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What with us being a dead fandom and all, there's no way Miss Parker is going to get more votes than Miss Piggy, Hermione Granger or CJ Cregg, but you can still show some love for Miss P here at the Home Team cage matches, showcasing awesome women (trans + cis) characters.

Miss P could totally take them all in a cage match, though! (Miss P is fierce and tough and yields when she needs to in order to win)

Except maybe against M. Maybe.

I don't know why I just read all of those comments, when I'm supposed to be writing a sequel to [ profile] mandysbitch's Pretender/DEBS fic, or I don't know SLEEPING.

Also I want to sign up for the xmmficathon. I've totally been feeling the love, I rewatched X1 + X2 last week and then went on a fic-reading binge. You can sign up here. I'm thinking about Rogue and Pyro (are members of a noble brotherhood); about Kitty and Piotr; about Mystique's powers returning; about Nightcrawler thinking about the cure.

Also I have been reading a lot of HP fic. A LOT. Almost entirely Draco/Ginny. It's like it's 2003 again!
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So Remix fics are out. myopia, and how the present takes hold (a remix from lightyears away) is a remix of taking cue (past holds on). The original was a Kara-centric, slightly KaraandBoomerish piece. The remix is set over the time period, but weaves Leoben into the story in this amazing way. At first I was surprised, I don't think I've ever used Leoben as a character, but as I read I was delighted with Leoben's characterisation, with the way he was written and the way the story unfurls. So I guess the summary is, I am delighted with the remix that has been written, and you should all go read it, even if you don't like Leoben. Seriously.

I did a very quick run through this morning, as I was trying to work up the motivation to write my essay. I wish I'd worked up the motivation earlier - I went to look for my notes I made from a text which is pivotal to my essay, and let's just say it's not anywhere to be found so now I have to go to the library. ANYWAY, here are some recs that I would like to make:

By Any Other Name (The Fool’s Paradise Remix) . This is a piece about Raven, picking up the pieces after, and waiting. Also, reading it makes me wants to write more fic based after X3, and I haven't had that feeling in an absolute age.

Unconscious, as some human lovers are (Sympathetic Resonance), primarily features Percy Shelley and Death being awesome, and of course Aziraphale and Crowley.

Normal (The Quintessential Question Remix), Violet Baudelaire. This piece is fairly explicitly incesty, so that's your warning, but the tone of the piece is very Lemony Snicket, and was quite a delight to read.

Functions, Forms (Keep The Customer Satisfied remix) is Tia Dalma and Will Turner, and it is Will's acknowledgment and Calypso, weaving as she is. And now I want to see more of this Will, after he has the knowledge of the sea within him.

When reading for Remix, I like to read the remix first, and then read the original fic. It makes a nice comparison, to see what is reflection and what is more, and I think it enhances the experience.

And remember to leave feedback, hokay? I still don't have feedback on the fic I wrote, from anyone, and I'm all aaaaarghhhh was it terrible etc.

I wish someone had written a Dune remix, or a Pretender remix, for anyone, not just me. I've never seen a remix for either of those fandoms, and I think that would be delightful.
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answers, once again, to this meme:

name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudo-canon.

max evans )

isabel evans )

michael guerin )

maria deluca )

lucy pevensie )

jill pole )

gurney halleck )

jessica atreides )

st alia of the knife )

cooper hawkes )

devon adair )

john crichton )

hannibal king )

kitty pryde )

piotr rasputin )

chloe sullivan )

jarod )

from here, and here, if you're still wanting to request.
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On the Same Wave by Pen
The X-Men, Jubilee, G

100 words for the New Years that we have left behind.


"Hey, Jubes," Rogue drawls. "We're goin' into Chinatown to watch the fireworks. Want to come?"

Jubilee glances down; she presses her nails into her palms, and thinks about her parents; thinks about the dresses and the food and the reunions she'll never again have.

She looks up. Doesn’t quite meet Rogue’s eyes. "Nah," she says. "It's not really my thing."

