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naked bathtub goldfish by pen
SyFy Alice / The Pretender, PG with swearing (uh, hello, Miss Parker's in it)

Thanks to Sloane.

This is a thing I wrote for some girl I met on the internets, you might know her as PIECESOFALICE. <3

She follows Jarod through the mirror. Why wouldn't she? )
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A by product of our Pretender marathon on Friday:

This Is Going To Get Weird, Isn't It by mah girl [ profile] piecesofalice. Pretender / 30 Rock, because we were sitting on the couch, and someone said, "Kenneth as a pretender," and it was clearly destined to be amazing.

It opens like this:
It's a Tuesday when Liz Lemon thinks she sees Kenneth smoking a cigarette and swearing at a cell phone in the alley behind 30 Rockefeller.

Yuletide ficrecs to come.
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the lights just in sight by pen
adam lambert rpf / the pretender, Adam Lambert, PG (language and stuff).

This is a birthday present for my darling [ profile] mandysbitch.

Thanks OR SOMETHING for the idea goes to Pieces of, who laughed but enables my most amazing crossovers. And SOMETHING to Sloane.

I'M NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS, OKAY. There is some time mushing to make everyone more of the same age-ish.


An adventure. Excellent. Adam loves this shit. )
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and into the clear by pen
the Pretender, Miss P, G

this was written for yuletide madness 2009 for sabaceanbabe, originally published here

prompt: Miss P has to pick between Jarod or the Centre.

(but then, doesn't she always?)

Oh Miss Parker, I love you. Thanks to CGB for the beta.

This was a last minute thing (obviously, being for yuletide madness). I love any opportunity to write Miss Parker.

She's too old for this shit. )

who am i?

Jan. 2nd, 2010 12:38 am
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I spent a huge chunk of today watching the Pretender with pieces and suburbannoir; pieces and I basically made little heart shapes with our hands for eight hours straight every time Jarod and Parker appeared.

[ we love them ]

suburbannoir had not previously seen the Pretender (aside from random episodes on television), and has decided to upset us by shipping Broots with Parker (because she's contrary).

anyway, so that was pretty amazing. we've been inspired to write a lot (A LOT) of Pretender fic, watch this space closely for some more fic coming your way very soon



you will not believe what I'm writing, internets. It's technically already right now the birthday of my super amazing buddy [ profile] mandysbitch (well, technically here, not so much where she currently is), and I'm writing her


no really.


Dec. 26th, 2009 08:53 am
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Hey so I got two fics for Yuletide! THEY'RE AMAZING! AND THEY'RE BOTH ABOUT DEBBIE OMG.

Take The Photographs is about Debbie and Broots on the run, and it's SO GOOD (also, secret crossover). Debbie's voice as she's on the run is just perfect, and the little observations and notes are so good. And it's so hopeful! *squishes it* So good! I LOVE IT.

that which molds us from the clay is also about Debbie and Broots on the run, and its ALSO amazing, at the same time as being totally different - it's less hopeful, and it's more about the construction of the run rather than the shape of it, and Miss Parker is A++ (as always). I LOVE IT.




The archive has been so slow, I've only just read these now (Boxing Day morning), and I don't think I'll get to the rest until later. Hope everyone's stories were awesomesauce, feel free to link and rec woo!
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Dear Santa (and, incidentally, internets),

I love Yuletide! Thanks for signing up and WRITING FOR ME. This year I went for the comfortable familiar requests:

I used two nomination slots in order to request The Pretender! Because I love it the mostest. I requested Debbie + Broots on the run and out of the way - please note that this is NOT a request for incest! Although the incesty undertones (and overtones) are all over the place in the Centre, this is not the case with Debbie and her dad! They are just on the run. I also requested 'the politics of the Centre.' This request is A-OK for the incest-y undertones, particularly if we're talking the machinations of Mr Lyle and Miss Parker (they are THE BEST). And Jarod is, looming, or machinations, or something.

Machinations also appear in my request for Children of Dune. Pre-twin machinations are fine (Irulan and Alia fighting! Irulan and Chani fighting! Paul being all whatever! Korba!) but machinations involving the twins are also very acceptable! (I looove them)

Finally, I requested Space: Above and Beyond. At the end, everyone dies! Only, I wish that they didn't. I was non-specific with my prompt ('they're alive, and it hurts') because I don't mind who it is who is alive! And how much they hurt! I just want to know. Something. Anything. (Paul Wang is my favourite)

Thanks, Santa! I hope you have lots of fun! Thanks again for writing!


PS Any crossovers with any of my fandoms (listen in my profile) would also be very appreciated! I am a big fan of crossovers.

i am today

Oct. 2nd, 2009 11:06 pm
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Thanks to Pieces, I have got my grubby hands on The Pretender OST.



