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I'm feeling a bit five-things-ish, it's a rainy night and I feel like writing, so I'm currently taking prompts for five things.

fandoms i might write in: muppets, pretender, la femme nikita, the west wing, sandman, dune, narnia, chloe and lex taking over the world, space: above and beyond, the cutting edge, maybe some x-men. maybe even some LIES. you're welcome to ask for something else, especially crossovers.
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i want to write about Dune, or about the Pretender. meta or fic, feel free to prompt me. and tell me if you've written anything lately or read anything good, i'll be honest, today is the first time i've read my flist in about four weeks, and i didn't get very far.

prince caspian doesn't open for another two weeks, and at this point i'm mostly spoiler-free, and afeared that i'll miss all the good fic in the next two weeks.


psychic twins holding hands evil twins holding hands

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ps, Jarod is a crazy pants. HE IS A PSYCHO.

In other news, I uploaded my yuletide story! And I think it is okay. So that's cool.


This is an offer for fic. Work has been slow, of late, and now that yuletide is in I'm coool. So, if you would like me to write something: character or pairing, fandom, prompt. No guarantees.
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I am overwhelmed by ficathons I stupidly signed up for, multiverse and the femgenficathon and twicetoldfandom, and I want to write for all of them but I'm so busy and I'm so tired and I've not the heart for it, nor the inspiration, not really.

But I want to write, so tell me what to write. Name a fandom I know, character/pairing, prompt, go wild. No promises.


    Media recently consumed:

  • The Curse of the Golden Flower. I love Gong Li, and I love Chow Yun Fat, and I have a shameful love of Jay Chou that I try not to talk about. One of my favourite things about Chinese history is the opulence of the emperors, the golds and the reds and the enormity of the Forbidden City. I enjoyed this movie very much, though I found the subtitles incredibly distracting. Also, the large amount of breastage was distracting, completely inappropriate for the time period as it was.

  • Nochnoi Dozor, which made very little sense, and was gruesome and horrible but brilliantly captivating. We've purchased the first two books to read, to see if that helps or makes it worse.

  • Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End. I've surprisingly little urge to fic, though Miss Fahye wrote a perfect, perfect ending, and I find that, though ambivalent to Will/Elizabeth previously, I am in love with the Captains Turner. I still miss Anamaria, though, and her lack is perhaps the impetus I require to write. The thing I loved the most, though, was the singing, at the beginning, and Barbossa telling them all that the song has been sung. I loved that little weaving, it was mystical and awesome. Also, Chow Yun Fat, rinse, repeat.

  • The Lives of Others, I am unused to these heavy German films, though my partner, being of German descent, is quite familiar with them, and herding me towards familiarity. This was emotional and powerful and I cried, at the end.

  • Heavy Weights was described as 'a German Cool Runnings,' not really an accurate description. It was funny, yes, and it was about underdogs in sledding, yes, but it was Germany after the war and it was petty and it was funny and it yes. It was fun, I enjoyed it.


Today I was reminded of the main reason why I love pilots: Do I have to smack you in the mouth?
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answers, once again, to this meme:

name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudo-canon.

max evans )

isabel evans )

michael guerin )

maria deluca )

lucy pevensie )

jill pole )

gurney halleck )

jessica atreides )

st alia of the knife )

cooper hawkes )

devon adair )

john crichton )

hannibal king )

kitty pryde )

piotr rasputin )

chloe sullivan )

jarod )

from here, and here, if you're still wanting to request.
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answers to this meme:

Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudo-canon.

edmund pevensie )

duncan atreides )

miss piggy )

sydney )

miss parker )

the princess irulan )

ghanima atreides )

billy keikeya )

elliot stabler )

seymour birkoff )

still accepting, if you want them, either in this post or in the original
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I wasn't going to do this, but I just sent [ profile] piecesofalice a TXT demanding she do this over the phone, SO:

Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudo-canon.
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A post of linkage!

[ profile] fox1013 wants to know, what are the ALL-TIME WORST BLIND DATES that you can set up by crossing over fandoms?

[ profile] medie is collecting prompts for the Kissin' a Fool drabble-athon, which will happen this weekend.

If you don't have crack_van subscribed, you need to wander over and read the Narnia fics that [ profile] sareads has been posting. Some of them are new to me, and all of them are awesome!

