almost as excited as I would be were I watching The Pretender (which I totally intend to do in forty minutes).

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What's that? Alias? Cancelled? ABOUT BLOODY TIME.

Now you can all go and watch La Femme Nikita, which is where that bastard Abrams got all his bloody ideas.

Nikita and Michael and Operations and Madeleine and Birkoff and Walter and Section One and George and Mick Schtoppel OMG LA FEMME NIKITA I LOVED YOU.

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title: short stop
author: bantha_fodder
fandom: la femme nikita
i do not own these characters. these events did not occur.

a short ficlet for [ profile] voleuse (from here). briefer than i anticipated, for which i apologise.

It was the twenty-seventh day of her training when Michael brought her a cup of coffee. )
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the reason why i've disowned claira is because she was committing the filthy sin of writing kara/anders with no undertones of lee. i mean, how hard is it to humour me?

and when he turns his head, he looks familiar

is all it would take, because i'm easy, but NO, she refuses to even give me that.

and it's NEEDED, because hello, four days ago she was all, "would you miss me?" and fantacising about him, so, yo.

i'm a sucker for shout outs in fic and in movies and tv. seriously, a tiny line like that, that could be read fifty million ways, can make or break a fic for me.

also, claira fails at life for not recommending byzantium at crack_van for crossovers day.


because i'm five, you all need to stop squeeing about the extra userpics. it's making me stroppy and sulky, because i don't have a credit card and i can't find a (who does). seriously, i'm this close to ranting, and nobody wants that.

ETA: OMG WHICH ONE OF YOU BOUGHT ME USERPICS? that wasn't, you know, what this post was about, but i NEVER SAY NO TO PRESENTS OMG. OMG. O. M. G.


it's raining, quite heavily, so it's a good thing i found the time to go to archery yesterday as i cannot be arsed going today (unless it clears up a little). it's looking pretty gross, but i might go out anyway because i had a spectacularly bad training session yesterday. stupid sport.


and finally, some random La Femme Nikita/BSG. OMG shut it LFN was BEST EVER. )
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