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ugh, just rewatched The Dark Knight. Remember that time they made Gordon's son the focus of all his concerns, and Gordon's son the one who wants to know about Batman, and Gordon's son the one with all the lines, instead of, oh, I don't know, BARBARA?!?!

Nolan, for serious.
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Hey I saw Inception! What is UP with the lack of ladies? And also the proliferation of white dudes? I mean, what does a girl have to do to get some variety on her screen?

Anyway, also: oh Inception fandom.

I want fic about Ariadne, or Saito, or Yusuf, or Arthur could also be interesting. I would definitely be partial to Ariadne/Arthur fic. I would accept Ariadne/Arthur/Eames fic. I would love lol crossovers. I would in fact love character analysis of any kind. Maybe not Cobb though.

I have made 24 x fic recs in the other journal. They are mostly Ariadne+Arthur, I am not going to lie. I love Ellen Page the most. THE MOST. Though I would also adore anyone who fulfilled this prompt,
Pre-movie Eames-Yusuf buddy fic. Drug-addled adventures in Kenya! Fear And Loathing In Mombasa
, because that would be the best. THE BEST.

Speaking of the other journal, you can also of recent find 5x Dr Who fic recs.

Please leave your fic recs in the comments.

oh p.s. [ profile] whatimages said 1) Joseph Gordon Levitt. JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT. Oh my god his face. His suits! His...everything. Why is there not Ellen Page/JGL lies in my life RIGHT THIS SECOND? and I have to agree RIGHT NOW.
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house of bantha fodder has an obsession with hugh grant (SHUT UP) and has all of his movies on dvd (except not mickey blue eyes). house of bantha fodder would love to similarly collect allison janney movies, but she is in heaps and some of her roles in them are tiny. so. can anyone recommend which movies have lots of allison in them?

(omg how great was she in juno? super great!)

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Hey so, I saw Prince Caspian again!


In other news, it was my birthday last week, and nobody wrote me fic! I have to write it myself! Coming soon to an lj near you: Lex Luthor, US President (er, not Narnia, obvs); Edmund: Spymaster; perhaps some really odd Edmund/Susan (THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I AM LEFT ON MY OWN); pagan revels post PC.
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I am overwhelmed by ficathons I stupidly signed up for, multiverse and the femgenficathon and twicetoldfandom, and I want to write for all of them but I'm so busy and I'm so tired and I've not the heart for it, nor the inspiration, not really.

But I want to write, so tell me what to write. Name a fandom I know, character/pairing, prompt, go wild. No promises.


    Media recently consumed:

  • The Curse of the Golden Flower. I love Gong Li, and I love Chow Yun Fat, and I have a shameful love of Jay Chou that I try not to talk about. One of my favourite things about Chinese history is the opulence of the emperors, the golds and the reds and the enormity of the Forbidden City. I enjoyed this movie very much, though I found the subtitles incredibly distracting. Also, the large amount of breastage was distracting, completely inappropriate for the time period as it was.

  • Nochnoi Dozor, which made very little sense, and was gruesome and horrible but brilliantly captivating. We've purchased the first two books to read, to see if that helps or makes it worse.

  • Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End. I've surprisingly little urge to fic, though Miss Fahye wrote a perfect, perfect ending, and I find that, though ambivalent to Will/Elizabeth previously, I am in love with the Captains Turner. I still miss Anamaria, though, and her lack is perhaps the impetus I require to write. The thing I loved the most, though, was the singing, at the beginning, and Barbossa telling them all that the song has been sung. I loved that little weaving, it was mystical and awesome. Also, Chow Yun Fat, rinse, repeat.

  • The Lives of Others, I am unused to these heavy German films, though my partner, being of German descent, is quite familiar with them, and herding me towards familiarity. This was emotional and powerful and I cried, at the end.

  • Heavy Weights was described as 'a German Cool Runnings,' not really an accurate description. It was funny, yes, and it was about underdogs in sledding, yes, but it was Germany after the war and it was petty and it was funny and it yes. It was fun, I enjoyed it.


Today I was reminded of the main reason why I love pilots: Do I have to smack you in the mouth?
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The worst thing about being in fandom and living in the future is this: remix stories go live Sunday, today is Sunday, it's twenty past nine, but I know I won't get to read the stories until Monday because it's still Saturday in the US. The anticipation is so frustrating, just because you get to the day and you still can't get the goods.

[ profile] the_grynne discusses and links to some very interesting discussions about 2006's Miami Vice. Very interesting.

From the Devon/Danziger Ficathon, I would like to rec AJ's Just a White Disorder Everywhere and Ness' Patterns in the Snow

[ profile] skywardprodigal made a post with pictures of the ever lovely Michelle Yeoh here.

It's been a couple of days so probably everyone who cares has seen these by now, but Jamie and Tricia photoshoot from Statement Casablancas Magazine. This is an awesome photoshoot. Tricia Helfer always looks so stunning.

I am in love with My Moon, My Man by Feist. It's a great song, and an adorable video clip.

via [ profile] hjsnapepm, The Pretender season one is apparently available on iTunes.

We're mainlining Scrubs right now. It's pretty awesome.

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Just the Ticket to Ride, by Pen
Kill Bill, O-Ren, G.

100 words for Chinese New Year

She remembers her mother, hair falling over her face as she leaned forward. They would sit on her bed, legs crossed, their knees touching. "It's important to scare the ghosts away," her mother said, rolling the drum stick between her fingers. Her mother would roll the drum and the beat would sound, bells and beat mixing together.

O-Ren thought of this as she lay beneath her mother's bed; as she stalked her prey through the streets of Japan; as she lay on the floor beside Boss Matsumoto's corpse, the bullets from the guns of his bodyguards raining over her head.
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I don't mean to worry anyone, but I just saw Æon Flux and I had a hilariously awesome time. Such an awful movie. It had huge plot holes and terrible leaps in logic and plot development (and character development), as well as some really bad acting and it clearly made no sense and was just such awful tripe. And also the clothes were. Well. I think the Goodchild Empire failed mostly because they didn't notice that all the rebels wore black leather/pvc and such, and all the non-rebels wore bright colours. But Martin Csokas as Trevor Goodchild was hot (hello, he was a scientist and all scruffy and huh), and I love Jonny Lee Miller, and I'm not a huge fan of Charlize Theron but I kind of liked her because she was going out with Stuart Townsend.

I should explain Stuart Townsend. He would have made the worst Aragorn ever, so I'm glad he was fired, but I love Stuart Townsend. In Queen of the Damned, and in LXG, he is perfect as a sort of waif with power kind of figure, and Stuart himself is (according to gossip, obviously) a bit of a drama queen, and I think he's hilarious. So he and Charlize were a thing, and then they broke up and I was very sad.

And this review makes no sense! But the Æon/Trevor thing was hot, especially because this hot thing happened ).

Anyway. The movie sucked, but it was a fun way to spend a Saturday night, so.


You will notice that there are no comments about the Urban Dystopia as demonstrated in this movie. That's because it was pretty boring, and pretty bog standard, to be honest.
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