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so i woke up this morning, and in my dream i had seen a movie and discovered a new pairing, and i'd come home and opened many tabs containing fic for this awesome new pairing (she was a super hero, a very awesome woman, and he was an evil dude, and they fought a lot and she was strong, both physically and mentally, and she was awesome), and then



and didn't get to read all this awesome new fic I'd been hoping to read.

So if anyone can introduce me to a strong woman and a morally ambiguous dude (Xena and Ares?!) then please, feel free to hook me up.

What the hell, for serious.

Also, I have not been reading any fic at all lately. Does anyone have anything to recommend? Please feel free!

Also also I would be very amenable to reading about Death + Dream right now. In fact, perhaps I will go read some Sandman.
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  • so, I'm going to Melbourne next week. Anyone want to do beverage?
  • does anybody have a copy of 'The Girlfriend Song' by Tlot-tlot that they could upload for me? I used to love that song when I was in high school, and I was just thinking of it recently.
  • also, if anybody has an mp3 of the Shirley Bassey cover of 'Get this Party Started,' that also would be awesome.
  • [ profile] red_packet - there are only three more weeks until CNY! [ profile] alias_sqbr has posted something, don't let her be the only one!

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In other news, I am currently compiling a list of instances of languages other than English (both pre-existing and created) featured in English language texts. So far I have:

Dune - Herbert made up the Fremen language in Dune. It wasn't used extensively in the books, but it was based on Arabic and was used enough that Brian Tyler was able to construct a song in Fremen (lyrics to which can be found here). I don't know if it was his intention, but I've always found the sprinkling of Fremen words throughout the text made the Fremen feel almost alien.

Serenity/Firefly - the use of Mandarin Chinese as a sort of high language (though the fact that they swore in it made it seem a little more like a trading language). I'm wondering if Joss has ever spoken about his choice - I suppose it could have been solely a decorative decision, that tweak of something existing so it was clear it was the future but still familiar.

Lord of the Rings - I know that Tolkien created Elvish, but did he create anything else? And it's interesting, but the use of Elvish in this text, whilst othering, always makes me think about the longevity of the Elves, and I do have to wonder if it's because there are whole freaking passages in Elvish.

Star Trek - Klingon. I have no opinions on this.

The Pretender - NO I'M SERIOUS. Off the top of my head, Jarod speaks Greek, and Miss P speaks Japanese fluently and at least understands Ukranian. Every time one of them speaks in another language, it makes it particularly obvious how intelligent they are supposed to be, especially when contrasted with the other characters, who never speak anything other than English.

And perhaps Pingu, and other children's shows featuring nonsensical, made-up languages. I know Pingu is Swedish, so technically doesn't count as an English language text, but it's funny how I think Pingu is more intellectual than the Teletubies, though neither show fetaures intelligble language. It probably has to do with how awesome penguins are.

So that's my list so far! PLEASE do weigh in, and offer other examples. I promise that there's a reason for it. Opinions as to the effectiveness of the use of the language would also be appreciated!
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I need a list of characters who are Chinese/of Chinese descent in English language texts. So far I have:

Jubilation Lee
Cho Chang
Huang (from SVU)
Isabella (from the recent Miami Vice movie)
Whoever Michelle Yeoh played in Tomorrow Never Dies


I would appreciate any and all assistance with this.
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I am in a terrible mood (for reasons into which I'm not going), and whilst part of me wants to sit here and wallow, the rest of me knows that going to archery is probably a better idea.

If anyone is around, and wants to leave a comment for me to find when I return (a comment that would make me feel cheered, ie, fictionals or pictures or flailing OR LIES), that would be GREAT.


dr sydney

Dec. 19th, 2006 09:00 pm
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As I have mentioned before, I am reccing The Pretender at crack_van this month.

I have recced fic about Miss Parker, and Jarod, and Lyle and even Broots, but I don't have any Sydney fic to rec.

I have a week and a half left. Please either link me to some Sydney fic (your own, or someone else's) or someone please WRITE SYDNEY.