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I cannot believe that River Tam beat Miss Piggy in the Home Team votes. This is just astonishing.

To make up for it, please console yourselves with this Time article: Tickle Me Obama: Lessons from Sesame Street.

In other news, I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Due to a difference of opinion, JKR and I parted ways at about chapter two of this book, and as a result I have not read the final two! This may have been an issue for me in this movie if I hadn't had the internet keeping me informed in advance!

some spoilery thoughts mostly on Snape, and the noble and most ancient house of black, and then I babble about how awesome Emma Watson is )

In other other news, I miss writing about Narnia! Maybe since filming has started, and I've settled into living in this VERY COLD CITY I could think about writing something.

Or maybe watching some Pretender. Hmm.
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I'm feeling a bit five-things-ish, it's a rainy night and I feel like writing, so I'm currently taking prompts for five things.

fandoms i might write in: muppets, pretender, la femme nikita, the west wing, sandman, dune, narnia, chloe and lex taking over the world, space: above and beyond, the cutting edge, maybe some x-men. maybe even some LIES. you're welcome to ask for something else, especially crossovers.
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What with us being a dead fandom and all, there's no way Miss Parker is going to get more votes than Miss Piggy, Hermione Granger or CJ Cregg, but you can still show some love for Miss P here at the Home Team cage matches, showcasing awesome women (trans + cis) characters.

Miss P could totally take them all in a cage match, though! (Miss P is fierce and tough and yields when she needs to in order to win)

Except maybe against M. Maybe.

I don't know why I just read all of those comments, when I'm supposed to be writing a sequel to [ profile] mandysbitch's Pretender/DEBS fic, or I don't know SLEEPING.

Also I want to sign up for the xmmficathon. I've totally been feeling the love, I rewatched X1 + X2 last week and then went on a fic-reading binge. You can sign up here. I'm thinking about Rogue and Pyro (are members of a noble brotherhood); about Kitty and Piotr; about Mystique's powers returning; about Nightcrawler thinking about the cure.

Also I have been reading a lot of HP fic. A LOT. Almost entirely Draco/Ginny. It's like it's 2003 again!
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And the AMAZING [ profile] mandysbitch has written me the most amazing fic EVER, Bad Girls Go Everywhere, a DEBS/Pretender crossover! Miss Parker as a DEB! GREATEST CROSSOVER EVER.

It's this great thing, timelines have been manipulated and Miss Parker is, you know, DEB age (and Jarod is a comparable age, so they're wee!geniuses) and here is a brief sample:

"Did you lock Janet in the bathroom last night?" Max asks her. They’re on their way to the daily breakfast meeting and Janet is in the back of the car, sulking.

Miss Parker lights her first cigarette of the day. "She's very annoying."


I'm so excited I have butterflies!
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that the rainbow comes by bantha fodder
the pretender, emily, pg

written for medie for [ profile] femme_fic
prompt: emily and jarod / little sister gets in the game

thanks to mah pieces.

originally posted here at the femme fic community

Emily closes her eyes; listens for the gunshots )
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For [ profile] femme_fic, vote here for the Pretenderrrrrr so I can write about Miss P!
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there's some sort of 'post about a female character you love' thing going on, so i thought i would say:

Miss Parker is well-educated and confident and sure of what she thinks and what she wants. She knows how to handle a gun and she knows how to torture and she knows Japanese and Ukranian and she can be so subtle, so soft and malleable that you don't see the danger until it's too late. She is also damaged, her father probably arranged a hit on her lover and her twin is a complete and utter nutter who probably thinks inappropriate things about her, and she has some sort of crazy love/hate thing going on with Jarod. Her pride is so compelling, she is beautiful and her weaknesses will probably make her stronger, I think, and when she's ready on her own she'll escape the Centre, or she'll die trying.

She is my favourite character ever, no qualifications.
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i want to write about Dune, or about the Pretender. meta or fic, feel free to prompt me. and tell me if you've written anything lately or read anything good, i'll be honest, today is the first time i've read my flist in about four weeks, and i didn't get very far.

prince caspian doesn't open for another two weeks, and at this point i'm mostly spoiler-free, and afeared that i'll miss all the good fic in the next two weeks.


psychic twins holding hands evil twins holding hands

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I did this meme thing, if you want it too just leave me a comment or something, and [ profile] piecesofalice asked:

1. Would you seriously write Miss Parker/Lyle/Jarod? Why/why not?
Of course I would! Lyle is obsessed with his sister, and obsessed with Jarod. Miss P and Jarod would get it on any time there was a deserted alley and a gun in her hand, obvs. Jarod is repulsed by Lyle, but wants to know what makes him tick and Parker wants to love her brother even though he's a disgusting cockroach. She tries, though, and though when the revolution comes he will be first against the wall, she will miss him all the same.