Alone, she unfolds her hands and sparks fly from her fingers. They crackle and burst, and the air is hot and filled with colour.

She curls her hands, and looks away as the sparks die down.

Not really her thing.
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Instead of writing, which I was going to do, I listened to Crowded House's Farewell to the World and thought about how beautiful Anna Paquin is, and how much I love a good photograph.

Look how darling she is, with her cheeky grin and the tilt of her head. I particularly love the two where she's in some pin-stripe pants, but she's simply stunning in all of these, which pleases me!

The pictures have come from all around the place, and I've collected a lot of them over time but three resources stand out: [ profile] sinful_caesar and [ profile] bohemea, the darlings, whom I hope will find some HQ here that they've not previously seen; photoactor; and

Click for hi-res, darlings! Though I must mention, a few mq pics crept into this section, but I'm too tired to weed them out.

34 under the cut )
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Lights Turned Way Down Low by Pen
X-Men, Rogue (and Pyro) (after X3), rated M.

I do not own the X-Men.

With many thanks to [ profile] annavtree, who is pretty much made of awesome.

This was just an excuse for me to write about Rogue running away to the Brotherhood.

She sits there, her hand over her face, until she feels her breath cold upon her hand. )
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I always thought that when I grew tired of my current Pretender obsession, I'd return to a Children of Dune header. But if I were going to change my header right now, I would make something similar to this icon:

Now there's a pairing I haven't been OTPed by for a while.
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The Warmth On the Street by Pen
X-Men, rated PG. Logan after X3.
(I don't own the X-Men)

Written for [ profile] xmmficathon, for [ profile] sullensiren, who requested Rogue/Logan. Post X3 with Rogue's powers coming back and Logan coming to terms with Jean's death. Bonus for a road trip. I do hope that this is at least sort of what she wanted.

With thanks to [ profile] zeplum and [ profile] liminalliz

it's not running )


Sep. 12th, 2006 07:25 am
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it's funny. some years ago i loved rogue/logan. after the first x-men movie came out, i was all about the rogue/logan. and occasionally about the rogue/cyclops, but that is neither here nor there.

the point is, i'm writing my xmmficathon fic, and my person has requested rogue/logan and i'm three hundred words in and so far it's been all ororo/logan. which is funny. and which just goes to show that when it comes to the x-men, i think they're all shagging.

except magneto and the professor, whose love is enduring and through the ages THE END.

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There are a whole bunch of gorgeous Michael/Maria and Brendan/Majandra icons here. Even after all these years, I still consider Majandra one of the most beautiful women in the world. And even if you have a problem with RPF, it's okay to ship Brendan and Majandra, because they really were a couple for years, and now that they've split they've got joint custody of their boxers (the dogs).
Amy wins for this.

Sesame Street vids that Jules found on youtube.

Some icons I have liked: here and here.
I'd like to mention [ profile] x3denialfic, for any not based on x3 canon stories.

A, Miscellany:
There are some random love memes going on, just these huge, sprawling things, here and here, but if you're really interested, there's a BSG specific one here, which I think you should all play because it's nice to receive some affection and/or appreciation sometimes.
Yee & Lan: the most adorable story about planets ever.

A Favour: No hurry, but sometime in the next week or so I'm going to require a beta for a Stargate: Atlantis fic. It's for the Teylaficathon, except I accidentally sort of - well, I've had a few problems thematically, so this won't be a simple point and shoot beta.
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Slowly Creeping In by Pen.
X-Men, rated PG. Kitty Pryde.

This is definitely movie-verse X-Men fic, but at the same time it takes a lot of influence from the comics. A bit like my DC fic, really.

With thanks to [ profile] angualupin

She runs the Sentinel simulation again. After it kills her, she lies on the floor of the Danger Room and cries until the doors slide open and Logan walks through. )
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This covers one of the things on the wishlist that I wrote after seeing the movie. It's like a combination of desires four AND five, and it is MORE THAN AWESOME. I've read it twice today, and I've only been awake half an hour!

