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The worst thing about being in fandom and living in the future is this: remix stories go live Sunday, today is Sunday, it's twenty past nine, but I know I won't get to read the stories until Monday because it's still Saturday in the US. The anticipation is so frustrating, just because you get to the day and you still can't get the goods.

[ profile] the_grynne discusses and links to some very interesting discussions about 2006's Miami Vice. Very interesting.

From the Devon/Danziger Ficathon, I would like to rec AJ's Just a White Disorder Everywhere and Ness' Patterns in the Snow

[ profile] skywardprodigal made a post with pictures of the ever lovely Michelle Yeoh here.

It's been a couple of days so probably everyone who cares has seen these by now, but Jamie and Tricia photoshoot from Statement Casablancas Magazine. This is an awesome photoshoot. Tricia Helfer always looks so stunning.

I am in love with My Moon, My Man by Feist. It's a great song, and an adorable video clip.

via [ profile] hjsnapepm, The Pretender season one is apparently available on iTunes.

We're mainlining Scrubs right now. It's pretty awesome.

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HOW EMBARRASSMENT: A Twilight friending meme here (Piecesof and I are on page four)

Random Twilightishness here

Plotbunny Dogpile, hosted by [ profile] trollprincess

Hilarious capping of THAT SCENE from Island of the Haunted by Piecesof.

And now: some thoughts on Twilight and New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer

I am torn between love of Alice and love of Carlisle )
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If you're interested in participating in Multiverse 2007, there is an interest in fandoms poll here. Multiverse is a space crossover fic, and help me be able to write a DUNE crossover with something awesome (ZOMG Dune/S:AAB! HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?).

A VID: Sylar to The Pokemon Theme. He's gotta catch 'em all! This was pretty awesome, and I bet it would have been more awesome if I actually watched Heroes.

Again with Heroes, this photoshoot with Hayden and Milo is just AWESOME.

Billie Piper is playing Belle de Jour in an ITV 2 mini based on the book! She's going to be the most hysterical Belle, it'll be great.

A new newsletter: [ profile] het_newsletter


Health news from google today: "sport reduces obesity risk," "smoking in the car increases childhood asthma," and "americans still not eating enough fruit and veges."


This month is not going the way I had planned. Does anyone have anything cheerful (fic, fandom or otherwise) to report?

[ profile] velithya is going to Winchestercon, and I don't watch SPN but I'm bizarrely jealous. SCREW YOU, VEL. AND YOUR HIGHLY FASHIONABLE PANTS.

Somebody talk to me about The Pretender.


ETA (from fahye): (no guarantees) Pick two of my fandoms and I'll write you a crossover drabble. You can request specific characters, if you like.

the pretender, dune, narnia, stick it, the changeover, the cutting edge, tortall, sandman, roswell, the muppets, mirrormask, bsg, rpf, space: above and beyond, any tiny fandom that i wrote about for new year.
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I'm just clearing out some links:

Prince Caspian has been cast.

Hmm. One Cranky Asian During the Oscar Season.

Some very pretty Children of Dune icons.

An awesome set of Pretender icons.

The impact of daggy vs revealing sporting uniforms on the sporting choices of girls.

I stumbled across [ profile] fragglevids; I wish it was active at all, but I hold out hope!

And also, I'm really grateful to everyone who has left a comment on my list of instances of languages other than English in English language texts, but if anyone wanted to mention it on their flist or whatever so I could get more examples, that would be really awesome.
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I love this song. <333

AJ is holding The Billy Keikeya Ficathon. Signups are through until 21/01.

Tahlia wrote me a short and hilarious Miss Parker and Jarod thingy.


Thanks to a link at Dinosaur Comics, I've started reading Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and it's weird but awesome.

I just watched Ultraviolet, the movie with Milla Jovovitch, and WOW was it a shocker. SERIOUSLY.
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An awesome Shiri Appleby photoshoot here.
Fahye wrote a Stealth/TWW crossover: untitled.
Sloane wrote some James Bond fic, post Casino Royale: Non Sufficit. I love Sloane (and her fic) <33.
Imry wrote Narnia: Lay Down Your Jewelled Head (Lucy and Edmund, for meeee); Lights That Were Golden (Susan, returned from Narnia). Imry is so awesome.
Grace Park does the robot (and also there is some other BSG stuff at SC's journal).

A Meme:

There's a meme going on at [ profile] ack_attack's lj, where you post your username and Let your friends tell you what reminds them of YOU! It can be a picture, a song, an icon, a video, an inside joke, a celebrity they think you look like - whatevah!

