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this rollercoaster, fic + soundtrack, words by pen, artwork by pieces
The Pretender, rated PG.
5 x 200 words of the ways it never ends between Parker and Jarod

OH SHOW <333

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a song

Oct. 5th, 2007 09:44 pm
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I uploaded this for Piecesof, but thought I would share it. It's a song by local Perth band New Rules for Boats. I love the intense, amazing dorkitude of their name, which really only makes sense if you're a Perthie.

Freeway Home
as you walked away from me / thinking about leaving alone / well i kind of thought it might be the last time / that i tried to follow you home

Let me know if you take it, and if you like it. If you're [ profile] mandysbitch, you're not allowed to laugh again.
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Because Imry doesn't know who Powderfinger is:

An explanation: wikipedia;


Passenger ( you sink them all down / watch them float up / until the wheel has spun around )
The Day You Come ( vision is rejected, the people's choice is tested / so ignorance has won )
Don't Want to Be Left Out ( i creep around slowly and receive from the TV signals about my life / i've no dedication to my medication I'm otherwise occupied )
Whatever Makes You Happy ( however it happens i hope it's / whatever makes you happy )
Capoicity ( they'll never make us / ever open up / never break our trust / until we're coffin dust )
D.A.F. ( cascading down golden rays above / cascading down life from far beyond / may reveal the silence they deny )

Download. Listen. Love.
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Darling [ profile] zeplum is looking for music for two transcontinental flights; if you'd like to offer her something new to listen to, you should visit her here. I find the term 'transcontinental' an interesting one. It's not a word one hears often in Australia; flying coast to coast is more "going east" or "going west." We do get to use the word 'antipodes,' though, which is nice.

For the aforementioned K, six songs I like to listen to in the car:
The Chariot - The Cat Empire
Beautiful to Me - Little Birdy
Let's Replace the Cityscapes - The Triangles
My Moon My Man - Feist
Bring Me Some Water - Melissa Etheridge
Greg! The Stop Sign! - TISM


Embarrassingly, with many mistakes (sorry, [ profile] penknife!), I updated [ profile] unproductive with 14 x PotC:AWE recs.

Relatedly, Rawles talks about THE CURSE here.


Speaking of embarrassing, today at work I shared my disgusting secret: my love of Jay Chou. So few of you understand how embarrassing my love for Jay Chou is, but my workmates understood my embarrassment! It was awesome (and also embarrassing) (but I love Jay Chou).


The dissonance of this is amazing: Petrelli's 11.


In case you haven't caught it yet, Don't Stop Now, the new Crowded House single. The new album (due out June 30) is okay, our usual channels having yielded it three weeks early. I don't suggest anyone pirate it, though, unless they also intend to buy it, as we do. >:o| I really like 'Silent House.'


This icon is the only pirate-icon that I have.
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Apparently [ profile] lasergirl69 has been pimping D.A.A.S. lately, and I thought would get in on the action.

The Doug Anthony All Stars were an Australian comedy trio in the late eighties through mid-nineties whose repertoire was filled with dirty, offensive jokes, exuberant showmanship and awesome songs (both covers and originals). I was thirteen when I first encountered D.A.A.S on their show, D.A.A.S Kapital. I fell asleep, and woke up to Richard and Tim playing with cards larger than their heads, and Paul turning into a cockroach. It was hysterical and offensive and completely inappropriate for a thirteen year old, but I have loved them ever since.

I was hoping there would be more on youtube, but all I could find worth the watching was:

Heard it Through the Grapevine on the Big Gig. There's a song before it, the name of which I can't recall, and I don't know how well it translates (a hint: root = fuck).

Throw Your Arms Around Me - live in 2003. I had absolutely no idea that they got back together (briefly) for this tribute concert, and I'm all aflail. Apparently, immediately after they sang this they launched into 'I Fuck Dogs,' which would have been awesome to see. Tim looks like he's got a carrot up his arse though.

Their obsession with Australian singing legend Barry Crocker led to Stairway to Heaven.

And some mp3s:

From The Last Concert:
- My favourite version of Heard it Through the Grapevine;
- a song that makes me think of [ profile] cupiscent: Commies for Christ (my god ain't risen / cause he's sleeping in today);
- A hysterical version of Billy Don't Be a Hero;

From Icon:
- Krishna (but they are not as handsome / as the godhead whose skin is shining blue);
- Jack, a moody kind of thing;

From Dead and Alive:
- Sailors Arms (she strolled up to the toilets / she strolled into the gents / i asked her why she did it / why she'd gone to pay the rent).

Please let me know if you download, and what you think. Ten years later, I still love DAAS quite a lot.

Image from Tangawarra DAAS Protection Society
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Hey, don't judge me or anything, but does anyone have "One More Mile" by Tom McRae?
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Do you know, I forgot I had ever written a Kara/Helo fic until it was recced at Crack Van? That makes me feel so dumb.

Katie Heigl picspam: one, two and three (now available in a manageable thumbnail size format). Katie is beautiful, absolutely beautiful, and this picspam is great, but there is a significant lack of photos of her from her Roswell days, and that makes us all very sad.

I made a post of TISM at [ profile] audiography.

I just watched this BtVS vid, Untouchable by Holly Gilmore. It is an alternate universe vid, and it is very well put together, very awesome, but it manipulated the footage so well that I felt cheated - I felt like it was misrepresenting the truth which of course it was, it's AU, but still. I will love Angel/Buffy forever, it appears, even though I haven't been in BtVS/AtS fandom for years.

Jeffery Dean Morgan and Kate Walsh are dating.

This is a song to cheer you up: Let's Replace the Cityscapes, by The Triangles.

Via [ profile] roz_mcclure, the first sentence in the novelisation of Snakes on a Plane: Well over six feet tall, black and bald with a kind of infinite calm in his dark eyes, he looked like exactly the kind of person you wanted to show up when pissed off gangsters were busting down your front door at six o'clock in the morning.

In other news, I'd like to know why it is that I don't own Queen of the Damned on DVD.
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Prompted by this post, wherein [ profile] shadowserenity claims that there are very few Australian artists that she likes, and one of them is Delta Goodrem, I have composed a brief musicspam of Australian artists that I like. You will notice that Delta does not feature in here!

These songs come under the following headings: rock, pop, country, and drunk pianist. But they are also all Australian, which is why you get to hear and admire them now!

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