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So I've been reading these posts by hederahelix, parts one and two, and she's thoughtful and she's made me think about all sorts of things. She talks about privilege, and listening, and in a post inspired by race it really made me think about my own heterosexual privilege (which I'll talk about another time), but the first thing I want to talk about is this:

If there’s anything I’ve learned from my fen friends of color, it’s that I’m more likely to get listened to when I say something about race than they are.

You can't look at my lj, or at my style of typing, and tell that I am fen of colour over the internets. So I wear my colour on my sleeve: I post stories about little Chinese girls, encourage people to learn about Chinese New Year and the things that I find important, talk about racism in my life. And I'm clearly not hiding my ethnicity at all, and in fact I'm actively encouraging people to look at my ethnicity, because if I didn't, then you couldn't see it.

So now I'm wondering how much [ profile] hederahelix's point applies in an internets only context. Ignoring whatever Fan A's argument is, and whatever Fan B's argument is, is either one more likely to be heard because of the colour of their skin? I want to say no, because how can you tell? But I don't want to say yes, either, because who am I to make these sweeping judgement calls? I'm just some chick on the internet.
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There's been some stuff going on in fandom, stuff about inherent prejudice and racism. Though it's difficult for me to be coherant about this topic, I'm going to try.

[ profile] ciderpress made an amazing post here, a really thoughtful, interesting post that I strongly encourage every one to read. S/he talks about defining racism and fandom reactions, resistance, and the thing that never fails to make me angry, arguments against. [ profile] liviapenn also has an excellent post here, wherein she talks about the actual phenomenon in SGA, this unconscious hand washing that is so predominant, and so incredibly frustrating. I strongly recommend both of these posts. Everyone in these sorts of arguments always starts by establishing their credentials, so I don't know if I should mention this, but Liviapenn is a white fan, and Ciderpress is a fan of colour. Interestingly, Ciderpress establishes this early on, whereas Liviapenn does not establish it at all.

And now I would like to establish my own credentials.

My mother-out-law sat with me one day, sipping her tea and despairing over her middle child; "I don't know," she said, "Why he's so racist. He didn't get that from us." "Yes, he did," I said, and she looked at me. "When you tell us stories from the hospital, it's always this Aboriginal boy or this Chinese woman, but it's never this Caucasian girl," and she got very upset, and then very quiet. "Do you really think I'm racist?" she asked me, later. "No," I replied. "But everyone has their prejudices."

And they do.

My mother is Malaysian born Chinese. When she came to Australia she tried to improve her English; she was marked down because of her accent, and her place of birth. When we visit Malaysia, she gets a funny look, at the her Australian passport and her place of birth. When I used to get in trouble as a child, it was sometimes with a glare, and a "don't do that, only Malays eat with their hands." At dinner during CNY, discussion around the table turned to Malaysia, as it always does, and at the mention of the mosques my mother's face turned cold, and unkind. I know that talk of mosques and Islam has become a different thing now, but in my parents' house it remains the same: the intrusion of the Malays into Chinese lives, and the urge my mother felt to leave the country of her birth.

My mother believes that Singaporean born Chinese shopkeepers are misers and bitter; that old Caucasian Australians are racist and prejudiced; that Malays are insincere and dirty.

My mother has her prejudices, of course she does. I have mine, too.

As I said, my mother is Chinese. My father is Caucasian-Australian. When I fill in forms, I check the boxes marked Chinese and Caucasian based on the purpose of the form; every time, my pen hovers over language spoken at home, and I am torn. When I was ten, I realised that not everyone ate rice two or three meals a day, and it stunned me. I have been verbally abused in regards my race exactly once: I was thirteen, and he was a dumb shit at my high school. I was yelled at by an old Chinese dude when I was parking my car at my mechanic's; my mechanic's office manager was so affronted on my behalf: those things he said were terrible, she said, and him your relative! She meant it in the kindest way, I know she did, but the old man was Chinese, and so am I, and in her mind clearly we are relatives.