And I am fascinated. I would love to know what reminds people of me, but I am not actually a fan of these huge, multipage memes. All those names I've never seen before kind of intimidate me (amongst other things). So this is twofold: please tell me what reminds you of me! And, if you want me to, I am happy to reciprocate (here, or elsewhere). Although a caveat: if nothing reminds me of you, I will let you know.
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A review of Kylie's final show in the Showgirl: Homecoming tour (it sounds AWESOME).

The latest of the BSG comicses is cool.

A Christmas song: It Feels Like Christmas, as performed by the Ghost of Christmas Present and a chorus of Muppets.

Speaking of the Muppets, the Electric Mayhem has a myspace page! That's so awesome, yet so weird.

Six hours until Yuletide. It will be lunch time by then!
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So, again in the interest of how quiet the internets are today, a post of links.

My favourite Back Dorm Boys clip: 不得不爱.

Recently there was an Australian movie called Boy Town. The premise: Boy Town (population five) were a wildly successful boyband in the eighties, before they fell to obscurity. The movie follows their attempts to become successful again, and it spoofs reality television and the popularity of the modern boy band, and it's fabulous. If you have a chance to see this movie, you should, because it's very good and it's quite funny. And not in that slapstick, embarrassing way either, but in a genuinely funny sort of way. I Cry, which was the trailer for the movie, and Special Time of the Month. The songs are so awesome, the tunes are catchy and I love the lyrics - my favourite is probably 'Tough Titties,' and I really want to buy the soundtrack (I just keep forgetting to go to JB's). And I'm going to stop flailing about it now!

Something you should watch (but not if you're feeling sad): Kiwi!

Whose team are you on? Team Servilia vs Team Atia.

We've just started on season four Pretender. Sometimes, I think that Mr Parker actually loves his daughter. Lyle has this crazy hardon for his sister and for Jarod, and the next time you send me into a building that's about to explode, she says, you'd better make sure it explodes. And the boxes that Jarod leaves for her are like love letters. So a tP vid, in amongst these links: Blind, a vid by StuckHere.

OH WOW. Just as I thought I was ready to make a new header, move on from All Pretender, All the Time, I start rewatching s4 and nope. Sorry.
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I'm a little behind in answering comments. I'm not ignoring anyone, I promise! But I did want to say thanks to everyone who said nice things about me in that meme thingy in the journal of the Destroyer of Fandoms. In case I seemed ungrateful or something.

I bring you some links, then I'm going to bed.

December is small fandom month on [ profile] crack_van. You can still volunteer!

[ profile] koalathebear has a Miami Vice movie picspam, featuring Dee's bitch Chinese girlfriend, Gong Li.

This picspam has made me notice just how ugly Ian Thorpe really is! OH THORPIE.

Not only is Summer Glau very pretty, she is holding Nathan Fillion's hand. Uhm. !!!

My current favourite food blog is Fat Free Vegan. Seriously delicious and awesome, I swear.
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[ profile] sinful_caeser has some Grace Park photos here and they are from an awesome photo shoot. I love them.

In addition, SC also has photos of a Jamie Bamber photo shoot here, and they're HYSTERICAL. I particularly love the one with the robotic dog.

Also from [ profile] sinful_caesar, the coolest Bones promos.

Shiri Appleby, fugged.

Finite Simple Group (of order two), an hilarious song about maths.

[ profile] bellanut has an ode to season three of Spooks. That ode is in pictures.

I don't even know from where I got this link, but A is for Albus, who choked on a sweet, through to Z is for Zabini, Blaise, the late. It's a bit contrived, but oh how I wish I could draw.
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This is my new icon! It is not for sharing:

keywords: [pretender] i beseech thee

After some flailing, Ness kindly posted the Pretender's opening sequence OF AWESOME. Watch it, seriously.

Taaaaaahlia is doing that five things fic meme, and at my request she did five situations in which Parker and Jarod had sex and they are SO GOOD.

This is a small icon set. These are for sharing.

never let a bird shit in your hat )
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A, Miscellany:

Signups for the [ profile] xmmficathon ficathon close Saturday. Sign up!

Ginnifer Goodwin photoshoot

Amanda Seyfried looking awesome

Seth Green and Nicholas Brendan gropage.

This is the most awesome advertisement for anything ever.

Kovsky made a list of recs for The Office fic.