V. important!
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I have been informed that my wishlist for this year (which can be found here) is potentially too obscure for my sekrit santas. So consider this the extended edition.

- X-Men. Rogue and Pyro after X3 (I believe I have covered how awesome this would be on previous occasions); Storm and Wolverine on a road trip; Emma Frost post X3; Kitty (and Piotr).
- The Pretender. Jarod and Parker, either directly or indirectly. Other characters, Broots and Sydney and Lyle and Sam but always with that underlying Jarod/Parker because HELLO OTP.
- Mirrormask. Helena/Valentine.
- BSG. Infidelicious pilots; Dee and Anders, after; Billy.
- Anything Dune related. The twins (together but apart, after Leto becomes a giant worm); Irulan, so fabulous but so alone; the Lady Jessica, Holy Mother (she will have her way); Duncan. Even Paul and Alia, before, or the Baron Harkonnen.
- A retcon of the final episode of Space: Above and Beyond. When they all died(/fell to oblivion), it broke my heart.
- Narnia. The Pevensies in the Golden Age; Edmund and Lucy, not quite fitting back into the world; Susan, after; Jill and Eustace, lost.
- Star Wars. Padme and Obi-Wan (pretend that Padme doesn't die). Or Padme/Obi-Wan/Anakin dark side fic (I credit Dee for giving me this obsession).
- DCU. Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne, dancing around one another (and being so DUMB).
- Blade. The way Hannibal King looks at Abigail means he loves her; Asher and Danica were totally fucking (I'm just saying).
- TWW. CJ and Toby, in their dotage.
- LFN. Operations and Madeline were TOTALLY fucked up (and awesome); Nikita and Michael.
- REAL PERSON LIES: Karl and Miranda edition.
- Veronica Mars. Veronica and Weevil (she walks a fine line between 'reasonable' and 'crazy' but then, so does he).
- Zoe and Danny (from Spooks/MI:5).
- anything at all involving any of my OTPs (as detailed here and here).
- crossovers. OH CROSSOVERS.
- Muppets (Rowlf is my favourite).
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My own personal rule is that I can't post the wishlist until December; house rule is no Christmas decorations until after a certain birthday birthday (this coming week) (this includes no delicious fruit mince pies).

All I want for Christmas (from fandom):

1. Rogue/Pyro after X3; Storm and Wolverine on a road trip.

2. Jarod and Miss Parker, violent and bitter and unable to deal. They'd never be infidelicious because they're too emotionally stunted to have real relationships with other people, but that's the sort of relationship they have, secret and guilty and aldkjflakdjfakfjd.

3. Helena and Valentine, not!touching and so close to understanding but just missing it.

4. Infidelicious pilots.

5. Any sort of Dune related fic. Leto the giant worm; his sister, beautiful and serene until she dies; Irulan, years and tragedies later; the Lady Jessica; any incarnation of Duncan Idaho.

6. A retcon of the final episode of Space: Above and Beyond.

7. Any sort of Pretender, minor character POV (but always, always with that underlying Jarod/Miss P).

8. Stories about Narnia.

9. A story about Padme and Obi-Wan. You can change the outcome of RotS.

10. Penguins.

I'm looking for the wishlists of others; feel free to link me to your own.
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for serious guys, i will bribe one of you to write me norrington/anamaria.
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I feel that there is no point in being coy about it.

My birthday is one month from today. Feel free to ask what fannish presents you can give me. Also, you should feel free to tell me your own birthdate, and what fannish gift I can give to you (can't give if I don't know).

PS I own a Bardot CD! How did this ever happen?
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Fic rec, I suppose: Not Your Every Day Infatuation. NC-17, the most wacked pairing ever. Seriously. Read it.
And Eighteen, a Katie/Robert fic. Dee fails for not bringing this to my attention.
Uh, more fic: a thing about Blaise that Kassie wrote, containing the awesome paragraph of “I was being reflexively negative. I’m sure that if you’ve all kept yourselves alive, then you will probably continue to. But if Potter leads the attack on Lucius, I’m hiding behind you.” The reflex to brighten Longbottom’s mood strikes Blaise as a fundamental shift in his personality. He’s going native. As well as this: You’re becoming very direct and obnoxious. Are there Hufflepuffs in your little cabal? which sums up Hufflepuffs perfectly (I love Hufflepuffs to distraction, at the moment).