When I turn on the television, I see people with white/pink skin; when I read books, they are books about white/pink people. Now that I am grown, I make a conscious effort to read books by Chinese people, books about Chinese people, and I consciously look out for children's books, in English, about Chinese children, for my own (who do not yet exist). My thesis at university was on immigration from China and the Overseas Chinese; my pet topic, the thing that can get me talking and about which I may never stop, is the Chinese Diaspora.

A couple of weeks ago I asked for characters of Chinese descent. Every comment I got filled me with such glee, such intense, awesome glee, because I got referred to all these texts with awesome Chinese characters in them, characters I could maybe relate to.

All of these things are to explain why, though I pick my favourite characters based on their actions and their words, I will make a special effort to learn about them if they are Chinese.

The prejudices of my mother and my father curl through my gut and through my heart and sometimes, I don't even notice them informing my decisions. But as Ciderpress says in the post to which I linked, it's often not a conscious choice, and it doesn't mean you can't be a good person.

I was going to list my own prejudices here, but then I realised that they are mine, and they're not things of which I'm proud, so I won't. It's enough that I know them, and that I am ashamed of them, and that I try to change them.

In conclusion, I'd like to reiterate that I think people should read Ciderpress' post, if nothing else, even if you've naught to do with it. Because you're a person, and you're prejudiced, whether you think you are or not. And all I'm asking is that you think about your prejudices, and how they affect the rest of us. Because some of us don't get a chance to not care, or be just like every one else; some of us have no choice.

Of course, sometimes I emphasise the difference myself, the decorations in my window at New Year and nattering away in Mandarin or Malay, and the little shiver of delight I feel when I hear strangers walking past speaking in Mandarin or Malay is indescribable.
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In other news, I am currently compiling a list of instances of languages other than English (both pre-existing and created) featured in English language texts. So far I have:

Dune - Herbert made up the Fremen language in Dune. It wasn't used extensively in the books, but it was based on Arabic and was used enough that Brian Tyler was able to construct a song in Fremen (lyrics to which can be found here). I don't know if it was his intention, but I've always found the sprinkling of Fremen words throughout the text made the Fremen feel almost alien.

Serenity/Firefly - the use of Mandarin Chinese as a sort of high language (though the fact that they swore in it made it seem a little more like a trading language). I'm wondering if Joss has ever spoken about his choice - I suppose it could have been solely a decorative decision, that tweak of something existing so it was clear it was the future but still familiar.

Lord of the Rings - I know that Tolkien created Elvish, but did he create anything else? And it's interesting, but the use of Elvish in this text, whilst othering, always makes me think about the longevity of the Elves, and I do have to wonder if it's because there are whole freaking passages in Elvish.

Star Trek - Klingon. I have no opinions on this.

The Pretender - NO I'M SERIOUS. Off the top of my head, Jarod speaks Greek, and Miss P speaks Japanese fluently and at least understands Ukranian. Every time one of them speaks in another language, it makes it particularly obvious how intelligent they are supposed to be, especially when contrasted with the other characters, who never speak anything other than English.

And perhaps Pingu, and other children's shows featuring nonsensical, made-up languages. I know Pingu is Swedish, so technically doesn't count as an English language text, but it's funny how I think Pingu is more intellectual than the Teletubies, though neither show fetaures intelligble language. It probably has to do with how awesome penguins are.

So that's my list so far! PLEASE do weigh in, and offer other examples. I promise that there's a reason for it. Opinions as to the effectiveness of the use of the language would also be appreciated!
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Permit me to navel-gaze, half-asleep on my couch.

