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In Certain Towns, by Pen.
Children of Dune, Farad'n, G.

Written as a stocking stuffer for [ profile] ilyena_sylph. Originally uploaded here. UGH FARAD'N.

He enters the House of Atreides as exiled Prince; as scholar; as Bene Gesserit. )
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No Uncertain Clarity by Pen.
Children of Dune, Ghanima, G.

This is totally self-indulgent. Chinese New Year #9.

She feels the thrumming beneath her skin )
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The flist is boring today. I guess heaps of people are still off giving thanks, or something. So I wrote fic.

A Refrain of the Things Behind Us (a brand new start) by Pen.
Battlestar Galactica / Children of Dune, Laura Roslin. Rated G.

With thanks to Claira. This is sort of for [ profile] familyarchives.

I don't have any icons of Laura Roslin.

They walk through the halls in silence; the light is golden, and the halls are a strange combination of desert and opulence, and Laura wonders. )
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The Time for Sleep (nothing to cry about), by Pen
Dune, Ghanima and Leto, rated G

Written very quickly for Resmin, on the anniversary of her birth.

Ghanima looks across at her brother; at the worm skin that covers most of his body, and she bites her lip. )
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The Future, Frameless in Design, by Pen.
Dune. Leto II and Ghanima, rated PG.

For my darling Plum.

Listening music: Powderfinger - Capoicity.

She has a mother's love for Alia and a hatred for her own bloodline.  )
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Every time I think about changing my header, I realise how much I love the Children of Dune miniseries, and realise that I cannot.

AJ requested Leto's reaction to the children that Ghanima and Farad'n inevitably have.

title: learning to cheat time
author: pen
fandom: children of dune (mostly the mini, in terms of their ages and OMG JAMES, but some ideas from the book)
i do not own
please do not archive

if this doesn't make sense, just this once, i'm going to blame frank herbert. HAVE YOU READ THAT MAN'S BOOKS?!

He filters the spice from her diet; thinks about the spice in the air; thinks about sending her off world. )
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title: motion and the full sensation
author: pen
fandom: children of dune
disclaimer: i do not own

if you've never heard of it, there's this genre of fic called 'wingfic.' characters wake up and discover they suddenly have wings, the end.

i was inspired to finish this by [ profile] sangga's babble about obscure fandoms.

this was always going to be for [ profile] sloanesomething's amusement. OMG WHERE ARE YOU HOW LONG CAN YOU CAVORT WITH YOUR PARENTS?

With her brother fading, there is little left to please her. She takes her joy where she can. )
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title: divided, but with half a heart
author: bantha_fodder
fandom: dune
spoilers: through children of dune, hints for god emperor
warnings: uhm. you know the incest in the dune series is canon, right?

please don't archive

for sloane. she is an army of one. and i cannot believe that i wrote this.


Farad'n looks at Leto. Leto grins, and reaches for his sister again )
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