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We're rewatching Veronica Mar season one, and for all its later faults, my word do I love Mac. She is the best. Tina Majorinoooooooooo.

(Also I love Weevil the most when he storms into the Sheriff's office in order to complain about the noise. OH WEEVIL)
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no way to be sure, by Pen
Veronica Mars/Roswell, Veronica and Weevil, rated M.

this is a piece of fiction written for carrie, because she had to spend twenty hours in a car with her father. it is not very well written, is basically crack, and remains unbetaed. i post it here now because it's friday morning and i'm cold and grumpy.

Veronica hates her day job. )
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Some icons. And some more icons. Also more icons.
Some fic recs. I do not know this person, but they get a frowny face for not reccing Sloane. >:o( Aside from that the recs are cool.

Random Fandoms:
Make a bid on the clothes worn in the Dune mini series.
Matrix icons!
The Last Dalek. It's a game, kind of boring but kind of cute.
Tell Dee she needs to start the wizardingwicket community, for Wizards who play cricket. And then she needs to write some fic.
Very pretty icons for Veronica Mars, Dr Who, Serenity and Arrested Development.
[ profile] picfor1000 is gearing up for the next installment. I'd sign up, but I've now officially signed up for two, and not managed to complete either of them, so I'm totally not even going to bother this year. But you all should! Just because I'm lazy is no reason for the rest of you not to go for it.

This shirt is awesome.
Woman Weds Dolphin. I love how they don't talk about any of the pertinent facts, such as the legality or lack thereof.
Now, I know we've all seen the knitted Cthulu dildo covers and stuff, but this knitted hat and bag set is the scariest knitted thing I've seen.

I updated [ profile] unproductive with my Yuletide recs.

MP3 search: I would like anything by the Sugababes, please.
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that city down below by pen
veronica mars/smallville

this is just an excuse for a whole lot of fucking.
spoilers for s1 vmars, but it's au after that

this sort of follows on from a restaurant with white tablecloths, but only sort of. and this one is much pornier. and with less point.

most of this was written several months ago, and i found it this afternoon and decided to finish it off and kick it out the door.

Before the car can even start, before the door is even fully closed, Lex is on his knees. )
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You know what I am doing? I am watching SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND. IT IS THE BEST EVER. I LOVE THIS SHOW.

Coop and Shane. YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT.

Nathan is such a wanker. I hate this poem/verse he writes Kylen. UGH.

Some links:

Hindsight, by [ profile] sloanesomething. VMars. ALL ABOUT LOGAN, which is as it should be.
A Dark and Gotham Night by [ profile] daegaer. Batman/Good Omens. You need to read it. You need to read it now.
[ profile] svilleficrecs has started the ten couples who need to fuck right now meme, which [ profile] meyerlemon has modified to be ten couples who need to hold hands briefly and never mention it again meme.

And now, to get me some Prison Break episodes.
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title: of these truths
author: pen
fandom: bsg/veronica mars crack highschool au crossover
rated for sexing

i do not own these characters. obviously.

some time ago, sloane asked for logan/boomer highschool au. and it was only for private consumption, but tris mentioned it with capslock today, and who am i to deny her? i was going to clean this up, but this is the last time i'm going to be on my computer for the next week, so you get it as is.

no spoilers. for anything.

Not like he needs to study - or, in fact, ever studies ever, but Sharon doesn't know that. )

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So, I've been in this fandom all of about five days. I finished watching the last episode last night. Here are some thoughts. Everything under a cut includes spoilers through the entire first season.

1. Veronica Mars has some serious trust issues. )

2. On a lighter note: where is the Weevil/Veronica/Logan, huh? I know where the Veronica/Logan is (everywhere); I know where the Veronica/Weevil is (doesn't exist); but what about the Weevil/Veronica/Logan? Come on, people! IT WOULD BE HOT (uh, if you're new to this journal, you need to know that I have a thing for threesomes, but only if they are filled with hot people who have great sexual tension. Like Kara/Lee/Helo, for example. I like to see if I can make the threesomes happen in a plausible and in character fashion).

3. I love Mac. I LOVE HER.

4. About Leave it to Beaver )


6. About the above episode (feat: AH): )
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Right, so, I've been mainlining Veronica Mars. I've just finished 1x12 (Clash of the Tritons). I:
- am shipping Veronica/Weevil like woah.
- have an idea for a fic about Madison. I wish I was kidding. I've started making notes.
- need fic recs.
- have been trawling people's journals. So if you're here to identify the random commenting in your posts, hi, I'm Pen, please stand by for BSG madness in approximately thirty days (actually a little more as here in Australia our day is almost over as yours is barely begun).

So, flist. Talk to me about VMars. I'll finish watching the episodes tomorrow, and uh, I accidentally got spoiled for the identity of the killer, so don't worry about spoiling me for that. Just rec things to me!
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