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this article makes me want to write Roswell RPF, no lie.

also, i've just realised i don't actually own Prince Caspian on dvd. i should rectify that.
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the lights just in sight by pen
adam lambert rpf / the pretender, Adam Lambert, PG (language and stuff).

This is a birthday present for my darling [livejournal.com profile] mandysbitch.

Thanks OR SOMETHING for the idea goes to Pieces of, who laughed but enables my most amazing crossovers. And SOMETHING to Sloane.

I'M NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS, OKAY. There is some time mushing to make everyone more of the same age-ish.


An adventure. Excellent. Adam loves this shit. )
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no recognisable tune, by pen
real person lies, Eva Green and Daniel Craig, G

these lies are my own fault. they have not been betaed, they are for your enjoyment only.

Under the table, he forms a fist, rests his hand upon her thigh. )
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[livejournal.com profile] fox1013 requested the five actors piggy put on her list of freebies after marrying kermit. this is mostly that. sort of.

that adorable tom hanks has an adorable son. )
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This icon is so old, and so ugly, but it's AJ and RS making out on the red carpet, and it will be almost the last icon to go.

until his dignity, dissolved by the wayside by Pen
The West Wing RPF, Allison Janney and a cast of drunken actors, G

I wrote this for Tris an age ago, here. Where do I get these titles from, seriously?

When they wrap, her heart breaks )
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I wrote two ficlets for Medie's Kissing challenge:

These Circles Of, prompt: Miss Parker; she speaks in tongues

She hums pleasantly. )


Walking on the Lines, prompt: Eva Greene/Daniel Craig; goodbye

Ahead, he sees a familiar figure, and he speeds up. )

ALSO, some complete nobody who shall remain Piecesof wrote Promenade, about our favourite geek BROOTSIE
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a sweet display of nothingness (of everything) (of nevermind) by Pen
RPF, Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson, G.

This is a story about ridiculous old friends.

This story is for [livejournal.com profile] sloanesomething.

She pushes him carefully into the mud, knows Sally in wardrobe will be most upset. )
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Running with Mascara Eyes by Pen
Narnia RPF, Anna Popplewell, G.

These five hundred words are completely unbetaed, totally self-indulgent, and mostly for [livejournal.com profile] hobviously. Set during the filming of Prince Caspian. Call this a practice run.

Anna slings an arm about Georgie's shoulders, and Georgie's tears drop onto her dress.  )
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An Attempt to Change the Subject, by Pen.
Real Person Lies, Daniel Craig and Eva Green, rated PG.

When he whispers 'where have you been, witch queen?' into her ear, she laughs. )
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One Stop, by Pen
Law and Order: SVU RPF, rated R.

Birthday fic for Ash, part one: Chris/Mariska. Assistance rendered by Sloane.

She is twelve weeks pregnant when she tells him. )
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In Which There Is A Movie, And Friends, by Pen
Narnia RPF, rated G.

Fic for Tris' birthday, part one: Anna/William written in CS Lewis' style. Unbetaed.

I can't give a summary, because I don't want to spoil it I LOVE IT SO )
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two breaths backward, half a step down
narnia rpf, rated pg.

for the delightful sloanesomething, at her request. she and i pass through random pairings and fandoms, and some of this fic will make no sense unless you are as obsessed with the children of dune miniseries as we are, but WHATEVER it is still narnia rpf. i wasn't going to post this in my journal, but someone really wanted to see it, so here it is.

Before he can turn, he is attacked by a soft mass of little girl with sharp nails on his skin and sticky lips at his neck, and out of the corner of his eye he sees Anna, grinning madly. )
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title: the slow fade
author: bantha_fodder
fandom: hprpf (katie/robert)
rated: for mild sexing
disclaimer: these are ALL LIES. none of this happened.

this is something for [livejournal.com profile] shleemeri to hug and kiss and call her own. it was supposed to be premiere!porn, but developed a plot, and became this exploration of teenage something or other. UGH. PORN. WHY DO YOU FORSAKE ME?

with thanks to claira and saff. but why are there no hprpf comms? just places for rps.

She's nearly the first one onto the red carpet; walks the distance long before everyone else. This is not an accident. )
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title: the kind you take home
author: bantha_fodder
fandom: bsgrpf
pairing: jamie/katee (ANGSTCAKES BABY)

these things did not happen. NOT AT ALL. I MADE IT ALL UP.

claira may have assisted in the production of this lie, but only a little.

Jamie kisses her forehead, and they hold the pose for five minutes whilst the photographer gets it just right. )
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title: touching base
fandom: bsgrpf OMGYAY
pairing: grace/tahmoh

these events did not happen. this is fic about real people. it is ALL LIES.

omg i need to sleep

spoilers for 2.10

ps i hat u claira (but i love sloane)

Over the hiatus, she acts in a play for a week or two.  )
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i'm going to talk about rpf. RIGHT NOW.

1. RPF = Real Person Fic.

2. It exists.

3. If you're writing it, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HELL. Writing it, and at the same time saying that you're going to hell, is unproductive behaviour.

4. If you're not writing it, you can totally say that others are going to hell. This is a fandom certainty, a fight that has been going on for years. I've been on panels at cons about this particular argument.

5. If you are making an RPF filter, because you are OMG SO EMBARRASSED, you may put me on it, no questions asked. My first RPF fandom was five, maybe six years ago, so you have nothing to hide from me.

6. I write RPF all the time. Mostly by request, but whatever.

7. Seriously. Ask me to write RPF for a fandom I'm already in, and I'll probably do it. I LOVE RPF.

8. You guys have heard of Lotrips, right? I thought we'd finished this argument years ago.

9. The reason for this post is that, apparently, overnight, RPF has appeared in new BSG fandom, and the people writing it are totally excited but all convinced they're going to hell. AND THEY'RE NOT OKAY CLAIRA? YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HELL.

Thank you for your attention.
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Yeah, I wish I was kidding.

Look, I've always been a fan of swimmers. And thanks to recent picspams by [livejournal.com profile] saava and [livejournal.com profile] bellanut, I've recently been getting back into it. And, uh, it turns out I wrote swimmer fic last year, and never posted it here.

So, I present a swimmer RPF. Ian Thorpe/Michael Phelps yeah SHUT IT I'M SORRY, OKAY?

title: dust
fandom: swimmer RPF
disclaimer: uh. this is totally made up. and also, if i ever achieve my goal of becoming a professional sportsperson, the existence of this fic may possibly make me incredibly uncomfortable. but you all totally have my permission to write fic about me then. *g*

I've made no edits to this fic. It's posted as is from the file on my computer. And was originally for [livejournal.com profile] spillingvelvet, I think, and then she made the icon I'm using in thanks.

18/08/2004 (written during the Olympics, and set there)

It’s not quite silent. )


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