Stop British movies from flopping by looking to Australian films for guidance? Clearly crack smokers!

Stacy's dad is gay, a BSC theory.

Pinky and The Brain do Prison Break.
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Do you know, I forgot I had ever written a Kara/Helo fic until it was recced at Crack Van? That makes me feel so dumb.

Katie Heigl picspam: one, two and three (now available in a manageable thumbnail size format). Katie is beautiful, absolutely beautiful, and this picspam is great, but there is a significant lack of photos of her from her Roswell days, and that makes us all very sad.

I made a post of TISM at [ profile] audiography.

I just watched this BtVS vid, Untouchable by Holly Gilmore. It is an alternate universe vid, and it is very well put together, very awesome, but it manipulated the footage so well that I felt cheated - I felt like it was misrepresenting the truth which of course it was, it's AU, but still. I will love Angel/Buffy forever, it appears, even though I haven't been in BtVS/AtS fandom for years.

Jeffery Dean Morgan and Kate Walsh are dating.

This is a song to cheer you up: Let's Replace the Cityscapes, by The Triangles.

Via [ profile] roz_mcclure, the first sentence in the novelisation of Snakes on a Plane: Well over six feet tall, black and bald with a kind of infinite calm in his dark eyes, he looked like exactly the kind of person you wanted to show up when pissed off gangsters were busting down your front door at six o'clock in the morning.

In other news, I'd like to know why it is that I don't own Queen of the Damned on DVD.
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There are a whole bunch of gorgeous Michael/Maria and Brendan/Majandra icons here. Even after all these years, I still consider Majandra one of the most beautiful women in the world. And even if you have a problem with RPF, it's okay to ship Brendan and Majandra, because they really were a couple for years, and now that they've split they've got joint custody of their boxers (the dogs).
Amy wins for this.

Sesame Street vids that Jules found on youtube.

Some icons I have liked: here and here.
I'd like to mention [ profile] x3denialfic, for any not based on x3 canon stories.

A, Miscellany:
There are some random love memes going on, just these huge, sprawling things, here and here, but if you're really interested, there's a BSG specific one here, which I think you should all play because it's nice to receive some affection and/or appreciation sometimes.
Yee & Lan: the most adorable story about planets ever.

A Favour: No hurry, but sometime in the next week or so I'm going to require a beta for a Stargate: Atlantis fic. It's for the Teylaficathon, except I accidentally sort of - well, I've had a few problems thematically, so this won't be a simple point and shoot beta.
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This post contains things for specific people.

For [ profile] ingrid_m, A REC: Vampire Routine, by CGB. BSG, Adama/Tigh. Bill’s a rare one, and he hangs out with Saul, which makes him rarer still.

For [ profile] koalathebear, A REC: Daughters of Jerusalem (Canticle for These Women), by Victoria P. Firefly, Mal/River. I recommend the original, too.

For [ profile] zeplum: A Music Video: The November Rain video clip. Guns and Roses, hilarity and awesomeness, you all remember it.

For [ profile] fox1013, though she's probably already seen it, A Music Video: Furry Happy Monsters. It's like an REM/Sesame Street crossover.
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I updated [ profile] unproductive with 12 x Law and Order: SVU and 13 x BSG recs.

A picspam of Tina Majorino, brought to you by an unstoppable army of lizzens!

HP: Slytherins on a plane!

Here are some MirrorMask icons by Imry; also some cool stills (not by Imry).

[ profile] fox1013 made about on bazillion icons of The Muppet Movie.

The Office golf photoshoot.

Dilbert's ultimate house.
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I updated [ profile] unproductive with 7 x Stargate: Atlantis and 15 x Grey's Anatomy recs.

Everyone should sign up for [ profile] wingswing. Well, i say "everyone," but what I mean is "everyone but not me," because I don't write fic for The West Wing, no matter how much I love it.

Another signup form. This one is for [ profile] summer_flinging, a challenge (not an exchange) of summer flings/romance.

I'd like to draw your attention to a whole lot of Brokeback Mountain parody trailers. My favourite is probably the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one.

Caps of Space: Above and Beyond 1x01 and 1x02.
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The Abhorsen Trilogy:
In a conversation with [ profile] koalathebear here, where she briefly outlines why people should read the Abhorsen Trilogy, it occurred to me that I once wrote Abhorsen fic, and never mentioned it here. So I shall link it now: A Time For, about Sabriel and the bells and the time after Rogir. And it's not the best I've ever written (and was written about thirteen months ago), but there. I've linked it now.