Spark, by Mary. Marie finds John holed up in a large house in a small suburb, the kind where everyone's too polite to pay attention to anyone else's business.

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PSA: There is a scene at the end of the credits.

everything i wish to say is beneath this cut )
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OMG this is the worst present ever.

The end of a love affair - a fiesta of het double drabbles for Sloane because she is hot stuff <3

So I walk a little too fast and I drive a little too fast
And I'm reckless it's true, but what else can you do at the end of a love affair?

It was an accident, and he knows that. )

Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson
So I talk a little too much, and I laugh a little too much
And my voice is too loud, when I'm out in a crowd
So that people are apt to stare

'I was nearly God, once,' Emma says )

Boromir and Eowyn
Do they know, do they care, that it's only that I'm lonely and low as can be?
And the smile on my face isn't really a smile at all

“You must go,” she says, and reaches out. )

So I smoke a little too much, and I drink a little too much

It is dark in the kitchen, but Pyro follows the laughter to the back porch )


And the tunes I request are not always the best
But the ones where the trumpets blare!

'Have you considered piracy?'  )


So I go at a maddening pace, and I pretend that it's taking your place
But what else can you do, at the end of a love affair?

Olivia taps her finger on the dashboard )
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i'm not sure how i feel about this little ficlet. it's 300 words for the pastpresentfuture challenge on x_men100. it's a bit wack, and slightly AU, maybe.

past: a rogue by any other name

He walked away [from you], and your fingers clutched [convulsively] around the peace offering he left behind. He stole [but no more than you stole from him: less, even, if you admit it to yourself] your breath and your life and your [broken mutant] heart, and left you to stand there: forlorn, helpless, pining. He borrowed [took] Scott’s bike with him. And because stealing is a major part of his attempt to regain who he is [what he is], he validated his theft. He always was a bitch. You turned and walked down the corridors. You didn’t need that shit.

present: a leader alone

There is a dignity in being the one left behind. You are quiet, resigned to your fate: [un]comfortable in your destiny. You are alone in your world now; there is no one beside you to hold your hand and kiss you in your sleep. You try to remember that she chose to leave you, but the anger does not remain for long because she did not choose to go. She chose to save the world. You will save the world on your own; not because she would want it but because you would have saved the world no matter what.

future: a colossal future

You will hold her close to your chest [crimson eyes crimson hair crimson heart] and kiss her [desperately] on her forehead. She will be soft and beautiful [and the planes will crash overhead] and you will try not to crush her in arms that protect. Your Katya will make no noise [there is no noise louder than the whine of a jet as it skims the air metres from you] as you look at anything but her sightless gaze. You will not need to fix her face in your memory: the skies will rain your doom upon you soon enough.

well, that was very heterosexual.
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title: so many undone plans
fandom: xmen movieverse
disclaimer: i do not own these things
rating: pg
summary: falling through walls is no great feat.

notes: bit of an experiment. for the x_men100 freeform but more words challenge. completely unbetaed.

The water runs through her hands [no drops catch on your fingers, running slowly down to pool in your palms, only to overflow and trace your veins until cascading off your elbows in a waterfall] and splashes to the ground as if she was not there.

Her hair is wet and plastered to the side of her face [ugly, bedraggled hodgepodge of a thing you are: all mouse-brown and freckled and too short and disgustingly petite; wide eyes and big feet like some kind of fucking Yeti] but only because she lets it be so. She could let the water miss, but she will not. If the water were to flow through her scalp and into her head, would she be able to time it just so, leaving the water there? Perhaps her brain can drown [floating, weightless, above a world that drifts out of reach with every breath] in the water she could allow to settle there.

She opens her mouth and drinks the water as it falls from the sky. Now it catches on her lashes and on her clothes [light, delicate, fraying nightgown, no use to you or to anyone else; so useless] like it would on anyone else. She could easily be mistaken for notamutant in her dress, arms to the heavens beseeching the rains stop – or to fall heavier.

[the children will be fine without you; Piotr will be fine without you. Falling through walls is no great feat: you will never keep them safe]
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