Artwork of Jadis, before she became the White Witch. Absolutely stunning artwork.

Chloe/Lex vids OF JOY. Seriously. I love every single one. And there are two (TWO OMG) Chloe/Bruce and Chloe/Lex vids. OMG AWESOME. (direct links to the Chloe/Bruce Chloe/Lex OMG JOY here and here. The second one especially is awesome)
The Joker is a Meany

Dr Who:
Uh, Dalek porn

A, Miscellany:
Cats in Sinks
The longlisted passages for the Bad Sex in Fiction Award
You can use Gizmo to phone post, but I am tired and can't work out how it works, so a phone post from me shall have to wait until tomorrow.

A Note:
There's one of those memes going around, one of those, if you're reading this, if your eyes are passing over this, even if we never speak memes, and every time I see them, I always think that it's so delightfully worded that the intention is to guilt me.


It's not yet December (hour and a half away), but the promise I made to myself was that I could post my wishlist when I finished it, so long as I was thoughtful about every wish. I've been composing this list for three weeks now, so I think that's pretty damn thoughtful. Also I'm sad, and I think posting it will cheer me up.

If you've never heard of the Fandom Wishlist, I can't be bothered looking for the link but it was started by [ profile] tartanshell, and basically, you post your list, and then surf around lj and look at other people's lists, and fill as many wishes as you can/want to.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE fic or icons of the following:

1. Katie Leung/Robert Pattinson (HP)RPF. OMG SHUT IT.
2. Zoey/Charlie (from the West Wing). A happy ending.
3. CJ and Toby (also TWW, but DUH) have been friends for years and years, through all sorts of shit, and not seeing eachother, and all the rest. My heart got broken a couple of weeks ago by this pairing, and I want someone to fix it for me, because CJ and Toby are my OTP to end all OTPs. It cannot end this way.
4. Chloe and Lex (Smallville) taking over the world.
5. Michael and Nikita (from LFN) in the Colonial Fleet. Any LFN fic at all, actually.
6. Miss Parker and Jarod, and the battles they fight that they will never, ever win (OMG The Pretender I LOVE YOU).
7. Karl/Miranda (LotRPF). Fun and light and so fucking easy going. There will never be a list of requests, written by me, that will not feature this pairing. I find it hard to believe I don't have an icon of Miranda, but there you go.
8. Music.
9. Anything about Cho Chang. Or the Hufflepuffs. Or Ravenclaw.
10. Penguins

The end. Go to bed. Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars.
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hi there.

my birthday is wednesday next (06/07), and this is a brief fandom wishlist. in case you're interested. items may include recs, fic, pictures, meta, icons.

- miranda/karl (this is a pointed look at dee, who obviously should not feel compelled as she is busy and i still haven't given her her birthday present, but i thought it worth noting, particularly as i'm feeling very rpf right now)
- something involving veronica and weevil
- pansy/ron
- lee/kara, or anything absolutely brilliantly bsg
- jarod/miss parker
- anything dune related

don't feel obliged, obviously. this is just in case anyone's feeling at all inspired. and want to give me presents. *g*

whilst you're here, has anyone read any really great viggorli or domlijah lately? or anything narnia related? or batman (in any incarnation)?

i'm writing rpf for sloane. shame she's a fandom of one.
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there's a meme going around fandom, and it works like this:

step one )
step two )

my fandom wishes

1. a story about what happens to chloe, involving lex, as everyone else in the smallville universe heads to where they belong in the comic-verse. because as we all know, chloe gets left behind.

2. gen fic about cho chang.

3. karl/miranda.

4. to know the translation for 'padma' in mandarin.

5. hilarious stationery (ask me for my postal address and i will email it to you)

6. penguins.

7. cho/padma.

8. fic about narnia.

9. really great fic about the black family.

10. kitty fic (preferably kitty/piotr)

(i put my real life wishes elsewhere)
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