The Abhorsen Trilogy is a trilogy of books set in The Old Kingdom, where there is magic and old spirits. Sabriel is sent to live across the wall in Anclestierre as a child, because away from the Old Kingdom magic does not work as well, and her father wanted her to learn and be safe. Anyway, that makes it sound lame, but the first book, Sabriel, was the seminal book of my high school years. I read it when I was thirteen, and I was obsessed from that point on with the science fiction (and fantasy) section of my local library. So. I just want to put that out there.

[ profile] koalathebear has a whole lot of caps and also some thoughts.

Random Fandom:
The SVU valentines
A whole lot of Serenity cast photos
Jason Behr, hot and in black and white and tied down. A photoshoot.

The One Where Ken Meets GI Joe, by [ profile] fryadvocate. I think the title tells you all you really need to know.
Almost Was Good Enough, by [ profile] maddeinin. Narnia. Susan, there and back again and it's so soft and sad. It's AWESOME.
Sidekick by [ profile] 3jane. A DCU/BSG crossover. Roy and Lee.
Secret Identities, by [ profile] resmin. DCU/Smallville. The thing about secret identities that the new Batgirl hasn't figured out yet is that they're supposed to be *secret*.

In conclusion, for serious guys, I want some Anna Nalick. I have Breathe, Consider This, In My Head and Catalyst. FURNISH ME, FLIST.
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Random DCU:
Top Thirty Facts
A Batman Begins vid

Random Important Things:
I am not American, but this situation here makes me feel ineffectual and frustrated, and it makes me fear for my own country.
Ten reasons why you should never accept a diamond ring from anyone, under any circumstances, even if they really want to give you one. My engagement ring is white gold with a black pearl, guys, and it's more awesome than the $2000 yellow gold and diamond thing my exhousemate is stuck with since he and his fiance broke up and the pawn shops wouldn't give him more than $200 for it.

Random Fandom:
[ profile] yuletide's NYR 2006 is open.
Lego Serenity
Weevil (from Veronica Mars) picspam
Multifandom girl picspam

Random Random Things:
A koala keeping cool
Australian comedy trio Tripod (they're awesome, and my sister loves them performing a song (video)

Random Fic:
Post Partum and its sequel (which is AWESOME), In Absentia, by [ profile] cupiscent. Constantine fic about Angela.
Also by Dee, and also Constantine, Cage. CAGE SEX. HOT AND AWESOME.
Also Constantine, Day Late, Dollar Short, by [ profile] sloanesomething. Gabriel learning to live.
The Absolutely, Positively True (Sort Of) Fictional Adventures of Hot Pilots in Love, parts one, two and three. BSG crackfic by [ profile] widget285. There are stories being written in the fleet.
Fifty Ways, parts one and two, by [ profile] crushw_eyeliner. HP. Cho and Cedric.

Hokay I must outtie for New Years' Eve dinner. I am all decked out in gold jewellery and red clothes, like a good Chinese girl. :op. 恭喜发财!
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I am very slowly working my way through Constantine things, but first you should all be entertained by this review of the movie.

These Anna and William icons (scroll down) reminds me that I found the crazy fireplace photoshoot in large. You need to register, but it is worth it OMG. [ profile] roz_mcclure and [ profile] twinkledru I AM LOOKING AT YOU.
Some nice textless movie icons
A whole set of promotional pictures

I don't know how I feel about this. A Cedric and Cho fanfiction page that has what seems to be a complete list of links to fics written about Cho and Cedric. And I suppose it's like me compiling my lists or whatever, but still, it throws me a little to see links to my fics there.
ALSO, on that note, why is that Out from Under is specifically listed as "Cho's POV"? Why does that need to be specified? It is a Cho and Cedric page! Why is primacy then given to Cedric's POV? HELLO HP FANDOM WE'RE STILL HAVING ISSUES HERE.

There are random Gaeta and Dee ficlets to be had. And they are HILARIOUS. AND CYLON FILLED.

Gotham Public Works: an AWESOME site of some Gotham City cosplayers.

Random Fandom:
A review of Memoirs of a Geisha by somseone from the hanamachi district.
An incest challenge - a lot of fic for many fandoms in the comments.

Random Things:
A whale in the Thames
Firefighter in Houston forced to take promotion exam hours after giving birth
[ profile] elke_tanzer talks about the nudge thing
A post of dresses and people at the Golden Globes


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