Thanks to [ profile] sinful_caesar, hi-res "What's Your Crime?" at Sundance photos. I think my favourites are probably Paul Rudd, Ellen Page and Ryan Reynolds, and I already loved them before this photo shoot so HEY.

A Fic Rec: No Flying in the House, by [ profile] tangleofthorns. Will Bailey meets Nathan Petrelli. A West Wing/Heroes crossover.

A Meme:

第一 go to the list of my fics and pick out a line or three from one of my stories (full lines, no fragments, unless that was how I wrote it).
第二 I will respond with which story of mine I think it's from.
第三 I'm supposed to offer a fic snip if I don't get it, and I will, but I am so stupidly, stupidly busy right now, caveat is that it might take a while. I still owe people crossovers, and I owe Vel a fic about Kara, from Stealth.

You can find my fic here.

Oh man, so busy. At least I've finished first draft of my fic for [ profile] remixredux!
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If you're interested in participating in Multiverse 2007, there is an interest in fandoms poll here. Multiverse is a space crossover fic, and help me be able to write a DUNE crossover with something awesome (ZOMG Dune/S:AAB! HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?).

A VID: Sylar to The Pokemon Theme. He's gotta catch 'em all! This was pretty awesome, and I bet it would have been more awesome if I actually watched Heroes.

Again with Heroes, this photoshoot with Hayden and Milo is just AWESOME.

Billie Piper is playing Belle de Jour in an ITV 2 mini based on the book! She's going to be the most hysterical Belle, it'll be great.

A new newsletter: [ profile] het_newsletter


Health news from google today: "sport reduces obesity risk," "smoking in the car increases childhood asthma," and "americans still not eating enough fruit and veges."


This month is not going the way I had planned. Does anyone have anything cheerful (fic, fandom or otherwise) to report?

[ profile] velithya is going to Winchestercon, and I don't watch SPN but I'm bizarrely jealous. SCREW YOU, VEL. AND YOUR HIGHLY FASHIONABLE PANTS.

Somebody talk to me about The Pretender.


ETA (from fahye): (no guarantees) Pick two of my fandoms and I'll write you a crossover drabble. You can request specific characters, if you like.

the pretender, dune, narnia, stick it, the changeover, the cutting edge, tortall, sandman, roswell, the muppets, mirrormask, bsg, rpf, space: above and beyond, any tiny fandom that i wrote about for new year.
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BOO. I've only written four pieces of XMM fic that qualify for this year's remix. Quickly, someone prompt me so I can write another five hundred words in a hurry.
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This is that "summarise ten of your fandoms in one sentence" meme. If you guess it and give me a prompt, I will on the spot write you a ficlet about that fandom until I run out of words. Please play! Or I might find myself actually doing something useful on this fine Sunday morning.

1. He's not the Kwisatz Haderach, he's a very naughty boy. - Dune - AnguaLupin
2. Our primary objective: to oppress you. - BSG! by Shleeeeeeemeri - drabble: lee in the rec room (100 words)
3. He flies through the air with the greatest of ease, and then falls in love with his enemy.
4. They lived through a golden age, and then they went home. - Narnia! - guessed by eldritch flame - fic: Jill and Eustace!
5. There was that time in the Everglades I tied you to a pole and then you ended up in a cage. The Pretender - guessed by medie
6. Semper Fi, FOX YOU FUCKERS. - Space: Above and Beyond - guessed by annavtree
7. And unlike typical vampires, her fangs are located in her vagina. Blade: Trinity - guessed by aj, whom I THOUGHT was away.
8. She was set up to lead a life of awesome trickery.
9. AAAAAAANGSTCAAAAKEES. - SVU - as guessed by kovsky
10. Sometimes, the tilt of her head and the way she presses her lips together are familiar and he feels sick; he tickles her until she laughs, and the feeling goes away.

I will admit that I did not try very hard, so only one guess, if you want ficlets or something.
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I would like to do that "Five times [fic prompt]" thingy! I am willing to accept any fandom in my user pics. An example! Five times Miss Parker nearly killed Jarod. Or five times Lucy made Edmund very angry. Or five times Rogue nearly defected to the Brotherhood in the movieverse (adlfkjalkdsjflaksdjf)

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It is a long weekend, and I am avoiding writing my ficathon submissions. If you would like to request a Dune related piece of fiction from me, now would be the time.
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We've played this game before, and it worked so well that I think we'll play again.