2. Name your first fandom.
I nearly said The Pretender, but that was 1996 and I realised that I was fourteen at the time, and therefore it was not my first fandom. My first fandom was either Sailor Moon or Power Rangers. Yeah, shut the hell up. The first fandom I wrote fic in was Roswell, but that wasn't until I went to uni.

3. What is the fic you'd love to write, but don't have the stamina/guts to?
The Greatest Crossover Idea Ever (The Pretender/Firefly/Dune). Though by writing it here, I'm hoping to motivate myself into writing it. Of course, this answer is just hiding the real answer, which due to its current status as UNTOUCHED FOR THREE MONTHS, is probably the awesome fic of awesome that I am allegedly cowriting with some girl called piecesof.

4. What album reminds you of The Pretender?
I'm not sure an entire album is any good. Probably Powderfinger's Internationalist comes closest, though even that's not a very good fit. I KNOW you want me to say something by Hawksley, but I shan't.

5. And finally - how do you want our OTP to end?
It will end like this: Lyle will make his move against his sister and Jarod. Jarod will react, he will attempt to take Lyle out but he will miscalculate, and in trying to both take Lyle out AND save Parker and Sydney he will fail, and Lyle will capture him. Jarod will be his prize, and Lyle, triumphant, will find that he has succeeded. Parker, unsure, will attempt to rescue Jarod but she will fail, and Sydney will die during the attempt and Parker will doubt herself and she will run, run until her brother can no longer find her. Disappointed, Jarod will escape, and he will disappear, and he will make no attempt to find her for years. Eventually, he will realise that her failings are his failings too, and he should not fault her for them, he will attempt to find her but she will not be anywhere to be found.

The Centre will go on to become Blue Sun, etc etc etc, but Miss Parker will remain hidden and she will change the world wherever she lands but she will never see Jarod, and she will never see her brother, and she will be a better person for it.

Jarod will begrudge her for it.

That's not how I want it to end, but that's how it will end. How I want it to end: they bring the Centre down, looking hot and wearing very attractive clothes, and then they almost but not quite touch. Because the first rule of Pretender club: NO TOUCHING.
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The Distance That Keeps, by Pen
The Pretender.

For [ profile] mandysbitch, who specifically wanted to see Jarod, the psycho. On the occasion of her birth many years ago.

with thanks to piecesof.

She flips through files and listens to old interviews, traces his path and looks for patterns. )
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So I've been reading through the yuletide archive, and it's funny how the descriptor: Roswell, Liz/Michael still brings out such a visceral, gut disgust in me without me even having to think about it.

Roulette, The Pretender. Debbie makes her own luck.

May I Feel Said He, A Poem by ee cummings. The Pretender. Jarod and Miss Parker out in the world and running from one another (and the Centre), and it's a great adventure. ALSO, I totally think I know who wrote this, based on a combination of who hasn't commented on the fic and the fic's title.

The Fearless Moral Inventory of Milhouse Van Houten Milhouse is ADORABLE. It has that bite that the Simpsons always gives, and it's Milhouse (and a great Bart).

The Ivory Horn - Will at Oxford, searching for the way with Mary and SUSAN QUEEN OF NARNIA.

A Fine Romance, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. This is a brilliant piece from Adam's point of view, the journey home. It's quite lovely.

The Journey West is American Gods, the tale of how Monkey comes to America and it is absolutely brilliant, it is perfect.

La Familia, a brilliant tale of Chrestomanci and his family.

Renaissance Portraits, 1602. An unsteady but interesting look at some of the other mutants in who don't appear in 1602.

The Kid from the Narrows, a really great Batman Begins fic about Jason.

Three Dead Men and the Women Who Did Not Mourn Them, Bourne.

You're the Tall Kingdom I surround, Bourne. Bourne and Nicky.

Cry for Yesterday, Narnia, adjusting in England.

Queen of Morning, Narnia. Susan, the Gentle.

Sea Legs, Narnia. A delightful tale of Eustance after returning from the Dawn Treader.

Sunlight Through Birch Trees, Sandman. It's a slow but lovely story of movement in the Dreaming.

Those Gates of Hell, Space: Above and Beyond. Nights on Deimos. I love Cooper <33

The Birthday of Eternity, Discworld. Brilliant Nanny Ogg characterisation as Death comes to visit.
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ps, Jarod is a crazy pants. HE IS A PSYCHO.

In other news, I uploaded my yuletide story! And I think it is okay. So that's cool.


This is an offer for fic. Work has been slow, of late, and now that yuletide is in I'm coool. So, if you would like me to write something: character or pairing, fandom, prompt. No guarantees.


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