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Dear Santa (and, incidentally, internets),

I love Yuletide! Thanks for signing up and WRITING FOR ME. This year I went for the comfortable familiar requests:

I used two nomination slots in order to request The Pretender! Because I love it the mostest. I requested Debbie + Broots on the run and out of the way - please note that this is NOT a request for incest! Although the incesty undertones (and overtones) are all over the place in the Centre, this is not the case with Debbie and her dad! They are just on the run. I also requested 'the politics of the Centre.' This request is A-OK for the incest-y undertones, particularly if we're talking the machinations of Mr Lyle and Miss Parker (they are THE BEST). And Jarod is, looming, or machinations, or something.

Machinations also appear in my request for Children of Dune. Pre-twin machinations are fine (Irulan and Alia fighting! Irulan and Chani fighting! Paul being all whatever! Korba!) but machinations involving the twins are also very acceptable! (I looove them)

Finally, I requested Space: Above and Beyond. At the end, everyone dies! Only, I wish that they didn't. I was non-specific with my prompt ('they're alive, and it hurts') because I don't mind who it is who is alive! And how much they hurt! I just want to know. Something. Anything. (Paul Wang is my favourite)

Thanks, Santa! I hope you have lots of fun! Thanks again for writing!


PS Any crossovers with any of my fandoms (listen in my profile) would also be very appreciated! I am a big fan of crossovers.
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So I've been reading through the yuletide archive, and it's funny how the descriptor: Roswell, Liz/Michael still brings out such a visceral, gut disgust in me without me even having to think about it.

Roulette, The Pretender. Debbie makes her own luck.

May I Feel Said He, A Poem by ee cummings. The Pretender. Jarod and Miss Parker out in the world and running from one another (and the Centre), and it's a great adventure. ALSO, I totally think I know who wrote this, based on a combination of who hasn't commented on the fic and the fic's title.

The Fearless Moral Inventory of Milhouse Van Houten Milhouse is ADORABLE. It has that bite that the Simpsons always gives, and it's Milhouse (and a great Bart).

The Ivory Horn - Will at Oxford, searching for the way with Mary and SUSAN QUEEN OF NARNIA.

A Fine Romance, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. This is a brilliant piece from Adam's point of view, the journey home. It's quite lovely.

The Journey West is American Gods, the tale of how Monkey comes to America and it is absolutely brilliant, it is perfect.

La Familia, a brilliant tale of Chrestomanci and his family.

Renaissance Portraits, 1602. An unsteady but interesting look at some of the other mutants in who don't appear in 1602.

The Kid from the Narrows, a really great Batman Begins fic about Jason.

Three Dead Men and the Women Who Did Not Mourn Them, Bourne.

You're the Tall Kingdom I surround, Bourne. Bourne and Nicky.

Cry for Yesterday, Narnia, adjusting in England.

Queen of Morning, Narnia. Susan, the Gentle.

Sea Legs, Narnia. A delightful tale of Eustance after returning from the Dawn Treader.

Sunlight Through Birch Trees, Sandman. It's a slow but lovely story of movement in the Dreaming.

Those Gates of Hell, Space: Above and Beyond. Nights on Deimos. I love Cooper <33

The Birthday of Eternity, Discworld. Brilliant Nanny Ogg characterisation as Death comes to visit.
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answers, once again, to this meme:

name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudo-canon.

max evans )

isabel evans )

michael guerin )

maria deluca )

lucy pevensie )

jill pole )

gurney halleck )

jessica atreides )

st alia of the knife )

cooper hawkes )

devon adair )

john crichton )

hannibal king )

kitty pryde )

piotr rasputin )

chloe sullivan )

jarod )

from here, and here, if you're still wanting to request.
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I gave my fucking heart to this show.

If you ever get the chance, netflix or downloads or whatever, watch this show. If you enjoy (or enjoyed) BSG because it is a show about the end of the world, or because it is about a war; if you enjoy people flying ships in space, exploring new worlds, meeting crazy aliens and dooming their planets; if you like your shows to be funny, and sad, and filled with awesome, watch Space: Above and Beyond. I swear it's great.

These links are not for people who have never seen the show, I'm sorry. If you've never seen the show,* random clips from random episodes will give you nothing. To enjoy it, you have to watch it from the beginning.

That clip when Wang does his very best imitation of McQueen as a plumber.

Chains of Being, by Shoshanna. I'm so torn by this one. It's Cooper Hawkes, little boy lost in the middle of a war, following him from his time in the facility until he's well aboard the Saratoga, and it's well-written and incredibly thoughtful and includes an NC-17 Cooper/McQueen relationship, which, teacher/student relationship, yuck. I definitely recommend it, though.

I haven't finished downloading all of them, but the vids here seem pretty awesome. I definitely recommend "Our House," about life on the Saratoga. It's a great vid.

