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from here

[ profile] annavtree asked for the view from a window:

This is the view from the study. I like to think that this light post is the edge of Narnia's forest.

[ profile] fahye asked for the corner of my house that I like the most:

(this penguin is so big, I can only just put my arms around him)

she also asked for my bookcase:

[ profile] kittu9 asked for hands:

K, this morning at archery

[ profile] flaifire asked for the view from my computer:

[ profile] koalathebear asked for a picture of me. I'm never happy with self portraits, so until I find a timer, it will not happen.
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Instead of writing, which I was going to do, I listened to Crowded House's Farewell to the World and thought about how beautiful Anna Paquin is, and how much I love a good photograph.

Look how darling she is, with her cheeky grin and the tilt of her head. I particularly love the two where she's in some pin-stripe pants, but she's simply stunning in all of these, which pleases me!

The pictures have come from all around the place, and I've collected a lot of them over time but three resources stand out: [ profile] sinful_caesar and [ profile] bohemea, the darlings, whom I hope will find some HQ here that they've not previously seen; photoactor; and

Click for hi-res, darlings! Though I must mention, a few mq pics crept into this section, but I'm too tired to weed them out.

34 under the cut )
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Hey, so after [ profile] eldritch_flame commented on how stunning Leelee Sobieksi was in this picture, I uploaded the other one I have of Leelee, in which she is less sexy but no less stunning.

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As instructed by [ profile] hobviously here:

1. This is a picspam
2. This post is pretty damn awesome
3. It is not especially dial up friendly
4. BUT, if you hover over a picture, and it provides a link, click on it! Revealed will be a LARGER PICTURE
5. You should make a post, too!

WTF LJ, stop eating the picture of Jude and Ewan!

i would still be on my feet )
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So, the Month of Pretender is almost over! This is sort of boo, but I'm sure many of you will be glad, since you don't care about the show at all.

This post is an attempt to interest you in the show, complete with visual aids and an explanation of the show's premise.

There are brief spoilers for the series in this pimp, but they are for the most part limited to relationships (and I'm not talking about the romantic kind).

There are pretenders among us. Geniuses with the ability to be become anyone they want to be. In 1963 a corporation known as the Centre isolated a young pretender named Jarod and exploited his genius for their research.

And then one day their Pretender ran away )

If you've never seen the Pretender before, I recommend the following vids (two of which are embedded in this post):

These four by StuckHereWithNoTV make a really nice set to start with. Follow You Into the Dark is about Miss Parker and Jarod's bizarre, destructive relationship, and the way they care about one another even when they're not supposed to. Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) is a different spin on the same thing: it's Jarod and Miss Parker's relationship, but a more positive spin on the way they relate to one another. I Hate Everything About You showcases more of the insanities of the Centre.

I recommend all of this vidder's vids, if you've the time and inclination. They have a fantastic grasp on all the characters, and manage to convey the sick complexities of the Centre in tiny moments.

The final of StuckHereWithNoTV's vids that I recommend is Everything Burns, a brilliant look at Miss Parker and her awesomeness. This is out here so it can be coupled with Back in Black by Leochick, a fantastic Mr Lyle vid. It showcases his insanity and his awesomeness perfectly. And it's a brilliant song choice.

Zsa-zsa makes some fantastic vids. Her vid page is here. My favourite is Uninvited (scroll to the bottom to find), a slow, depressing look at Parker and Jarod, with some beautiful Miss Parker cuts.

Darling Ness handily picspammed the first three seasons (by season): one, two and three.

This is my Pretender tag in my journal; these are the fic recs I've made. K has a lovely set of Pretender links here (including some vid recs), and Tahlia's list of links for the Month of Pretender can be found here.

ETA: Genius! Ness has uploaded the credits here. They are the second and third vids.

There was that time in the Everglades I tied you to a pole. Or was that last Saturday?

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Due to [ profile] morwen_peredhil's IMPERTINENCE, it has been brought to my attention that it has been some time since I talked about Dune.

So you all get a brief picspam:

Duncan Idaho:

His wife, St Alia of the Knife:

and the two of them together:



Okay, and now to archery.
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I'm in love with my icons. Which is not news to me!

This post is basically so I can tell you all that I am severely OTPing all over the place.

Previously, I OTPed using words and ficrecs. Today, I'd like to OTP using images.

This collection is incomplete - there are two OTPs that I will never talk about in public, as my love for them cannot be rendered textually or visually. Quite literally, whenever I try to talk about them, all I can say is "ALDKJALSDKJALDSFF" and, occasionally, "meant to be omfg." But aside from these two pairings that shall remain nameless, here is my love rendered pictographically.

stripping back the coats )
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The First and Only and Bestest Annual GoF Premiere Fashion Awards Show; Robert Pattinson pulls the best faces ever; Stanislav and Katie and Robert with their arms around each other (in a photoshoot I haven't seen); then the rest of that photoshoot; list of sites for premiere photos.

WHY are there no photos of Katie and Robert together from the premiere? And TOO MANY of Katie and Dan. *weeps*

OMG Robert Pattinson's Seedy Opium Den of Doom

It's not that he's hot: it's that he's HILARIOUS.

DAMN YOU HARRY POTTER FANDOM. I was divorcing you just last week!
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I'm from a small island in South-East Asia, and a couple of months ago I went to visit the rellies (and shop). I'm feeling a bit unwell, so rather than doing anything productive, I've been sorting photos. Please find a handful (with attached stories) under the cut.

When the tsunami came last year, it washed many of the houses in this kampung away. The death toll in Malaysia was much higher than international media reported: according to K, the government didn't want the tourists to be scared away. The reason why no tourists got washed out to sea was because the hotels are on a higher part of the island, and the staff could see the wave coming and called the tourists all in from the water. The part of the island where many people were washed away is about two kilometres from the tourist stretch, and much lower down, and they weren't warned. Not that it would have saved them.

It was lucky, says K, that the tsunami hit at daytime, when everyone was out, rather than at nighttime, when they would have been in their homes.

i can't convince him to stay )
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A gorgeous GoF photoshoot of the actors can be found over here. I especially love this photo in particular ) which I have used to make this icon:

keywords: [hp] katie + robert photo shoot
he looks like he is about to nuzzle her cheek!

Discussion about why you really shouldn't bash Cho over here.

I finally, finally, am writing my Cho fic. It has been years since I first had this idea, and it is finally starting to come together. And I'm awfully excited because I'm so totally ready to leave HP fandom. I just need to finish this and I'm done.
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