I am ridiculously multifannish. I have a lot of difficulty giving all of my time and devotion to just one fandom, and I have a hard time picking between them but if I was going to pick my top three, it would be Narnia, the Pretender and Dune. I can go back to the source material again and again and be blown away, no matter how many times I've read or seen it; I always discover something new; it never fails to cheer me. There's a comfort there, in all three of those, in how awesome I find them and how well I know them, and even if I didn't get to do all the fannish things, writing fic and making icons, I'd still love them and reacquaint myself all the time. Yesterday I read Neil Gaiman's The Problem of Susan for the first time, and I was filled with such unexpected longing (for the Narnia books), and thought of a million different things all at once.

Whenever a recs journal I admire ([ profile] unfitforsociety, for example, or [ profile] sarecs) makes a post about one of those three fandoms (Narnia, for the most part), my heart leaps a little, only to drop immediately afterwards when it's not something I've written that they're loving.

The Pretender and Dune are tiny, mostly dead fandoms, and until last year Narnia did not fare much better in terms of volume, and I've never expected to receive a million pieces of feedback for the things I've written. But I love Jarod and Miss Parker more than I love Kara and Lee, and I love the universe that Herbert created more than I love Rowling's universe, and so the few comments I receive when I write for the former means more to me than the latter, though I receive far more for BSG, and for HP. And I will always love HP, and I will always love BSG, but yes, I love my tiny fandoms more. And the words I write for them are words I spend more time crafting; I work harder and when I cut sentences and paragraphs the cuts hurt more, but when I'm done I love them ridiculous amounts.

All this is a very roundabout way of saying, I have made no secret in the past of the fact that I disapprove of anonymous memes in general, because I think that if you're willing to say something, you should be willing to put your face to it. However, yesterday I put my name down in QoT's journal, in order for nice things to be said to me. This was quite hypocritical of me! I have tried to host non-anonymous memes before, and perhaps it was me, or perhaps it was the lack of anonymity, but they didn't work.

The comments are here, if you're interested (you don't have to be).

I needed the loving, and it worked, because more than one person said something like, I want to read it even when I don't know the fandom; I just hope that when they read my fic they go, I want to learn more about that fandom, and then they do.

I'm sorry. I'll probably delete this in a bit, embarrassed by the rambling and the lack of point, but for now it can stay, because as embarrassed as I'll probably be later, these words are still true. I love my tiny fandoms, and as a result the feedback means more to me. And I wish more people loved my tiny fandoms.
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Let us not be wishy-washy. I am sure that each of us can acknowledge having seen a summary or disclaimer attached to a fic that says something similar to, "This fic contains bashing of Character X! If you like Character X, don't read this fic! You have been warned!"

I contest this statement. I would like to suggest that a statement such as this is flawed, for the following reasons (that I bring together to form my hypothesis):

1. You are welcome to dislike or like Character X.
2. If you are writing a fic and within it there are characters disliking Character X, or Character X comes off in situations very poorly (ie, as a bitch) in a way that would be believable in the original text, then this is not character bashing, this is writing your characters correctly.
3. If you are writing a fic and within it you are bashing a character, ie writing the character incorrectly for the sake of being a bitch about that character, then WHY ARE YOU GIVING US YOUR POORLY WRITTEN (and characterised) FANFIC TO READ?

In conclusion, there is no such thing as character bashing in a fic that is actually worth my time.


For extra points, you can bitch about smooshed pairing names. My new least favourite is Burtina.
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I'd like to recommend One Taste of the Apple by Brynn. I hate her because she is so fucking talented. Awesome pre-series Apollo and Starbuck fic.
You know BSG has been renewed for third season, right? Of course you know, because you all watch [ profile] galacticanews.

I can't even describe how awesome this is, but if you're into DCU you should check it out.
I accidentally wrote a treatise on Gotham City and Smallville over here in Kassie's journal, which I reproduce in its entirety for you now:

I made an entire post filled with recs of fic and links to my fic some weeks back ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, so I feel my contribution to this post should consist of nothing but me rambling on about how I love Chloe and Lex and Bruce, and how Clark/Lex is just doom.