*note to self, cap s:aab and make picspam pimp post.
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Show Me The Way (to go home), by Pen
Space: Above and Beyond, Paul Wang, PG

Chinese New Year #2

It's what a marine would do )
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I received the most exciting thing in the mail this arvo:

There are so many things that I could do with it, I'm just not sure which option to pick!

Thank you very much, Ness. <33
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I updated [ profile] unproductive with 7 x Stargate: Atlantis and 15 x Grey's Anatomy recs.

Everyone should sign up for [ profile] wingswing. Well, i say "everyone," but what I mean is "everyone but not me," because I don't write fic for The West Wing, no matter how much I love it.

Another signup form. This one is for [ profile] summer_flinging, a challenge (not an exchange) of summer flings/romance.

I'd like to draw your attention to a whole lot of Brokeback Mountain parody trailers. My favourite is probably the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one.

Caps of Space: Above and Beyond 1x01 and 1x02.
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I'm so sorry to spam you all today, but I would like to announce that I am currently working on a S:AAB fic, because I LOVE YOU S:AAB, and I'm now going to talk about it for a couple of minutes. Please bear with me.

rambling and spoilers I LOVE YOU SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND )
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title: i get by (with a little help from my friends)
author: pen
fandom: space: above and beyond
summary: Shane Vansen, and the things that get her through.
i do not own

cancelling Space: Above and Beyond was the first time fox broke my heart. clearly it was not the last, though.

with thanks to [ profile] zeplum and [ profile] stars_like_dust.

The sirens blare, and she reaches out. )
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bitchy thought for the day: is, my first fanfic, be kind! code for, don't tell me i suck or i might cry and never have the courage to write again?

non-bitchy continuation of that: and if it IS, then shouldn't we not be telling anyone they suck? let me try again. newbie or not, if someone's fic sucks, shouldn't we be saying, well, this bit was okay, but this bit needs work? instead, we keep quiet if something sucks, or we bitch about it under locks, but we never do anything about it. but then, is it our responsibility to do anything about it at all? perhaps we should all be like thumper. you know, from bambi.

omg, i made a comment in someone's fic today, about how i liked it but it needed work. i'm not going to name her in case she doesn't want to be named, but this (the above) comment is totally not about you! i swear! it was prompted by something else. oh, now i sound like (more of) a bitch (than usual).


this icon was made by [ profile] monkeycrackmary. you can find more from the same batch here


i got home a short while ago. i worked this morning (omg i worked on a saturday, after working a full working week! I AM CLEARLY MALAYSIAN), then meandered off to archery, where C and i bucked the trend and shot target rather than clout. plus, we got to bitch and gossip, which is always fun. anyway, that explains why i haven't done any of the things i said i'd do today, and i'm about to cook dinner and go out so they're not going to get done today at all, so sorry if you're one of those people. i really am sorry!


fic rec: Pink Dreams, by Kanna-Ophelia. it's a fic about barbie. OMG. seriously. i love it.
for teh koala (maaaaaate): Chris Eccleston talking about the Muppets.
this makes me want to write chloe and lex like WOAH. i'm definitely having a chloe/lex thing at the moment.


(cooper hawkes is hot)


ETA2: omg. O. M. G. It's been ten years since I last watched S:AAB, and watching the blue goo episode freaked me out. Kathe, you can HAVE nathan and this episode. it was freaking hard work watching this.
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You know what I am doing? I am watching SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND. IT IS THE BEST EVER. I LOVE THIS SHOW.

Coop and Shane. YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT.

Nathan is such a wanker. I hate this poem/verse he writes Kylen. UGH.

Some links:

Hindsight, by [ profile] sloanesomething. VMars. ALL ABOUT LOGAN, which is as it should be.
A Dark and Gotham Night by [ profile] daegaer. Batman/Good Omens. You need to read it. You need to read it now.
[ profile] svilleficrecs has started the ten couples who need to fuck right now meme, which [ profile] meyerlemon has modified to be ten couples who need to hold hands briefly and never mention it again meme.

And now, to get me some Prison Break episodes.
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where are the vids for bsg using the new season, huh? even the vids being made now still aren't using this season. OMG HURRY UP AND VID. especially if you're someone whose vids i like.

could i get more nonsensical? i suspect not.


multiverse recs: full of grace (SG:A/BSG); Five Reasons Why Han Quit The Academy (Star Wars/BSG). feedback them. i haven't yet, thus making me a bad example, but i totally will.


there was a story, way back in the beginning of this fandom. five ways lee adama didn't die. someone link me.


[ profile] maddeinin is currently doing things with [ profile] galacticanews as i totally do not have the time to collect links. and i am very grateful.


S:AAB icons. links originally via [ profile] hercircumstance. here, here and here

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