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sometimes, i think that maybe i love cj/toby THE MOST.

(but parkerrrrr)
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Been rewatching The West Wing lately. I know a lot of people drifted away mid season five, but I stuck it out until early season seven before I drifted away, due to The Thing. I finally watched all of season seven last year, and just this evening we finished season six and we're moving through to season seven again, which means The Thing is imminent.

I've been mainlining picspams, quotes, interviews and fic, in anticipation of (and to combat) The Thing, and by The Thing, I mean, The Gross and Ridiculous Mischaracterisation of Tobias Zeigler.

I love Toby. His integrity, his grumpiness, his despair and even sometimes his hope. I love his hands over his heart and his discovery that babies come with hats. I love that he buys Andy a house, and that he's too sad. I love the friendship and humour in his voice when he says, you fell in the pool there, CJ, and all the rest of it. I love him.

I struggle to reconcile what we know of Toby with The Thing )
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Everytime they say it was Fitz, I get really mad. They couldn't have maybe written that differently?
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two from femme_fic:

Everything's Green, by darling voleuse for meeee, about CJ, wonderful and amazing and FIERCE:

She called room service and requested the unhealthiest dinner she could. She switched her silent TV to Fox News and spent an enjoyable evening shouting out each logical fallacy as it came up.

and The Simple Joys of Maidenhood, about Morgana and Gwen, by an unstoppable army of lizzens:

The ship moves hard astern and the two women look at each other nervously. After a moment, Gwen says in an even tone, "I'm sorry, no man is worth this."


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This icon is so old, and so ugly, but it's AJ and RS making out on the red carpet, and it will be almost the last icon to go.

until his dignity, dissolved by the wayside by Pen
The West Wing RPF, Allison Janney and a cast of drunken actors, G

I wrote this for Tris an age ago, here. Where do I get these titles from, seriously?

When they wrap, her heart breaks )
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An awesome Shiri Appleby photoshoot here.
Fahye wrote a Stealth/TWW crossover: untitled.
Sloane wrote some James Bond fic, post Casino Royale: Non Sufficit. I love Sloane (and her fic) <33.
Imry wrote Narnia: Lay Down Your Jewelled Head (Lucy and Edmund, for meeee); Lights That Were Golden (Susan, returned from Narnia). Imry is so awesome.
Grace Park does the robot (and also there is some other BSG stuff at SC's journal).

A Meme:

There's a meme going on at [ profile] ack_attack's lj, where you post your username and Let your friends tell you what reminds them of YOU! It can be a picture, a song, an icon, a video, an inside joke, a celebrity they think you look like - whatevah!

And I am fascinated. I would love to know what reminds people of me, but I am not actually a fan of these huge, multipage memes. All those names I've never seen before kind of intimidate me (amongst other things). So this is twofold: please tell me what reminds you of me! And, if you want me to, I am happy to reciprocate (here, or elsewhere). Although a caveat: if nothing reminds me of you, I will let you know.
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I turned on my television, and Josh Lyman said, "I love her mind, I love her shoes." And oh.
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re: TWW 7.05



omg *weeps more* )

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME WEST WING FIC TO MAKE ME HAPPY AGAIN. Preferably CJ/Toby. It can be angsty, if it needs to be, but it should have CJ and Toby in it, and IT SHOULD BE CLEAR THAT THEY LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

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some icons i just made. these are not shareable, because i'm a bitch. not that you'd want them.

being compelled (by my own obsession) to make this icon (because omg cj and big bird!), i also made another. it is cj/toby, and it is

do you know why it says 'otp' ? because [ profile] otp. WE WIN OVER ALL PAIRINGS.

i now understand how people can post bad icons. It's not that I'm proud of these icons, it's that it's CJ and BIGBIRD and it's ALISON JANNEY MAKING OUT WITH RICHARD SCHIFF.

i've been a west wing fangirl for six years, and i love it so. love love love. when i grow up, i want to be cj cregg.
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i am about to explode from joy! cj just suggested to abby that she (abby) go on sesame street and give a muppet a checkup. that's the best crossover of my fandoms EVER.


The episode is Eppur Si Muove.

I need a screencap of Big Bird next to CJ. OMG.
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Okay, so, I'd already heard about this lady, but [ profile] meyerlemon linked to this article about her, and I read this:

On Saturday, two high-level Bush administration officials, the national security adviser and deputy White House chief of staff, talked to Sheehan for about 20 minutes.

And I thought, "OMG, that's the guy doing Josh Lyman's job!"

And then I got pouty, because I don't have a TWW icon.

In other news, also related to that big white building, my partner would like to know what you'd call the President's husband. The first husband? The first gentleman? This is an important question, so we've debated this one a lot the last couple of days.

My favourite episode is still In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, because CJ falls in the pool, and Toby loves her.
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I'm going to stop loitering online, torturing myself with my lack of BSG and my lack of HP, and go to archery.

Sloane (and also D) say I should console myself with the fact that JKR can't write, anyway.


She books into the Gotham Hotel. Uses the LexCorp credit card. Wayne knows who she is. By the time she's signed her name, he probably knows where she is.

She's lived in a town owned by one man before. She knows what to do.

When the porter drops her bags in her room, she tips him a twenty and stops to smell the flowers.

Welcome to Gotham, the note says. She's not fucking surprised.


I have Dangermouse on DVD. YAY OMG.


Been overdosing on TWW. Season one is my favourite, closely followed by season two. D and J decided last night that the senior staffers (plus Donna) just want to get into one big orgy. I disagree, but they do all love each other in a platonic way. Except for CJ and Toby, who adore each other and have for years and years. In my world, they were friends before he married Andi, and when Andi left him his first port of call was to CJ, who let him sleep on her couch and drink all her booze.

My favourite TWW fic in the entire world is My Back Pages.

Sometimes, I print fic out and stick it on my walls. The first I ever did that with was Athanaeum.

In conclusion, Mandy.
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