And Thus:

Chloe was made for Gotham City. She loves everything about it, from the freaky architecture to the way its villains get in amongst the mess and wear masks and are actually snobs who all have sex with oneanother. Batman is the worst of the lot, being all vigilante and holier than thou when he is CLEARLY fucking Catwoman. Years and years ago, Bruce Wayne had something (something like fucking) (in college) with Lex, but then Bruce disappeared and Lex went to Smallville, and by the time Bruce got back their interests had clearly diverged. They both wanted power, sure, but Lex was far more willing to admit it than Bruce was. Bruce started expending all his energy on cleaning up Gotham, and Lex started nobly: he wanted to clean up the world.

I got distracted. Chloe loves Gotham. She loves being a journalist there, because it's just like Smallville only it's dirtier, has no Lois and Clark, and she gets to have sex with a lot of people.

Have you read medie's post about Chloe that she made yesterday?

In conclusion, Chloe is her own woman, but one day she'll have a lot of sex with Bruce Wayne, discover his secret, and help Lex take over the world. The End.

And for those of you who are not Kassie, and so may not have been paying attention, the post I refer to above of recs and fic is here.

I hate everyone for seeing GoF before me, but it doesn't open for another two weeks here, so.
Tokyo Press Conference (also here). A whole lot of Katie and Robert and Emma. My favourites are this one and this one. Also this one and this one, because seriously. Katie is still the most beautiful person in the whole world, and I'm glad to see Katie and Robert are OTP again. Also, when LJ goes down at some point this morning, those delightful girls [ profile] indilime and [ profile] voodoo_in_tx will be posting updates here.
As you all noticed, yesterday I wrote some HP premiere!fic (linked for those who missed it). Where is all the rest of it? I want to read about Dan in the back of the bus, and Rupert in the toilets and Emma and just. HP FANDOM YOU ARE LETTING ME DOWN.
Also for those who missed it, my new lj layout features the Yule Ball scene from GoF, because it is AWESOME.

There is an anthology coming out about geek life. You can still submit if you'd like.
The Female Gen ficathon. Multi-fandom. Go forth and write about women.
The Simpsons/Neverwhere crossover. No, seriously.
One of the mascots for the 2008 Olympic Games. Yesterday I watched The Cutting Edge instead of going training, because I was sick, and seriously, I need to stop watching movies where they go to the Olympics, otherwise I will make myself sick over the fact I will never get that far in my sport. Anyway, I digress, but I need an icon of this image.
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Last year, I was wandering around online, and discovered that there are people who exist who don't think that Cho Chang is Chinese. This was before the casting of Katie Leung as Cho (which I think, as a move, confirms Cho as being canonically Chinese, so now hopefully the debate has ended). AND I discovered that there are people who, not only do they not think of her, or not really like her, but that actively hate her. There are hate listings.

The Cho that I see when I read the books or read fic is so Chinese that this has never been an issue for me. And now I'm going to talk about her, both in canon and in fanon. Because as you all know, my love for Cho Chang knows no bounds.

The Problem with Cho (and why I love her) )
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i'm going to talk about rpf. RIGHT NOW.

1. RPF = Real Person Fic.

2. It exists.

3. If you're writing it, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HELL. Writing it, and at the same time saying that you're going to hell, is unproductive behaviour.

4. If you're not writing it, you can totally say that others are going to hell. This is a fandom certainty, a fight that has been going on for years. I've been on panels at cons about this particular argument.

5. If you are making an RPF filter, because you are OMG SO EMBARRASSED, you may put me on it, no questions asked. My first RPF fandom was five, maybe six years ago, so you have nothing to hide from me.

6. I write RPF all the time. Mostly by request, but whatever.

7. Seriously. Ask me to write RPF for a fandom I'm already in, and I'll probably do it. I LOVE RPF.

8. You guys have heard of Lotrips, right? I thought we'd finished this argument years ago.

9. The reason for this post is that, apparently, overnight, RPF has appeared in new BSG fandom, and the people writing it are totally excited but all convinced they're going to hell. AND THEY'RE NOT OKAY CLAIRA? YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HELL.