Drop me a comment in whatever fandom you know I write. I write in about a bazillion, so. It needs to contain at least one sentence of fic and/or the title of the fic. I will write what happens next. Maybe it will be a drabble, maybe it will be a full fic. MAYBE IT WILL BE AN ACTUAL TIG (unlikely). Maybe I will decide I don't like it, and go and watch more SG:A! Whatever. This includes crack fic and crossovers.

FOR REFERENCE, this is a list of fic I already have in progress:
1. Irulan and Feyd take over the universe (if your name starts with a 'ze' and ends with a 'plum,' then I'm giving you a very pointed look).
2. A thing about Teyla for the Teyla ficathon.
3. A Stealth thing, the one where Ben gets Kara pregnant (on which I am indefinitely stalled! Because I couldn't get them from there to pregnancy without ripping through characterisation, so).
4. The Mirrormask/Constantine/Sandman crossover of joy.

I have to go to Chinese class now. I want comments when I return, muffincakeses!
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I don't mean to spam you all as much as I have of late, but I watched a whole lot of joy this afternoon. I watched selected bits of Children of Dune. And I watched Dogma. And then I watched the Ben and Kara Experience, as edited by [ profile] meyerlemon. And now I want to write Stealth fic again! And you all know how terrible I am at actually having ideas for Stealth. So if you have one, tell me it! And I shall go back through my journal and work out what the other ideas were.

OMG I'm so tired, I don't think I'm writing coherantly.


Apr. 16th, 2006 02:29 pm
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As always, courtesy of [ profile] sloanesomething, I have a new layout. Leto and Ghanima from Children of Dune. It's all vaguely hypnotic, really.

In other news, I'm going to meme it up. Comment with an icon, and I'll write a drabble. A proper drabble, so exactly a hundred words. I'd prefer to write in a less well-known fandom, to be honest, though if you want to comment with a HP or BSG icon I shan't turn you away.

Fandoms I can write in: HP, BSG, Smallville, DCU, Sandman, MirrorMask, Ultraviolet (the BBC mini, not the recent movie), Constantine, Narnia, Dune, Stealth, Grey's Anatomy, Roswell, Law and Order: SVU, The Cutting Edge, Muppets, Spooks, X-Men, uhm. Some others. If I have an icon for it, I can probably write it, and many others.
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Clearly, I am procrastinating re: my Remix/Redux story! It will get written, have no fear, but not just now!

This post is about two things:

Thing the First, Mirrormask, which I just watched, and it WAS AWESOME. And haha I have this half story in my head (in comic form) of unValentine joining the circus, and Helena always calling him Valentine and everyone just accepting that even though they don't know why she does it. ANYWAY, Mirrormask was like a comic book in the flesh, and SO AWESOME, and S can THINK AGAIN if he thinks he's getting his dvd back.

Thing the Second, I Will Write You Fic. This is an obligation free offer, and the lack of obligation is all on my part. If you have an idea (giving as much detail as you have imagined idly for the fic you're too lazy to write) for a fic that you would love to see, but cannot be bothered writing, you may describe it here and I will possibly actually write it for you. Or possibly not. It is JUST A RISK YOU HAVE TO TAKE. Maybe I'm just making this offer so I can see what your sordid minds dream up re: your favourite characters!

OMG I might possibly be a little over tired.
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OMFG I just watched Stealth and it was awesome.

If you have a Ben/Kara idea that you would like me to write, I will write it because I would love to write some hot Ben/Kara action, where by hot I mean angsty and pine-y and filled with misunderstanding and Ben having sex with random women in every port. HOKAY? I'd love to write it, but I don't have any ideas, so I would LOVE to write some for someone else (where by someone else I suspect I mean [ profile] meyerlemon).
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I want to write pilots. Prompt me, bitches.

Please note that this offer is only open for as long as I feel like it, and I reserve to not write your prompt if I don't feel like it.
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We are going to play a game. We are playing this game because Plastics are busily lamenting the lack of fic (amongst other things), and when there is no fic for them to fangirl over they get very bitchy very quickly. VERY QUICKLY INDEED.

SO. Drop me a comment in whatever fandom you know I write. I write in about a bazillion, so. It needs to contain at least one sentence of fic. I will write what happens next. Maybe it will be a drabble, maybe it will be a full fic. MAYBE IT WILL BE AN ACTUAL TIG. Whatever. This includes crack fic and crossovers.

What happened to tigging, anyway? Does anyone do that anymore?


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