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answers to this meme:

Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudo-canon.

edmund pevensie )

duncan atreides )

miss piggy )

sydney )

miss parker )

the princess irulan )

ghanima atreides )

billy keikeya )

elliot stabler )

seymour birkoff )

still accepting, if you want them, either in this post or in the original
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Okay. It's Saturday morning. I have been trying to download this episode for the last three days or something, and every time it's cut out. Finally, after taking about ONE MILLION HOURS, I woke up this morning to a successful download.

omg OMG )
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title: the price of all these parts
fandom: law and order: svu
disclaimer: i do not own.
please do not archive

for Sloane. Mostly for her birthday. She wanted "they go undercover and get carried away." Do you know how hard this was? DO YOU?

omg fic. )

Next up in the 'gifts for sloane' list: A Gotham City/Metropolis crossover. YAYOMGBESTEVER. But it'll be a while.
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I know I'm not supposed to be writing fic, but the dissertation is just about to go to my independent reader, so what can I do now but twiddle my thumbs whilst I wait? So in this instance, fic is totally allowed.

So, this is an AU, but I've been told if I substituted other names in there it would read like hilarious original fiction, so you have no excuses for not reading this.

title: A Dame Longer and a Beer Shorter (An Elliot Stabler, P.I. Tale)
fandom: Law & Order: SVU
genre: AU
disclaimer: I do not own
do not archive

This is part of the SVU AU game, which is apparently to get us through the summer hiatus. Who knew? Not I, because it is WINTER HERE, and also I have all the SVU I need on DVD (ie, Season One of JOY). Anyway, Sloane said "ELLIOT STABLER PI, FILM NOIR," and frankly didn't need to say anything else because it is FILM NOIR GOLD.

Imagine this is all in black and white.

The name's Elliot Stabler. I'm a dick. That's slang for P.I., although my ex-wife would say differently. And this is a story about people. )
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title: things that happen to him that epitomise why he could never talk to his ex-wives, even when he was still married (part one)
fandom: law and order: svu
i do not own these characters

these little ficlets are unbetaed.

for sloane, because she's a lovely and i wish she'd not been so sad today

Munch is, for once, at a loss for words )
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title: world without end
author: bantha_fodder
disclaimer: i do not own
fandom: the pretender / law and order: svu
please do not archive. not that you'd want to.
warning: omg unbetaed. also, this makes no sense (not that you're surprised)

summary: the similarities are superficial at best.

for those bitches, sloane and cgb. written whilst the internets were down at work today.


Cragen continues with a glare at Elliot and Olivia, as if he knows what they're doing. )
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OMG this is the worst present ever.

The end of a love affair - a fiesta of het double drabbles for Sloane because she is hot stuff <3

So I walk a little too fast and I drive a little too fast
And I'm reckless it's true, but what else can you do at the end of a love affair?

It was an accident, and he knows that. )

Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson
So I talk a little too much, and I laugh a little too much
And my voice is too loud, when I'm out in a crowd
So that people are apt to stare

'I was nearly God, once,' Emma says )

Boromir and Eowyn
Do they know, do they care, that it's only that I'm lonely and low as can be?
And the smile on my face isn't really a smile at all

“You must go,” she says, and reaches out. )

So I smoke a little too much, and I drink a little too much

It is dark in the kitchen, but Pyro follows the laughter to the back porch )


And the tunes I request are not always the best
But the ones where the trumpets blare!

'Have you considered piracy?'  )


So I go at a maddening pace, and I pretend that it's taking your place
But what else can you do, at the end of a love affair?

Olivia taps her finger on the dashboard )
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today is chinese new year's eve. i have just returned home frome the big dinner, and my gift to you this new year is a 100 word drabble every day. each drabble will be nominally about the chinese new year, from many different fandoms. i guess it's my way of sharing new year with you, as i know that a lot of you don't really understand it so much. or get to experience it.

if you have any theme that you'd like to see in these drabbles, please don't hesitate to suggest it. i just hope these work.

1. new year's eve. huang, law and order: svu )

svu tig

Jan. 31st, 2005 02:07 pm
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Olivia scribbles on the notepad in front of her. Elliot peers across the desk, but the words she writes are illegible. He hopes she does not expect him to decipher them. She taps her pen on the edge of the paper, and fine inkblots spray out of the nib, but she does not notice, so intent is she on her words. Elliot doubts she really sees them.

He reaches across and swipes the last cream donut, and she notices that.

"Hey!" she says. "That's mine!"

"Olivia, I'm just looking out for you." He grins and takes a bite of the donut. He continues, mouth full: "you've had two already this morning. You need to watch your weight, you know."

She throws her pen at him.

Any retort she may have made is drowned out by Munch and Fin entering the squad room.

"You, my friend, are a moron," announces Munch.
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I didn't even realise that Law & Order: SVU had been released in Australia. But I now own first season SVU. You know what this means? 'Payback' aka the greatest episode ever. Where Stabler scolds Benson like she's an errant lover whilst at a parent teacher with Kathy. The only problem with season one is the lack of Fin.
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