Thank you for your attention.
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bitchy thought for the day: is, my first fanfic, be kind! code for, don't tell me i suck or i might cry and never have the courage to write again?

non-bitchy continuation of that: and if it IS, then shouldn't we not be telling anyone they suck? let me try again. newbie or not, if someone's fic sucks, shouldn't we be saying, well, this bit was okay, but this bit needs work? instead, we keep quiet if something sucks, or we bitch about it under locks, but we never do anything about it. but then, is it our responsibility to do anything about it at all? perhaps we should all be like thumper. you know, from bambi.

omg, i made a comment in someone's fic today, about how i liked it but it needed work. i'm not going to name her in case she doesn't want to be named, but this (the above) comment is totally not about you! i swear! it was prompted by something else. oh, now i sound like (more of) a bitch (than usual).


this icon was made by [ profile] monkeycrackmary. you can find more from the same batch here


i got home a short while ago. i worked this morning (omg i worked on a saturday, after working a full working week! I AM CLEARLY MALAYSIAN), then meandered off to archery, where C and i bucked the trend and shot target rather than clout. plus, we got to bitch and gossip, which is always fun. anyway, that explains why i haven't done any of the things i said i'd do today, and i'm about to cook dinner and go out so they're not going to get done today at all, so sorry if you're one of those people. i really am sorry!


fic rec: Pink Dreams, by Kanna-Ophelia. it's a fic about barbie. OMG. seriously. i love it.
for teh koala (maaaaaate): Chris Eccleston talking about the Muppets.
this makes me want to write chloe and lex like WOAH. i'm definitely having a chloe/lex thing at the moment.


(cooper hawkes is hot)


ETA2: omg. O. M. G. It's been ten years since I last watched S:AAB, and watching the blue goo episode freaked me out. Kathe, you can HAVE nathan and this episode. it was freaking hard work watching this.
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For those who don't know, I post at [ profile] galacticanews. I read so many links, and friendslists belonging to many different people in order to find as much news as possible. I try to link to everything I can, regardless of if I agree with it, or if I think it's pointless, or if I think it's the best thing ever. The only rule is, if it's spec or reaction, it has to be longer than a sentence.

At the end of each edition, I like to rec a fic. I don't link to all the fic out there (that's what [ profile] the_wireless is for), but I like to rec one fic that is really great, or about an underused character, or is just really interesting (if not fabulous). This rec is the only part of the newsletter that is based on my opinion. Every other element of the newsletter is a simple presentation of facts.

Couple of weeks ago, during my trawl for links and discussion, I read one or two discussions on the "unfairness" of BSG fandom, and its propensity towards Kara/Lee. This rant was bolstered by a number of comments remarking on the size of the Kara/Lee element in fandom. One of the comments complained that even the newsletter took to reccing Kara/Lee fics.

After reading this thread, I took exception to these comments. I try really hard to be unbiased and fair towards every element of this fandom. The characters, the plot lines, the romances. And if I rec a fic, it's not because you're being repressed by a Kara/Lee shipper. It's because I read a fic, and it moved me, and I want to share it with everyone else.

So, anyway, after I took exception to this, I stopped writing and reccing Kara/Lee for a little while. I wrote two fics (one was a Zarek gen piece, and one was a Galactica gen piece), and every fic I recced on GD was a non-K/L piece.

And that's so stupid. I read some really great fic last week, and I felt like I couldn't rec it simply because I AM a rampant K/L shipper, and everyone knows it, and I wanted to prove that being a K/L shipper doesn't mean oppressing fandom or whatever.

