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ugh, just rewatched The Dark Knight. Remember that time they made Gordon's son the focus of all his concerns, and Gordon's son the one who wants to know about Batman, and Gordon's son the one with all the lines, instead of, oh, I don't know, BARBARA?!?!

Nolan, for serious.
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Hey I saw Inception! What is UP with the lack of ladies? And also the proliferation of white dudes? I mean, what does a girl have to do to get some variety on her screen?

Anyway, also: oh Inception fandom.

I want fic about Ariadne, or Saito, or Yusuf, or Arthur could also be interesting. I would definitely be partial to Ariadne/Arthur fic. I would accept Ariadne/Arthur/Eames fic. I would love lol crossovers. I would in fact love character analysis of any kind. Maybe not Cobb though.

I have made 24 x fic recs in the other journal. They are mostly Ariadne+Arthur, I am not going to lie. I love Ellen Page the most. THE MOST. Though I would also adore anyone who fulfilled this prompt,
Pre-movie Eames-Yusuf buddy fic. Drug-addled adventures in Kenya! Fear And Loathing In Mombasa
, because that would be the best. THE BEST.

Speaking of the other journal, you can also of recent find 5x Dr Who fic recs.

Please leave your fic recs in the comments.

oh p.s. [ profile] whatimages said 1) Joseph Gordon Levitt. JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT. Oh my god his face. His suits! His...everything. Why is there not Ellen Page/JGL lies in my life RIGHT THIS SECOND? and I have to agree RIGHT NOW.
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sometimes, i think that maybe i love cj/toby THE MOST.

(but parkerrrrr)


Jun. 5th, 2010 07:29 pm
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this article makes me want to write Roswell RPF, no lie.

also, i've just realised i don't actually own Prince Caspian on dvd. i should rectify that.

narnia rec

Jun. 4th, 2010 09:36 pm
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Oh I'm rolling around in the Narnia joy, photos of the filming of Dawn Treader and such, and then, Putting the Natives at Ease, by Gunbunny. The Pevensies come back, and this is how their parents see them. And it's wonderful. I RECOMMEND YOU READ IT.

And then come and tell me joyous things about Narnia. Maybe I should write Susan for femmegenficathon. <3333
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Left it to Fend on its Own by Pen
Narniaaaa, G, Edmund.

After the last time. I don't own, etc.

My word do I love Edmund.

For Lizzencakes.

He doesn't spend any time looking for loop holes. )


Mar. 24th, 2010 10:06 pm
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hey, remember how i made that post last week about how hard it was to pick between muppets?

a miscarriage of ALL THAT IS RIGHT is about to occur, by which I mean: ELMO IS BEATING BERT AND ERNIE.


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so i woke up this morning, and in my dream i had seen a movie and discovered a new pairing, and i'd come home and opened many tabs containing fic for this awesome new pairing (she was a super hero, a very awesome woman, and he was an evil dude, and they fought a lot and she was strong, both physically and mentally, and she was awesome), and then



and didn't get to read all this awesome new fic I'd been hoping to read.

So if anyone can introduce me to a strong woman and a morally ambiguous dude (Xena and Ares?!) then please, feel free to hook me up.

What the hell, for serious.

Also, I have not been reading any fic at all lately. Does anyone have anything to recommend? Please feel free!

Also also I would be very amenable to reading about Death + Dream right now. In fact, perhaps I will go read some Sandman.
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voting is here, and my real question is: how the fuck am i supposed to pick between miss piggy and pepe?

ETA: omg elmo and telly are neck and neck GO TELLY YOU CAN BEAT THAT JOHNNY COME LATELY.

also rowlf is losing to fozzie and i love rowlf but seriously, picking between these guys is painful. I WANT THEM ALL TO WIN.
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naked bathtub goldfish by pen
SyFy Alice / The Pretender, PG with swearing (uh, hello, Miss Parker's in it)

Thanks to Sloane.

This is a thing I wrote for some girl I met on the internets, you might know her as PIECESOFALICE. <3

She follows Jarod through the mirror. Why wouldn't she? )
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The Cutting Edge 4: Brendan Fehr is 'the new Bad Boy of Speed Skating

1) I would watch that marathon if I were able to

2) I think what they MEANT to say was 'since Izzy decided to branch out and become a doctor, Michael decided to go stealth and become a speed skater.' (Maria is pretty pissed)

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like you're not in my sight by pen
The Pretender, Miss Parker at CNY in Penang, G

Yeah, like I'd write about anywhere else, especially at this time of year.

Thanks to Piecesof

Parker is from a country of people who can't drive, so this isn't the worst, but it's pretty fucking close. )
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every household filled with joy by pen
East West 101, Lim, gen

I don't own. Thanks to copracat for the betatasticness.


She's halfway out the door, oranges clasped in her hand, when the phone rings and her stomach drops.  )
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steer your own ship by pen
Children of Dune, Ghanima, G

This is for [ profile] picfor1000, with a prompt of this photo.

Don't own, I could not have created these, HERBERT.

Thanks to Sloaneface, as always.

Ghanima is FIERCE

She wears the black, and carries her Crysknife, as is their way.  )
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We're rewatching Veronica Mar season one, and for all its later faults, my word do I love Mac. She is the best. Tina Majorinoooooooooo.

(Also I love Weevil the most when he storms into the Sheriff's office in order to complain about the noise. OH WEEVIL)
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