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voting is here, and my real question is: how the fuck am i supposed to pick between miss piggy and pepe?

ETA: omg elmo and telly are neck and neck GO TELLY YOU CAN BEAT THAT JOHNNY COME LATELY.

also rowlf is losing to fozzie and i love rowlf but seriously, picking between these guys is painful. I WANT THEM ALL TO WIN.
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  1. I was working on the assumption that, just via word of mouth, everyone who cares will have heard of this by now, but just in case not: Good News Week returns to Ch10 tomorrow night at 21:00. I remember my first encounter with Paul McDermott; I was thirteen, and at a sleepover, and when I woke in the middle of the night the tv was still playing, and it was an old ep of Daas Kapital, and they were playing with giant cards and Paul was descended from a cockroach. I still love DAAS, they remain one of my favourite bands but GNW was shit when it moved to Ch10, and I both and hope and fear for its return tomorrow.
  2. Relatedly, its return was apparently prompted by the WGA strike: it highlighted the Australian dependence on television from the US, and apparently made it clear that a few more Australian shows might be appropriate.
  3. Heath Ledger's funeral was yesterday, and after cremation in Freo his ashes were scattered in the ocean at Cottesloe beach, and his friends and family all went for an emotional swim and retired to the Tea Rooms for the wake. I love the idea of a wake at the beach, swimming in the ocean and watching the sun across the water (though now on Friday when I go for a swim I will think, ashes, huh; and Cotts is my favourite beach, and then, of course, there's this:
  4. Summer continues unabated, but for a summer storm last Thursday. 36C today, similar for tomorrow, and I love it.
  5. We're in the middle of new years, so aside from the difficulty of finding clothes that aren't black to wear to work, I'm also fretting that so few people are posting to [ profile] red_packet. I posted yesterday: 100 words about a rat (Muppets).
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[ profile] fox1013 requested the five actors piggy put on her list of freebies after marrying kermit. this is mostly that. sort of.

that adorable tom hanks has an adorable son. )
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The Great Muppet Chinese New Year, by Pen.
The Muppets, Kermit, G.

Chinese New Year #12

the great muppet chinese new year )
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A review of Kylie's final show in the Showgirl: Homecoming tour (it sounds AWESOME).

The latest of the BSG comicses is cool.

A Christmas song: It Feels Like Christmas, as performed by the Ghost of Christmas Present and a chorus of Muppets.

Speaking of the Muppets, the Electric Mayhem has a myspace page! That's so awesome, yet so weird.

Six hours until Yuletide. It will be lunch time by then!
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This is not meta. Apparently we are not a fandom, so this cannot be meta.
and practice neurosurgery on your brain: Miss Piggy Knows She is Better Than You
a short piece on Miss Piggy )
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I just stood beside an open window for two hours and didn't notice it was pissing down with rain, because I was so busy cooking. This freaking curry had better work, or I'll be really mad. New recipe for a pumpkin curry, and details when it's done, will be posted at [ profile] outofthekitchen. Even if it fails alksdjflaksdf. That journal is one that I share with the delightful(ly absent) Miss Clairza, for the purpose of kitchen-related anecdotes and recipes.

[ profile] scranton_times - a newsletter for all your The Office (US) needs.

[ profile] moviefanfiction - a community for fanfiction from any movie.

HP author wank: Cassie Claire and the Plagiarism Thing.

[ profile] minervacat is hosting a multifandom fic (and vid) bunny flea market.

Some beautiful Muppet icons by [ profile] sunlitdays over here.

I'm sure just about everyone's seen this already, but Orlando loves spinach (eat shit and die), an awesome Orlando Bloom interview.
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This is a set of Muppet icons using quotes from other movies/books/television shows. They are all shareable, except for the ones that I very specifically made as per Claira's request, which I have not included in this post. Some of these are good, and some of these are not, but Muppets yay!

take myself for a walk and go to bed )
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There are a whole bunch of gorgeous Michael/Maria and Brendan/Majandra icons here. Even after all these years, I still consider Majandra one of the most beautiful women in the world. And even if you have a problem with RPF, it's okay to ship Brendan and Majandra, because they really were a couple for years, and now that they've split they've got joint custody of their boxers (the dogs).
Amy wins for this.

Sesame Street vids that Jules found on youtube.

Some icons I have liked: here and here.
I'd like to mention [ profile] x3denialfic, for any not based on x3 canon stories.

A, Miscellany:
There are some random love memes going on, just these huge, sprawling things, here and here, but if you're really interested, there's a BSG specific one here, which I think you should all play because it's nice to receive some affection and/or appreciation sometimes.
Yee & Lan: the most adorable story about planets ever.

A Favour: No hurry, but sometime in the next week or so I'm going to require a beta for a Stargate: Atlantis fic. It's for the Teylaficathon, except I accidentally sort of - well, I've had a few problems thematically, so this won't be a simple point and shoot beta.
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I updated [ profile] unproductive with 12 x Law and Order: SVU and 13 x BSG recs.

A picspam of Tina Majorino, brought to you by an unstoppable army of lizzens!

HP: Slytherins on a plane!

Here are some MirrorMask icons by Imry; also some cool stills (not by Imry).

[ profile] fox1013 made about on bazillion icons of The Muppet Movie.

The Office golf photoshoot.

Dilbert's ultimate house.
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After all of that Muppet talk yesterday and the day before, I took this picture of Beaker as the main figure in The Scream, and turned it into a shirt:

If you're interested, I just used plain black fabric paint (and my tiniest, tightest brush) on a cotton washer canvas. I'm not actually sure if I like the way the canvas has held the paint - it's run a little through the grooves, but overall it's okay, I think. Painting the image took me about five, maybe six hours, so that's how I spent my Saturday night. It's fraying at the edges, as cotton does, but I'll run the stitching (that holds it to the shirt) through a sewing machine when I get a chance (and access to one), and it should be okay.

I've another project that I'm thinking about for next weekend. I've got a peach drill cotton to try, so I'll give that a go.
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[Poll #701982]


ETA: I downloaded a complete cap set of the Muppet special that aired a couple of months ago, and I think I accidentally trashed the folder. I'm so pissed off I actually feel sick.
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happy birthday mr henson.

people say, "if you could invite anyone dead or alive to a dinner party, who would you invite?" and you are always number one on my list.


ten bases beneath the cut

it's in singing of a street corner choir )
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i am about to explode from joy! cj just suggested to abby that she (abby) go on sesame street and give a muppet a checkup. that's the best crossover of my fandoms EVER.


The episode is Eppur Si Muove.

I need a screencap of Big Bird next to CJ. OMG.
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ah. i'm not at home, and this isn't a fic in lj, so i can't just memory it for later. i have to rec it now.

And Have You Heard Voices? Firefly/The Muppets



also, the words on this icon say, "golden teeth and golden tone." keywords: welcome to my presence

and if you understand that joke, you should totally contact me because you obviously love the muppets as much as i do.


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