And I'm wondering if I should be swayed by fandom in this way. I am reflecting fandom through GD, so I should rec what's out there. And that is both K/L and non-K/L, and I shouldn't feel restricted in this way. But at the same time, the aforementioned discussion made me contribute more to non-K/L fiction in fandom, and promote more non-K/L fiction in fandom, and that's pretty good too, isn't it?

My Zarek piece went generally unloved. I don't think anybody wants to read about Zarek. I don't feel oppressed: I just don't think that everybody else likes Zarek as much as I do.
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i can't find it now, but yesterday, at the top of a list of veronica mars fic recs, was a rec for kovsky's law and order/veronica mars crossover. and i can't remember the exact words, but the rec was like, "for an author who doesn't like veronica mars, they have a great logan voice" and, "i don't know who this alex person is" and i wish i could find the rec list because OMG i laughed and laughed. you got recced, kovsky!

in other reccing news, i got recced as an aside in the leelaurabsg (whatever it's called) comm. because it's a kara/lee fic with lee/roslin undertones. now, before you go acting all shocked, i put those undertones in intentionally. because as much as lee/roslin freaks me out, the fact of the matter, lee thinks roslin is fabulous. i don't believe he's in love with her, and there will not be any lee + roslin sexing, but he respects her, he admires her, and if he had a couple of years, he could probably (platonically) love her. i think she'll die before he has a chance to (platonically) love her, but still.

before i end this section, i'd like to remind everyone about the hot hot (one true) pilot sexing that is kara and lee.

He pushes her against the wall. "We can't," she gasps as he trails a hand down her side and under her tanks.

"That's funny," he snarls, and bites at her neck, "I didn't think you were the type to say 'no,' Kara."

She scratches him until he bleeds, and fraks him hard until he hurts, until all he can feel is the pain caused by Kara.

It's not enough. It will never be enough.

He touches her again.

(okay, wow, that was totally not what i was aiming to write at all but WHATEVER THEY ARE STILL HOT)


okay. it's the twenty sixth century. everyone's in space, and the main languages are english and chinese.

chinese: simplified or traditional?

with the move towards the use of simplified characters in various locations (for example, when learning chinese as a second language in australia one learns simplified but is expected to know traditional), there are arguments to be made that chinese will be written simplified in five hundred years. however, i can't remember if, on the mainland, it is simplifed or traditional being taught. i always get that mixed up. i think it's simplified in china and traditional in taiwan. anyway, my brief argument is that if simplified is being used in china, then surely that's what will get exported as the world departs from earth.

this question inspired by this post: they're pretty enough but let's face it, are people really going to waste time writing traditional when they don't have to? (also, omg, some of them don't make sense! but that's another story for another time. and ignore my icon in which i use the wrong 'or' and haven't had a chance to make a new one)


i haven't seen the firefly movie yet, and it feels like everyone else in the whole world has. i am very jealous.


One day I'll finish this story:

Lois kisses her cheek. "Are you sure we can't drop you home?"

"No," says Chloe, and grins. "I like walking. Keeps me young."

Lois laughs, and squeezes her hand. "Okay," she says.

"Chloe," says Clark in farewell, and it is the first time he has said her name all night.

Clark knows.

As Clark and Lois round the corner in the distance looking for their car - Clark and Lois are young, fresh, impetuous, and don't frequent establishments with valets - a limo pulls up beside her. The door opens before it comes to a complete stop, and Chloe does not have to look once to know who it is.

"Have fun?" Lex asks, and over his shoulder through the back windscreen she meets Clark's eyes.

Lex turns. "Ah," he says mildly, and waves.

He turns back and moves so she can no longer see Clark.

"Have fun?" he repeats.

"Yeah," she spits. "It was great."


i baked a chocolate cake last night, using a new recipe because i didn't have very much butter. it was a very nice cake.
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I know we (as a fandom) haven't existed that long, but the last week or so I've noticed a new (and interesting) phenomenon:

When Kara and Lee Have Sex, It Is Rough Yet Consensual, by Pen, aged 22 and a bit.

cut because, as always, this entry contains spoilers up to and possibly including KLG2 )
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So, I love smut as much as the next person, but I'm having some problems with the fact that apparently no one in the fleet uses birth control.

[ profile] leda13 thinks that the women in the military get the suppressant shot because PMS x howevermany women x cramped quarters [equals] a hell they don't want to deal with. And I can deal with that, that's cool, but what about all the other women? The civilians on the other ships? It's all very well for the president to start telling them that they have to start having babies, but really, whilst they're still living on ships, having food and water problems, and running from the cylons, that's perhaps a tad unreasonable. But they're still going to be having of the sex and, look, I don't want to be the negative one to bring it up, but it's wartime, there's probably some deviant behaviour (ie, rape) going on.

Obviously, everything is going to run out (along with tampons, OMG, I fear for the civilians). And I bet that there isn't a condom courier ship in the fleet. Just, look, the thought makes me really happy, but no.

So, hilarious nuggets who like to talk a lot, what are they doing about contraceptives?

And, if you don't agree about the suppressents, what are they using instead?

this post sponsored by the reams of crappy fic i read today whilst avoiding working on my thesis, and also by [ profile] leda13's brilliant smutty piece 'Good Guys (Sometimes) Do Bad Things' parts one and two.
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Because I can, I'm going to talk about pairings I have become attached to over the course of season one of BSG, and some links to fic. This, obviously, will be spoileriffic. Actually, my entire journal is spoileriffic. Also, you can take this as the opportunity to convert me to Six/Gaius. But not Lee/Roslin, which is WRONG, for reasons which I will also cover below.

Warning for lots of capitals. And not so much with the coherancy, because it is late. Clarification in the morning?

and he looks at you like - Kara/Lee )

broken like a broken thing - Helo/C!Boomer )

completely random - Kara/Helo )

the menage a hott - Kara/Lee/Helo )

i've even seen an icon with them on it that says 'oedipus and jocasta' - lee/roslin )

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Look, to those of you who are still spoiler free, the subject line of this post is not a spoiler. I'm sure, by now, you've seen her wearing a dress in someone's icon. However, the rest of this spec may get spoilery, so please proceed to under the cut.

Wherein we discuss Kara in a dress, and why this gets a frowning face (spoilers for 1x11 in the post, and 1x13 in the comments) )

PS party in [ profile] meyerlemon's journal.
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Please discuss the theory re: Lee and a lack of underpants. Thank you.
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So, we finished watching Kobol's Last Gleaming yesterday, and aside from my horror ("We have to wait six months!?"), it was highly enjoyable. But I have some questions, and you can find them beneath the cut, on the chance that people are still going spoiler-free.

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I adore HP fandom. I adore reading HP fic. It's like my guilty pleasure in life. And my very favourite setting in HP fics is at Hogwarts, whilst Harry's still at school. Or first year out (and therefore Ginny is still at school). I can read about the teachers or the students or the death eaters or anything, so long as they're at school.

And this is fine and dandy, except reading fic about Harry et al when he's at Hogwarts means reading about teenagers. And reading about teenagers means reading about teen angst. And I hate teen angst. I hated it when I suffered through it, I hate thinking back on what I did whilst suffering through teen angst. And I hate watching it and reading about it.

Obviously, this leaves me displeased with a number of stories. When I read them (in my head these stories are characterised by dummy spits and a need to over emphasise boys and girls and such) I realise that they are realistically portraying sixteen and seventeen year olds. But I feel like they're just written badly. And so when I do read fics about them as teenagers that I actually enjoy, I wonder if the stories please me because they're acting like grown ups (nice generalisation there, pen) but still in my favourite setting.

And then, of course, I remember that I'm in HP for the hilarious plots and implausible yet enjoyable circumstances, and I get off my literary high horse. If I was looking for literary integrity, I'd bloody well finish reading Gormenghast (shutup Tom) and Anna Karenina.


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